Sports predictions: reviews of their accuracy
Sports predictions: reviews of their accuracy

Video: Sports predictions: reviews of their accuracy

Video: Sports predictions: reviews of their accuracy
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Watching sports is a passion for many people. Here is the opportunity to cheer for your favorite team or athlete, and the chance to have fun, as well as the opportunity to earn money on bets. Along with bookmakers, there were also people involved in compiling sports forecasts and earning money from it.

Forecasts for Sport. Reviews
Forecasts for Sport. Reviews

In fact, any person who understands sports issues and knows the nuances of a particular sport can make a forecast. Some make predictions only for themselves. Others provide free information to everyone. The third one sells these forecasts.

Free Predictions

Forecasts on a gratuitous basis are usually made by former or current athletes, commentators and observers of matches, some cappers also do this to attract customers, raise ratings.

Sports betting predictions. Reviews
Sports betting predictions. Reviews

When choosing free sports predictions, you need to give preference to professionals in their field. Examine all the latest assumptions andanalytics. Since such predictions are in the public domain, you can’t count on big wins, especially over long distances.

Who are cappers

Cappers are analysts and sports experts who sell their sports predictions. Most novice players, without having the appropriate knowledge, use the services of those who make forecasts, i.e. cappers.

Today, the market for forecasters is very large. Entering sports predictions in an Internet search, thousands of options will come up. It is difficult for a beginner to decide which capper to trust. This can help reviews of sports forecasts, as well as various ratings.

Capper ratings

There are many capper ratings. The most famous and popular is the international portal "Rating of Bookmakers". The site contains most of the famous forecasters, which are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Who can be trusted (white list).
  2. Who was blacklisted by scammers.
  3. Who is under consideration, i.e. not enough information.

All cappers included in the white list must meet the criteria presented on the rating website. Such criteria include, for example, the requirements:

  • forecaster should warn about the risks of the game;
  • do not clean up statistics, comments;
  • do not promise guaranteed profits;
  • same forecasts must be given in one tariff, including the same number of forecasts.
Golden Express: sports predictions. Reviews
Golden Express: sports predictions. Reviews

Everyone can leave their feedback about the sports betting forecast, about the capper, file a complaint against an unscrupulous forecaster. Of course, the rating does not give any guarantees not to run into scammers, but it allows you to find out more information about a particular forecaster from real people.

Below are a few cappers that are in the black and white list of several ratings and reviews about them.

Gold Express for sports. Predictions

Gold Express is a capper presented by a group on the VKontakte social network, all publications of which are screenshots of match results and video reports of profits. They specialize in accumulator bets only.

Parlay bets are bets on several unrelated match results. The bet wins if all the results are guessed correctly. "Gold Express" is blacklisted by many capper ratings.

Bet predictions for sports. Reviews
Bet predictions for sports. Reviews

Reviews about sports forecasts from Golden Express say a lot. Most if not all 100% are negative reviews. There are also screenshots of correspondence on the Internet to confirm their deception. Here is what people who turned to this capper say:

  • Putting implausible results online. The group states that only 1 per week, maximum 2 bets do not win. But in fact, the percentage of losses is much higher.
  • Guarantees high profits, but in fact most of the predictions made do not work.
  • Posts incorrect stats.
  • No freeforecasts.
  • Sells accumulators only with high odds, it is impossible to win something.
  • Video edited.
  • You can't leave feedback in the group, comments are closed.
  • Created a separate group that allegedly exposes unscrupulous cappers, but in fact promotes Golden Express.
  • The profit on the page is impressive - 10 million rubles. What is very interesting: the amount of profit does not change from month to month.
  • The founder of the group is unknown, there is no information about him on the page on the social network.

Starkbet. Forecasts for Sport. Rates

Another community on the VKontakte social network. The page looks more solid than the previous one. There are also video reviews about the capper, and encouraging results. They call themselves exclusively VIP forecasters, and the analytical center includes 20 forecasters, at least that's what it says on the community page. The leader of this group is Mikhail Istomin.

What attracts people to a capper?

  • Guaranteed replacement if the bid is not successful. Emphasizing that this is rare. They offer a refund or a free new forecast.
  • Provide photos and videos of checks, screenshots of online bets, video reports from bookmakers.
  • Satisfied customer reports.
  • The "guest account" option is provided. The client deposits money (at least 3,000 rubles) into the capper's account, and he manages the funds by placing bets.
  • In the photo of the community - satisfied customers, large sums of money, beautiful girls. Anything that attracts potential customers.

Reviews aboutsports bets and predictions from Starkbet are positive, but only on the VKontakte page. On third party sites they say otherwise.

Starkbet: sports predictions, bets, reviews
Starkbet: sports predictions, bets, reviews

This is what is written in the reviews in the group of sports predictions on VKontakte: getting high profits, every bet wins, many have been cooperating with the capper for a long time and constantly.

