The best teen books
The best teen books

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Video: The best teen books
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We are what we read. And let teachers and parents complain that the child rarely picks up books, in reality this is not the case. Even today, children read a lot and with interest, but not boring textbooks and manuals, but modern teenage books, the characters of which are so similar to them.

teen fiction best
teen fiction best

A time-tested classic

According to the largest bookstores, despite the abundance of new products, young people prefer to read proven, one might say, already classic works in the genre of adventure, fantasy and science fiction. Leadership is held by works written by famous contemporary writers:

  • "The Lord of the Rings" J. Tolkien. These are some of the best teen fantasy books ever written. The novel has been published in various formats, including comic book form.
  • "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain. Despite the fact that this writer lived a long time ago and his works have already become classics, the classics do not get old, this is its charm. Time travel straight to King Arthur's round tablethe sparkling humor of the protagonist - a simple American who ended up in medieval Europe through evil fate - all this makes reading interesting and exciting.
  • "Twilight" by Stephenie Myers. Vampire saga. The novel was filmed, but if you compare the text of the book and the film, you can see a huge difference between them. That is, the film is based on the plot, but the essence is completely different. In general, to understand, it is worth reading, and the book is written very interestingly and is read literally in one breath.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia by Clive S. Lewis. The story of how four teenagers discovered a wonderful fairy-tale world in a wardrobe. Although the novel was released more than once, the book always turned out to be better. Still, the movie in such cases is much inferior to the book.

As you can see, fantasy novels are the most popular, but reader interest is not limited to this genre. No less interesting are the best modern teen books in the genre of fantasy, adventure and realism.

Harry Potter by J. Rowling

The story of the little wizard Harry Potter, who from infancy was at the center of the struggle between good and evil. At first, he does not know anything about the fact that he has a special gift, thanks to which he will become a great wizard. But there comes a time when he is invited to study at the school of wizards Hogwarts. He goes there and learns that he is destined for a great fate - to fight the greatest wizard - Volan de Mort. Harry's best friends help him in his fight against evil.

Total was releasedseven books, each of which is a separate novel. The series of novels about the young wizard Harry Potter is the best teenage books.

best teen fantasy
best teen fantasy

Teen fiction

Wonderful worlds and a very likely, and therefore unsettling future, are the best books of teenage fiction,. The list of them is huge. Below is a description of the two novels that are considered the most popular.

The novel "1984" by George Orwell

The novel "1984" is interesting for both teenagers and adults. This book is one of the best works of foreign science fiction. The work describes England after the nuclear bombings. The country is ruled by Big Brother and the party. All events of the past and present are rewritten in accordance with the task of the party. All actions of people and thoughts should not violate accepted laws and norms. Control by Big Brother is carried out with the help of television screens and street patrols. For thought crimes, the authorities severely punish by sending thought criminals to room No. 101.

teen fiction
teen fiction

The hero of the novel, Winston, works at the Ministry of Truth. His job is to remake past events in a way that suits the party. Winston knows that thought crimes are severely punished, but he couldn't help it. At one of the flea markets, he bought a diary and a fountain pen to secretly record his thoughts. Then he met the girl Julia, but the party forbade love and normal human relationships. The lovers had to hide, but happiness did not last long. After much torture, they were sent to room 101, where they renounced their own thoughts and feelings for each other. Although the heroes remained physically alive, they are mentally dead.

Inhabited Island

teen fiction books best
teen fiction books best

Space explorer Maxim accidentally finds himself on a distant unknown planet and ends up in the country of the Unknown Fathers. The horizon of the planet Saraksh has a concave shape, which is why all the inhabitants believe that they live inside the ball, and not on it. They are sure that they are the only ones in the Universe, and do not believe in the alien origin of Maxim. Towers broadcasting waves have been installed throughout the country. These waves make all people, with the exception of a few, susceptible to propaganda. Those who are not affected by these waves are called degenerates. They do not perceive propaganda, but during the increase in radiation, which occurs twice a day, they experience a severe headache. The government of the Fatherland wages a fierce struggle against such people. They are discovered during the amplification of the radiation and shot right there on the spot.

In fact, it turns out that the board consists of "geeks" who have seized power, and they also experience severe headaches, but only away from prying eyes. Maxim, imbued with sympathy for the movement to overthrow the rule of the Country of the Fathers, helps the underground to destroy the Center. But it turns out that this was not possible. The wanderer, against whom there was a struggle and whom Maxim tried to kill, turned out to be an earthling Rudolf Sikorsky. Sikorsky orders Maxim to return to Earth, but he remainson the planet Saraksh.

