Movies of Gor Vardanyan, biography and sports career

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Movies of Gor Vardanyan, biography and sports career
Movies of Gor Vardanyan, biography and sports career

Video: Movies of Gor Vardanyan, biography and sports career

Video: Movies of Gor Vardanyan, biography and sports career
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President of the Armenian dukendo federation "Full Contact Karate" Gor Vardanyan is a famous film actor and screenwriter. Director, producer with the Hollywood school, a prominent politician in Armenia. Almost all Gor Vardanyan's films in the genre of popular action films are full of confrontation scenes using martial arts techniques.


Gor Vardanyan – born in 1972, originally from Yerevan. From childhood he was fond of martial arts, from the age of 12 he began training in the professional section of karate. In 1989, after graduating from school, he continued his education at the Institute of Architecture.

At the age of 18–20, he successfully performed at world championships and championships, since 1994 he has been a multiple winner and prize-winner. In 1998, he achieved the title of master and black belt, which was presented to him by Chuck Norris himself. The further fate of Gor is closely connected with sports.

In 1995 he became the founder of the 1st school of martial arts in Armenia "Full Contact Karate", in 1996 - the Armenian Federation. Since 1997, he has been the founder of the Professional Martial Arts League "Full Contact Karate", and in 1998 he entersworld-class as the founder and president of the International Federation (IFCKF).

Gor Vardanyan
Gor Vardanyan

Global success and politics

Achieving worldwide success and recognition, in 2006 he led the World Dukendo Federation (WDF) with a unique style, teaching style and headquarters in Los Angeles, USA. He still retains the status of the head of the WDF and IFCKF, and is the organizer of international championships, seminars, qualifying events that improve the skills of bodyguards, coaching staff, and martial arts instructors.

A successful sports career made it possible to achieve success in the civil service, take the position of an operative in the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs, then head the instructor staff of the State Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, and later engage in active political activity.


Since 1995, G. Vardanyan has been using his strength and skills in cinematography as an actor. Then in 1999 he shoots "The Day of the Eclipse" - the first author's film. In subsequent years, Gor Vardanyan's films come out one after another (2000-2005):

  • "Choice";
  • "The Unwritten Law";
  • "Monster Wolf";
  • "Lotus Strike-4" - in cooperation between Armenia and Russia;
  • "Avenger";
  • “Destiny” is a joint film between Armenia and the USA;
  • "Avenger 2";
  • Shadows in Paradise.
Film frame
Film frame

In these works, he is not only the leading actor, but also the director of battle scenes, the author of musical accompaniment, and the producer. Creator of a unique image andstyle, Gor Vardanyan "impregnated" all the films with the spirit and beauty of martial art.

The actor - holder of an honorary diploma of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts of the USA - was recognized as the best according to the Armenian Golden Star Award in 2007. He has an award medal "For military valor".

Since 2009, he has been a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and the IC of Armenia, headed the Golden Point Production Studio in Hollywood. In addition, the famous athlete is musically educated, has published a large number of manuals on the theory of martial arts, karate, and released a collection of soundtracks for his films.