Evgeny Grishkovets: books, films and performances

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Evgeny Grishkovets: books, films and performances
Evgeny Grishkovets: books, films and performances

Video: Evgeny Grishkovets: books, films and performances

Video: Evgeny Grishkovets: books, films and performances
Video: Евгений Гришковец: Прощание с бумагой. Спектакль 2023, November

Evgeny Grishkovets is a famous Russian writer, director, playwright, actor and musician. He became famous for his unique, simple literary style. Many of the author's books have received various awards. Among them is the Russian Booker. In addition, Grishkovets entered the Guinness Book of Records and received the title of honorary citizen in his small homeland. But theatrical creativity, cinematographic works and the participation of Evgeny Valeryevich in films and TV shows of colleagues deserve special attention.


Evgeny Grishkovets was born in Kemerovo on February 17, 1967. He received a philological education. The future founder of the independent theater "Lozha" in his native city lived in Germany, Kaliningrad and Moscow. Married with three children.

Interestingly, after school, Eugene would prefer not to go anywhere, but chose the Faculty of Philology, since there you can notjust read books, but also turn into a professional reader. And better than professional reading can only be writing. His concerts make Grishkovets truly happy.

Performance "How I ate a dog"
Performance "How I ate a dog"

Literary works

The book of Grishkovets, which was both the first and brought celebrity, is called "The Shirt". It was published in 2004. After this novel, several dozen more novels, short stories, plays, collections of short stories, essays, as well as books based on entries in LiveJournal were published by the writer:

  1. "Asph alt".
  2. "Rivers" (it can be seen in school textbooks on literature).
  3. "A…..a".
  4. “Letters to Andrey. Notes on Art.”
  5. Planck.
  6. "Footprints on me."
  7. "Year of life" and others.

In the writer's stories, one can feel the influence of Anton Chekhov and famous author's monologue plays. He creates modern stories about the little things that make up a human life and can be both tragic and funny. Any trifle, be it an ordinary lack of sleep or the story of a young recruit, under the gaze of the writer turns into something special, philosophical, forcing you to put aside your haste, stop and think. Deep. No less than the works themselves, which are the best kind of therapy for a tired person. And you open the book - and life is completely different, not so meaningless.

The simplicity of the style, penetration, observation and truthfulness of the writer conquer. Readers often note that if they owned the word -they would write exactly like that and exactly what Yevgeny did. Of course, there are those who do not like Grishkovets, considering them banal.

Evgeny Grishkovets "Asph alt"
Evgeny Grishkovets "Asph alt"

Grishkovets' films

As a film actor Evgeny Grishkovets made his debut in 2002. It was a film adaptation of Boris Akunin's novel Azazel. Grishkovets worked side by side with Sergei Bezrukov, Marina Neelova and Ilya Noskov. Evgeny Grishkovets has appeared in films and TV shows more than once.

  • "Money". An unfinished project about the events at the rapidly losing popularity and undergoing serious personnel changes of the radio station "Kak would radio".
  • "Walk". One day. A walk around St. Petersburg, filled with street bustle, tears and laughter, secret and love drama. Grishkovets got the role of a rich man, engaged to the main character. He starred with Evgeny Tsyganov and Irina Pegova.
  • "Not by bread alone." The drama about the post-war years was nominated for Nika. Here Eugene played the NKVD investigator.
  • "In the first circle." This is a series about the post-war period, combining drama and historical genres. It tells about the secret work of prisoner scientists on Stalin's order. Grishkovets got the role of the writer Galakhov.
  • "Thirteen months". A crime drama about how difficult it is to escape from obligations and problems. Starring Gosha Kutsenko. Evgeny Valeryevich introduced Stein.
  • "Windows". Here Grishkovets plays the role of a literary editor in a melodrama.

Finally, in 2010, the film "Satisfaction" is released, whereGrishkovets proved himself not only as an actor, but also as a screenwriter and producer. The writer and actor is also known for his roles in the drama Snowstorm, the thriller Wake Me Up and the series Particle of the Universe. Several times he played himself.

In 2017, the audience was shown the most cherished and unusual work (according to the author's words) - "Evgeny Grishkovets: Whisper of the Heart". “This is my sixth monologue in seventeen years of work, on the concept of which I have been thinking for more than five years, but it didn’t come to me at all,” says Grishkovets.

Theatrical work

The genre due to which Grishkovets became famous is called a one-man show (with one actor). “How I Ate a Dog” is the famous first performance that the actor staged in the late 1990s. Yevgeny Grishkovets also played in performances quite often. There are a lot of pictures with his participation:

  • "At the same time;
  • "Dreadnoughts";
  • "By";
  • "Farewell to paper";
  • "Scales";
  • "Foreword" and others.
  • Image"Whisper of the Heart"
    Image"Whisper of the Heart"

Music activities

The musical tandem of Grishkovets and the group "Bigudi" lasted almost ten years. They have recorded six albums in the electronic music genre (from "Now" to "Radio for One"). After these works, a new project was launched together with the Mgzavrebi group.

Grishkovets - musician
Grishkovets - musician

Evgeny Valeryevich never hid that the vocals were not his. But his own voice in the projects acts on him like a sedative. Grishkovets expresses the hope that these records will also be able to reassure manypeople like him - those who want to sing, but they are not given it.

Evgeny Grishkovets is a popular Russian writer, actor, playwright and musician. In literature, he left a mark (and continues to work on it) as an author with a unique, simple, sincere, deep style. He can write what others can't articulate.

The result of the theatrical activities of the director, actor and screenwriter was the foundation of his own theater and about a dozen solo performances. Grishkovets is known in the cinema as a good actor, a participant in several dozen projects, in particular, the author's films "Satisfaction" and "Grishkovets Evgeny: Heart" ("Whisper of the Heart").