Rafael Sabatini, the Captain Blood novels

best teen books
best teen books

"Captain Blood's Odyssey", "Captain Blood's Chronicles", "Captain Blood's Fortune" - novels about pirates, about sea adventures and fights, about how an honest man can become a corsair even against his will. It turned out that in fulfilling the duty of a doctor, Peter Blood violated the laws of the kingdom, for which he was sent to a colony in the South Sea for a settlement. There he was sold into slavery and entered the service of the governor of the island. Observing how the local governors and military behave, the hero came to the conclusion that, with rare exceptions, they are all rare villains. Soon he had a chance to escape, and he took advantage of it. So he became a pirate, but unusual. He had a certain code of honor, which eventually helped Blood to end his pirate career and regain his good name.

Golden Temple by Yukio Mishima

top best teen books
top best teen books

The story of the apprenticeship of a young Buddhist monk, Mizoguchi, who, wanting to leave his name in history, set fire to the famous Golden Temple throughout Japan. As a child, Mizoguchi experienced ridicule from his peers. Due to his stuttering, he felt inferior and therefore avoided communication. At Rizai Academy, where he went to study, he met Tsurukawa, who did not laugh at him. They struck up a friendship. After graduating from the academy, Mizoguchi enters the preparatory courses, where he meets Kashiwagi, who has a strong influence on him, pushing him into petty blasphemy andcrimes. All the while, Mizoguchi was occupied with thoughts of the Golden Temple, and soon the idea came to him to burn it down.

Adventure novels worth reading

The following is a list that includes some very interesting and exciting pieces of adventure literature:

  • Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. Despite the large number of film adaptations of the novel, none of them correspond to what was written. The protagonist travels to various countries where very strange creatures, unlike ordinary people, live, and on his last journey, Gulliver finds himself in the country of intelligent horses. The reading will be long but incredibly exciting.
  • The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Today this work is no less beloved and popular than two hundred years ago. The novel, in fact, is based on real events, so all the characters look very realistic.
  • The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. A story about a boy brought up by the inhabitants of the Indian jungle. Of all the television versions of the novel, none of them fully corresponds to the text of the book.
  • "King Solomon's Mines" by Rider Haggard. The heroes of the novel go to distant and dangerous Africa in search of ancient treasures, find them, but are forced to leave them behind.

The choice of this or that book is a matter of taste. But above are teen books (list of the best books) that are popular all over the world and will surely appeal to the young reader.

Best Teen Love Books

Below is also a list of the most famousTeen Love Novels:

  • Jenny Khan. P. S. I still love you.”
  • Lauren Oliver. "Before I fall."
  • Gale Foreman. "If I stay".
  • Federico Moccia. "Three meters above the sky."
  • John Green. "Looking for Alaska".

The heroes of these novels are ordinary modern teenagers. They have the same problems, and they are also trying to find themselves in this difficult adult world. Find friendship, love and understanding among peers. The top best teen books also include novels and short stories that describe the real life of teenagers. The authors in them touch on various topics, including those that, it would seem, should be of interest to adults rather than children.

"We are expired." Stace Kramer

best teen love books
best teen love books

This is the story of a girl who is about to graduate from high school. She successfully studies, there is every chance to enter a prestigious university. She has no problems with her parents. Many friends, there is a loved one. But here comes the graduation, and in her fate comes a turning point. She learns that her beloved is leaving her, friends are not so reliable. Having gone over with alcohol, she gets behind the wheel and gets into an accident, as a result of which she is left without legs. The heroine of the novel believes that her life is over, but the internal struggle of life against death is just beginning. At first, the girl in despair begins to think about suicide, but the will to live does not allow her to do this. Having gone through suffering, the heroine rethinks everything that happened to her, and at the end she findstrue true friends and a loved one.

"Alice's Diary". Beatrice Sparks

A story about how destructive drugs can be. The book was written by a professional psychologist. The annotation says that this is a diary of one of the patients of the narcological clinic, which the author published several years after the death of the girl. But there is no evidence for this, and the fact is doubtful: a doctor cannot disclose information about his patients.

The text contains profanity and descriptions of scenes of violence. The life of a young drug addict named Alice is not sugar. The girl had to suffer a lot, engage in theft and prostitution in order to get money for the next dose. This is one of the best teen books by modern authors, as it shows the reader the whole horror of the life of a drug addict without the usual hypocrisy in such cases.

"It's good to be quiet." Stephen Chbosky

best teen books list
best teen books list

The story of a not too sociable and modest boy who was very worried about the death of his best friend Michael. After the tragedy, he does not find a place for himself for a long time, but soon, in order to somehow cope with stress, he begins to write letters to a stranger. At school, he accidentally meets Sam and her brother Patrick. However, a difficult school life, ambiguous relationships with peers lead to a break with his best friend and girlfriend. A difficult relationship with his girlfriend, the loss of a friend, guilt for what happened, for Michael's death, bring the boy to a nervous breakdown. But everything ends well in the end.