Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich, TV presenter: biography, personal life, career

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Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich, TV presenter: biography, personal life, career
Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich, TV presenter: biography, personal life, career

Video: Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich, TV presenter: biography, personal life, career

Video: Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich, TV presenter: biography, personal life, career
Video: Владимир Березин: "Кремль! Куда же выше!.." 2023, October

Soviet and Russian announcer, TV and radio presenter, correspondent. People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation - Vladimir Berezin. Very pleasant in communication, cheerful and charming man. He is a man of rare soul, an interesting and witty interlocutor, a highly talented journalist. There is something to talk about with him, you can listen to him for a long time. And, of course, he has a lot to learn.

Vladimir Berezin biography
Vladimir Berezin biography

An artist, a professional in his field, as soon as he enters the stage, he immediately disposes the audience to himself, and at the same time to all the participants of the concert.

Biography of Vladimir Berezin

April 3, 1957 in the capital of the Oryol region, in the city of Orel, Vladimir was born. The surname Berezin was given to him from his mother. Vladimir Berezin's mother is from the Urals. By nationality - Russian, by education - a geologist. After completing her studies at an educational institution, she worked inKazakhstan. It was there that he met Vladimir's father. Father's name is Yuri Islamovich. By nationality, the man was a Chechen - a Caucasian Muslim. According to Muslim customs, he already had a wife. As soon as it became known about the presence of the second wife, Vladimir's mother decided to leave the failed spouse. A woman with a child returned to her aunt in her native land.

Youth years

The upbringing of Vladimir Berezin basically fell on the shoulders of Anna Mikhailovna, her mother's aunt. Vladimir Berezin also found his father in the early 90s. Met him and all my paternal brothers. Assistance in this matter was provided by the former vice-president of the Republic of Ichkeria, Zelimkhan Yandarbiev. After leaving school, he entered the Oryol School of Culture at the directing department, and later he studied journalism at the Ural State University.

Television and merit

For a whole 10 years, Vladimir Berezin worked on TV sets in the city of Sverdlovsk.

Berezin Vladimir personal life
Berezin Vladimir personal life

He has been in charge of the announcer department since 1980. According to Vladimir's stories about that time, Boris Yeltsin noticed the gifted announcer. At that time he worked as a secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional committee. Thus, he contributed to the career of Vladimir Berezin. During his work on television in Sverdlovsk, representatives of Ostankino drew attention to him. It so happened that in 1990 the journalist moved to the capital and continued to work on central television. Projects in which Vladimir participatedBerezin:

  • Children's program "Good night, kids".
  • Good morning.
  • "Vremya" - has been the host of the program since 1991. This happened after the tragic events of the State Emergency Committee.

In 1994 he was awarded the Order "For Personal Courage" for the qualities that Vladimir showed when performing his work in life-threatening situations. Berezin was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia, as well as the Ingush and Chechen Republics.

Later, it so happened that Vladimir transferred to work on the VGTRK channel and took the post of director. Further, in 1996, when the announcer department was liquidated on the RTR, Vladimir Berezin began to lead several projects:

  • "Star Square".
  • "My twentieth century".
  • "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk".

Today Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich is recognized as one of the best entertainers. He accurately represents how to conduct large-scale events of national importance. A good organizer at the highest level.

Vladimir Berezin TV presenter
Vladimir Berezin TV presenter

Recognized professional, armed with knowledge of tonality, pauses and their duration.

In May 2012, on the 24th, his voice sounded at the inauguration ceremony for the post of Governor of the Moscow Region, Sergei Shoigu. Everything was at the highest level, as befits federal-scale events.

What is the artist doing now?

Now Vladimir Alexandrovich Berezin is a well-known actor, TV journalist, radio host. Organizes official and concert eventsin the Kremlin, as well as a considerable number of festivals, performances, television broadcasts and show programs. For Vladimir Alexandrovich Berezin, 2017 was an eventful year. The popular correspondent and TV presenter celebrated his 60th birthday. And in the same year he celebrated the 40th anniversary of his career. In honor of this, Berezin was invited as a participant in the program “Let them talk.”

Participation in the show "Let them talk"
Participation in the show "Let them talk"

On the transfer of Dmitry Borisov, the artist spoke about his personal life. The house where Vladimir Berezin's family lives was demonstrated. Nikolai Baskov was invited to the program, who spoke about his friendship with Vladimir Berezin. Nikolai said that it was this presenter who dubbed him the "golden voice of Russia." Singer Valeria also spoke about the important role Berezin, the host of the Jurmala-87 program, played in her fate:

He announced me as if he blessed me.

Evidence of family life

There is rather modest information about the personal life of Vladimir Berezin. He himself does not like to talk about this topic with the press. It is only known that the man was officially married twice. Wife - Lyudmila Yurievna Berezina. Worked as a sound engineer on a TV set.


In marriage, the couple had a daughter, Julia. Now she lives and operates in France. Family status: Married. Julia's husband is French. Young people met while relaxing in a mountain resort, where Yulia went skiing. They are developing a ski equipment rental business with their spouse. VladimirBerezina has an adopted daughter, Margarita Kuprava. Margarita is Georgian by nationality. Her work is closely related to science. The woman is the owner of a restaurant in the capital. Also, the famous TV journalist has a granddaughter named Tekla and grandson Jamiko, with whom he is happy to work.

Leisure activities

When free time is issued, Berezin loves to be in his village house.

Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich
Berezin Vladimir Alexandrovich

He enjoys breeding goats. Give them maximum attention. She pastures himself. Confessed:

My favorite thing to sing is when I'm alone in the field grazing my goats.

There are half a dozen of them on the farm. All are purebred and well milked. In the life of TV presenter Vladimir Berezin, another discovery happened. At the time of filming in Tatarstan, he visited the Raifa Monastery. After a two-hour conversation with a priest, Vladimir discovered a new world for himself. And now he tries to visit this monastery almost every week and spend the day off in the monastery cell.