Singer, guitarist, songwriter Konstantin Nikolsky: biography, family, creativity

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Singer, guitarist, songwriter Konstantin Nikolsky: biography, family, creativity
Singer, guitarist, songwriter Konstantin Nikolsky: biography, family, creativity

Video: Singer, guitarist, songwriter Konstantin Nikolsky: biography, family, creativity

Video: Singer, guitarist, songwriter Konstantin Nikolsky: biography, family, creativity
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The famous musician was born on February 1, 1951 in Moscow, Russia. He is sixty-seven years old, the sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. Konstantin Nikolsky is a famous Russian singer, rock musician and composer. He won the trust and love of thousands of people, and also took part in many music shows. Marital status - married, has a daughter Julia.

Biography of Konstantin Nikolsky

Konstantin was already interested in music as a child. Therefore, when he was twelve years old, his father gave him a guitar. So the future musician began to master a new musical instrument. Three years later, Konstantin already played the guitar perfectly and joined the group as a rhythm guitarist. It included the same teenagers who called the musical group "Crusaders".

discography of Konstantin Nikolsky
discography of Konstantin Nikolsky

After a while, the guys decided to change the name of the group to "Atlanta". The talented team performed at variousconcert venues, schools. It is worth noting that it was thanks to the Atlanta group that another equally popular one appeared - Time Machine. The fact is that Andrei Makarevich was at one of the performances of the team where Konstantin played. After a concert of young guys, he was inspired and decided to create his own group. After Nikolsky Konstantin Nikolayevich received his secondary education, he applied to the institute.

Serving in the army

However, after a while, the musician dropped out of school and went to serve in the army. In the biography of Konstantin Nikolsky there are facts that he repaid his debt to his homeland in Ukraine. When Konstantin left the Atlanta group, the guys renamed it Shards of Sikorsky. Meanwhile, in the service, the future artist creates his first work - "Musician". In addition to this song, Konstantin Nikolsky composes several more: “You wanted to see the world”, “Russia”.

The beginning of a musical career

Returning from the army, Konstantin decides to continue performing with his band. The guys again thought about changing the name of the team to "Fragments of the Sikorsky Helicopter". The albums of the rock band were filled with the repertoire that the young artist wrote in the army. After some time, the musicians once again change the name of the band to "Happy Family".

Konstantin Nikolsky
Konstantin Nikolsky

In 1974, Nikolsky decided to leave the group and join another musical group called "Flowers", led by Stas Namin. The latter had known Nikolsky for quite a long time, since the days of youth gatherings. Talent,who was in Konstantin, very much impressed Stas Namin. Together with the famous rock musician, Alexander Losevoy performed. The guys were the same height and looked good on stage.

After some time, the head of the Flowers group began to clash with the organizers of the Philharmonic. The guys were assigned a large number of concerts, so Stas threatened that he would leave the organization. The company made good money on the performances of the group and arranged for the group several concerts a day. The musical group, in addition to Alexander Losev, included Alexander Slizunov and Sergey Grachev.

Later, a conflict arose again between the Ministry of Culture and the head of the group. The organizers of the Philharmonic did not react in any way, but the young group ceased to exist. Its organizer, Stas Namin, formed a new team, which he called the "Stas Namin Group". The leader decided to bring the guitarist back under his wing.

By 1975, Konstantin Nikolsky was rightfully considered a professional musician. In this regard, Yuri Antonov invited the man to his team called "Magistral". Slizunov also came to the group. After some time, Nikolsky was fired. The reason for the break in labor relations was the fake performance of the artist. However, the musician stood his ground and explained that at that moment a spotlight was shining strongly in his eyes.

Active musical activity

In the creative biography of Konstantin Nikolsky, there is a constant change of musical groups until 1979. But at this time, the man matured and created his own group -"Sunday". At first, such performers as Sergey Kavagoe, Evgeny Margulis and Andrey Sapunov helped the talented musician.

Later, the newly minted band had their first album. It includes songs written during the service of Konstantin, as well as fresh compositions: “Play with me, thunderstorm”, “Night bird” and others. It is worth noting that many songs from this disc are still loved by fans.

talented rock musician
talented rock musician

Soon this group also fell apart: the guys did not reach the peak of fame, so they had no incentive to continue performing. But the talented musician and composer decided not to give up and in 1981 reassembled the group. They released the next album called "Resurrection-2". The most popular song from this record is "One Look Back". However, this composition did not save the guys from failure. Soon the team broke up again.

Solo career

In the biography of Konstantin Nikolsky there is information that until 1986 he performed solo. The musician did not gather crowds of people, but still found his audience. In the same year, the talented artist met drummer Vitaly Bondarchuk. The guys decided to create a group "Mirror of the World". However, the men could not work together. In 1990, Konstantin had already gone headlong into a solo career.

In 1992, the famous artist released his first solo album "I wander off-road…". The musician managed to record the next disc only in 1996. This collection included old hits by Konstantin, but with some changes in music.

famous composer
famous composer

In 2001, Nikolsky celebrated his fiftieth birthday and at the same time created a new disc called "Musician". Three years later, the artist released an album, which he called "I only dream of my life." The next few years, the man decided to devote to his he alth, which has been failing him lately. And in 2007 Konstantin recorded a new collection - "Illusions".

Personal life of a musician

Not much is known about Konstantin Nikolsky's family. The famous artist chose his former classmate Marina as his wife. It is worth noting that after graduation, the future spouses did not hear about each other for several years. After they met quite by chance and decided not to part again. In 1985, the couple had a daughter, who was named Julia.

personal life
personal life

To Konstantin's great happiness, his daughter followed in his footsteps. She sings very beautifully. Despite the fact that Julia is studying at the institute, studying foreign languages, she sometimes goes on stage with her father.

Konstantin Nikolsky now

In 2017, the famous figure Sergei Mirov decided to release a biography of Konstantin and his Resurrection group. But the famous musician reacted negatively to this impulse of the producer and said that he was against the publication of the book. The famous figure nevertheless released the long-awaited work, but did not indicate the name of the musician himself on the pages of the book.

creative activity
creative activity

It is worth noting that Konstantin Nikolsky has not released any new music for a long time. In spite ofthis, posters with his photo are pasted all over the city. The popular artist to this day gathers huge crowds of people who love to listen to the old hits of the musician.


Konstantin Nikolsky has released only ten albums in his entire life.

  1. "Mignon" - 1977.
  2. "Festival" - 1978.
  3. "Resurrection-2" - 1982.
  4. "Happy Singer" - 1981.
  5. "Mirror of the World" - 1987.
  6. "I'm wandering off-road…" - 1992.
  7. "One look back" - 1996.
  8. "Musician" - 2001.
  9. "I only dream of my life" - 2004.
  10. "Illusions" - 2007.

Now you know how the life of musician Konstantin Nikolsky turned out. We wish him long life and creative success!