And now reviews of Starkbet sports predictions on other sites:

  • They give a guarantee for a refund if the bet did not go in, but in fact, after paying the forecast and the bet, they are silent. There is no question of any return of money.
  • A large percentage of bets fail.
  • Most of the followers are fake pages.
  • Blacklisted by many capper ratings.
  • Mikhail Istomin's page is blocked, but a new site administrator Andrey Knyazev has appeared. From his page, you can tell that it was created recently, there are no real photos.
  • Starkbet is not limited to just one group, there are others, such as the group "Exposure of Cappers". Where the goal is not to expose someone, but to give a thank-you note to Starkbet.

Dark Side Accurate Sports Predictions

Dark side is a closed VKontakte group, so we can talk about it only based on customer reviews.

What attracts potential buyers forecaster:

  1. Promises accurate predictions for football matches.
  2. Gives bets with higher odds.
  3. Has information about agreements.
  4. Providesopen statistics.

Reviews on accurate sports forecasts Dark side:

  • Gives forecasts to his clients, who often lose, and draws others in the group and statistics - winning ones.
  • Provides information about supposedly fixed matches. But does not actually own such information.
  • After the forecast is paid, it blacklists the group.

Most reviews about Dark side: sports forecasts are negative. Capper added to the blacklist of many ratings.

Bbet. Forecasts for Sport. Live bets

Bbet is a capper site, they also have a public on the VKontakte social network, which has more than 1 million subscribers. The capper is blacklisted by the Bookmaker Rating.

dark side accurate sports predictions reviews
dark side accurate sports predictions reviews

Although Bbet is quite popular, there are a lot of negative reviews online, here are just a few of them:

  • Promote their groups by drawing expensive prizes.
  • Give free predictions only with good odds.
  • Groups do not write about losing predictions.
  • Passability of paid predictions is low.


It should be noted here that there are two cappers with similar names. You should be careful when choosing a forecaster.

This capper is also represented by a group on the VKontakte social network. The public is quite pleasant, there are no bright photos with expensive cars, money, etc. In addition to paid forecasts, there are interesting articles, free forecasts and opencomments.

Positive feedback on sports predictions from BET-KING includes:

  • Good passability of forecasts, both free and paid.
  • Statistics are not cleaned up, transparent, they show everything as it is.
  • Capper representatives respond to positive and negative reviews, conduct an open dialogue with their customers.
  • In case of not passing the prediction, make the next prediction for free.
  • All predictions are entered through a verifier. This prevents stats from being faked.
  • Detailed rationale for forecasts.

Negative Feedback: Remove some negative comments, short distance losses, community blacklisting.

BetFreak (formerly TheBetTime)

BetFreak is a capper that operates through a closed VKontakte group and its website.

Positive customer opinions include: open statistics, good passability of forecasts, open comments.

To the negative: there is no special profit, the same patency of free and VIP forecasts.

starkbet predictions sports reviews
starkbet predictions sports reviews

In this article, all information about specific cappers is presented only on the basis of reviews, so it is up to you to draw conclusions about them.

Responses to paid predictions

Reviews on paid sports predictions are as controversial as on any gambling. For several positive responses, there will be as many, or more, negative ones. Those who win write positive reviews, those who are less fortunate write negative ones. Keep in mind that reviews can be bought, both positive and negative.

It is impossible to say that all cappers are scammers, as there are people who are professionally engaged in forecasting. But there are far fewer of them than presented on the Internet, and they are not magicians. They cannot promise 100% winnings and high returns.

How to recognize scammers

In some cases, it is quite easy to distinguish a scammer from a professional capper, in others it is, at first glance, impossible to do. There are some signs that still allow you to do this:

  1. Promise of 100% win (90-80% also applies). Sport, although it has a share of predictability, is still a game, and the outcome can be impossible to predict. A professional capper understands this and will not make such loud statements.
  2. The promise of huge and fast money. Having a little understanding of the specifics of sports betting, you can understand that it is impossible to earn fast and big money.
  3. Offer to buy match fixing information. Even if the capper has such information, he will not disclose it. Such information is kept under great secrecy among a limited circle of people. If it sells, it costs a lot of money. There are pen alties for match-fixing, and it is unlikely that anyone will risk disclosing information.
  4. The presence of only positive reviews on sites or in groups of cappers. For the most part, this suggests that negative feedback is being cleaned up.
  5. Professional cappers provide togetherdetailed analysis with a forecast, which makes it easy to determine the level of professionalism of a forecaster.
Group sports predictions reviews
Group sports predictions reviews

In conclusion

To bet or not to bet, to buy or not to buy forecasts is up to everyone to decide for themselves, but you need to remember the following:

  • Sports betting is first and foremost a game of chance. Don't make money out of it.
  • You should play for the sake of excitement and pleasure, and only with the money you can easily live without. In case of the first signs of addiction to the game, it is necessary to contact specialists.
  • When buying predictions, you need to pay attention to the statistics and reviews of the capper on third-party sites. No need to immediately buy the most expensive and many forecasts. First, take a closer look at the capper.

And yet, before you start betting on sports, you should understand the rules, the nuances of the game yourself, know the statistics, and not blindly trust someone with your money. In fact, buying sports predictions is buying air. This is not a guarantee that the buyer of forecasts will earn something on bets and get rich, but he will definitely spend the money.