The Horus Heresy book series is a great space saga

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The Horus Heresy book series is a great space saga
The Horus Heresy book series is a great space saga

Video: The Horus Heresy book series is a great space saga

Video: The Horus Heresy book series is a great space saga
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The Warhammer universe is a vast world created by dozens of authors from around the world. This cycle includes hundreds of literary works. The plot of the saga is the story of human space exploration, which has been going on for 40,000 years.

horus heresy
horus heresy

A parallel space was discovered, which was called the Warp. It became possible to move in space at superluminal speed. People inhabited hundreds of worlds, entire galaxies were in their power, the hostile alien races they met were defeated. But the danger came from where no one expected it - from the Warp. Demons of Chaos penetrated into our world from it, devastated hundreds of planets and disrupted communications between human colonies. It seemed that the fate of mankind was predetermined, but the one who became the savior of the empire of people, the Emperor, appeared. He genetically created 12 immortal superhumans - the Primarchs. And the best of them was Horus - the beloved son of the Emperor. The Horus Heresy cycle tells about the greatness and fall of the best warrior of the Empire.

The Greatest of Primarchs

The Horus Heresy series is not yet finished at the moment, the authors are constantly supplementing the cycle with new works. Each book reveals the world in which it goesA civil war unleashed by Horus, the immortal Primarch. The Horus Heresy currently has 25 works. In the story, humanity is slowly regaining its former power. The Emperor has begun a new crusade against the Daemons of Chaos, his legions leading the 12 warlord sons, scoring one victory after another. The best of them, Horus (Lupercal), is a role model for all the warriors of the Empire. But even the great warrior could not resist the temptations of Chaos and fell victim to his own vanity. Lupercal betrayed his father and with him all of humanity. Thus began the Civil War, in the crucible of which hundreds of planets burned down. And only after reading the entire cycle, you will know how the Horus Heresy will end. How will the war between father and son over the right to rule over humanity end.

"The Horus Heresy". The order of the books in the cycle

Horus Heresy series
Horus Heresy series

Books in Russian are published by Azbuka and Fiction Book Club publishing houses. The main authors who complement the series with their books are Dan Abnett, Ben Counter, Graham McNeill and others. The books should be read in this order:

  • Horus Rising (2006).
  • False Gods (2006).
  • Galaxy on Fire (2006).
  • "Flight of Eisenstein" (2007).
  • Fulgrim (2007).
  • Descent of Angels (2007).
  • "Legion. Lies and Mystery” (2008).
  • "Battle for the Abyss" (2008).
  • Mechanicum (2008).
  • Legends of Heresy (2009).
  • horus heresy book order
    horus heresy book order

    Fallen Angels (2009).

  • "A Thousand Sons"(2010).
  • Nemesis (2010).
  • The First Heretic (2010).
  • The Burning of Prospero (2010).
  • "Age of Darkness" (2011).
  • The Outcast Dead (2011).
  • Lost Liberation (2012).
  • Knowing No Fear (2012).
  • Primarchs (2012).
  • "Where the Angel hesitates to take a step" (2012).

The rest of the books in the series have been published only in English so far, but will soon be translated into Russian.


In addition to the above list of main works, there are a number of novellas and short stories that weave additional storylines into the overall picture of the Heresy: a series of myths about Garro, "The Sun of Prometheus", "Butcher's Nails", "Aurelian" and many others. They are sure to please the reader with their plot, the scale of the events described and the style of writing. This series of books can be safely recommended for reading for a more complete picture of the amazing world of Warhammer.