There is no peace where they shoot "Dom-2"

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There is no peace where they shoot "Dom-2"
There is no peace where they shoot "Dom-2"

Video: There is no peace where they shoot "Dom-2"

Video: There is no peace where they shoot "Dom-2"
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On Wednesdays, on the site where Dom-2 is filmed, a mutual choice of a partner takes place according to sympathy for him. Alternating weeks, men choose women and women choose men.

On Thursdays, the reality show on TNT "Dom-2" says goodbye to one of the participants. Who will become them, by open voting, the whole team decides. Only the presenters, having provided individual "immunity", can save the hero, then the voting will continue again, but without the participation of the rescued one.

On Fridays, new players of the opposite sex come to the place vacated on Thursday at the site where they film Dom-2. As a rule, these are two people who are given a day to communicate with the rest of the participants, after which only one remains, the second leaves for voting.

Where is Dom-2 filmed?

The project has two film sets: in the Moscow region on the banks of the Istra ("glade"), and in Moscow itself, on Krzhizhanovsky street ("city").

Participants in pairs are eligible to claim separate apartments located in the city. The rest live in a “meadow” in a common house.

Host Shows

In building relationships, the heroes of "Dom-2" - a reality show on TNT - are helped by three presenters: Ksenia Sobchak, Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova, who was previously the heroineTV project. The presenters daily personally and online observe the lives of young people from the outside, and every evening at the “frontal” place, together with the participants, they sort out conflict situations, solve collective problems, discuss past events, etc. At the moment, Ksenia Sobchak is no longer the host of the project. Although her wise advice is still remembered by the participants, and the name of the girl herself is still associated with this TV show.

House 2 reality show on TNT
House 2 reality show on TNT

Casting shows

In the city apartments where Dom-2 is filmed, auditions are being held for participation in the TV project. Anyone, having previously contacted the casting service and filled out a questionnaire, can take part in this event. Castings are also held in Russian cities.


The show has its own website of the same name in Runet, where anyone can watch the broadcasts, video and text blogs of the participants, their photos, leave reviews, etc. look for a mate, expressing sympathy virtually.

Where is House 2 filmed
Where is House 2 filmed

Key events of the project

The first event, held in 2004, was the creation of a pair of Olga Kravchenko and Sasha Titov. The relationship led to a wedding, after which the members voted for the couple to leave.

The couple of Roman Tretyakov and Elena Berkova broke up, having existed for a short time, due to the disqualification of the girl due to her past filming in porn films.

By the middle of summer there was a couple of the legendary participant Stepan Menshikovand Alena Vodonaeva.

In 2005, the expected completion of the project did not happen. Since there were no objections, the show was decided to continue.

Reality show on tnt house 2
Reality show on tnt house 2

2005 - "reboot" at "House-2". The unspoken hazing of the "old participants" was destroyed by the arrival of Rustam Solntsev. The character, teaming up with the "newcomers", quietly escorted the established participants out of the show. Four players came to the project for the first time.

2006 was marked by many breakups.

2007 - the struggle of the presenters with the arrogance and permissiveness of the "old" participants.

2008 was remembered for drawing a capital apartment, in which the Sun won. Despite the team's negativity, the girl remained on the project.

In 2009, Rustam Solntsev was convicted of stealing the belongings of the participants of the TV project. On June 1, the first project wedding of Margarita Agibalova and Evgeny Kuzin took place.

2010 is the second wedding - Daria Chernykh and Sergey Pynzar.

In 2011, Artem Pynzar was born, the Kuzins divorced, the Borodin-Terekhin couple formed.

And, finally, 2012 was remembered for the chic wedding of the Gusevs, the divorce of the Vengrzhanovskys, the battle for the title of "Person of the Year".

What will 2013 bring to the participants? Looking forward to new events!