100 movies to watch. List of the best Russian films
100 movies to watch. List of the best Russian films

Video: 100 movies to watch. List of the best Russian films

Video: 100 movies to watch. List of the best Russian films
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Russian filmmakers annually create hundreds of new films. The library with Russian-made films is constantly updated with interesting works. Most of them are awarded audience recognition, as well as a positive assessment of film critics. Directors release films of various genres on wide screens: comedies, melodramas, dramas, action films, fantastic tapes. The article presents 100 films to watch.

100 best Russian works

Among the many works of screenwriters, 100 films should be singled out, which everyone should definitely watch. These pictures were created in different time periods, but equally successful among moviegoers. So, for convenience, we have grouped the list of 100 films that all connoisseurs of Russian cinema should watch by genre.


  • "Boomer";
  • "Sisters";
  • "Brother".


  • "Seventeen Moments of Spring";
  • "The meeting place cannot be changed";
  • "The Monk and the Devil";
  • "Ghost";
  • Return.


  • "Christmas Trees";
  • "What men talk about";
  • "DMB";
  • "Operation "Y" and Shurik's other adventures";
  • "Election Day";
  • "Kitchen in Paris";
  • "Diamond Arm";
  • "Bumbarash";
  • "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures";
  • "Gentlemen of Fortune";
  • "Girls";
  • "Poor Sasha";
  • "Carnival Night";
  • "Mimino";
  • "Wedding";
  • "Friday";
  • "I'm losing weight";
  • "Hello, I'm your aunt!";
  • "Formula of love";
  • "Pokrovsky Gate";
  • "Peculiarities of the national hunt";
  • "Big Top Show".

Drama and melodrama:

  • "The fate of man";
  • "12";
  • "Driver for Faith";
  • "Moscow does not believe in tears";
  • "Long farewell";
  • “The Cranes Are Flying”;
  • "Country of the Deaf";
  • "Arrhythmia";
  • "White Bim Black Ear";
  • "Legend 17";
  • "Italian";
  • "Kalina Krasnaya";
  • Metro;
  • "Inadequate people";
  • "The Barber of Siberia";
  • "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano";
  • "Live";
  • Moscow;
  • July Rain;
  • "Kin-dza-dza!";
  • "Home";
  • "When the trees were big";
  • "Autumn Marathon";
  • "Island";
  • "Quiet Don";
  • "One hundred days afterchildhood”;
  • "Flint";
  • "Pop";
  • "Earthquake";
  • "Cuckoo";
  • "Sibiriada";
  • "Voroshilovsky shooter";
  • "Dad";
  • "Cook";
  • "House of the Sun";
  • "Height";
  • "Agony";
  • "Alive";
  • "I stay";
  • "Fool";
  • "By the lake";
  • The Brothers Karamazov;
  • Assa.

War movies:

  • "…The dawns here are quiet";
  • "9 company";
  • "Battalion";
  • "White Sun of the Desert";
  • "We are from the future";
  • "Only "old men" go into battle";
  • "I have the honor!";
  • "They fought for the Motherland";
  • "Heavenly slug";
  • "Brest Fortress";
  • "Last Train".

Adventure movies:

  • "Amphibian Man";
  • "22 minutes";
  • "Partner";
  • "Adventure Electronics";
  • "Icebreaker".

Thrillers & Horrors:

  • "Time of the first";
  • "Viy";
  • "Start".

Historical films:

  • "Andrey Rublev";
  • "War and Peace";
  • "Admiral";
  • "Running";
  • "Poddubny";
  • "Mikhailo Lomonosov";
  • "Burnt by the Sun";
  • "Alexander Nevsky";
  • Battleship Potemkin.

Within one article it is not possible to consider in more detail each of the films presented to your attention, so let's talk about the most significant.

White Sun of the Desert

Storyline of the film "White Sun of the Desert"(1969) revolves around a soldier of the Soviet Red Army - Fyodor Sukhov. A brave man rescues ladies from the harem of criminal Abdullah during the civil war. Even at the end of the war, a man cannot calmly return to his beloved and children, because injustice continues to rule in his homeland. Sukhov intends to fight her. The film was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 1998. The film "The White Sun of the Desert" (1969) won the recognition of the audience throughout the Soviet Union.

white sun of the desert movie 1969
white sun of the desert movie 1969


After demobilization, the protagonist of the film "Brother" (1997) Danila Bagrov finds himself in his native land. He does not intend to live in a small provincial town, because there are absolutely no prospects for his career growth. The guy moves to a large city - Petersburg. Here, according to rumors going around in his hometown, his older brother has long been living a comfortable life. Bagrov finds a relative in the hope that he will definitely help him get back on his feet. Having got to know his brother better, Danila realizes that his own person is a hired killer. The film "Brother" (1997) won several awards, in particular, for the best male role played by Sergei Bodrov.

brother movie 1997
brother movie 1997

9 company

1989 - the war in Afghanistan. The film "9th Company" (2005) tells how seven young guys become conscripts. Before receiving the first mission from the commander, the guys undergo special training. Severalyoung people spend months in the “training school”, where a strict foreman tries to prepare them as much as possible for hostilities. The landing group, whose fighters have become conscripts, needs to take a certain place and hold it until the column of troops passes by them. Follow the order at any cost.

The film "9th Company" (2005) by Fyodor Bondarchuk turned out to be the highest-grossing film in the history of Russian cinema. The film was nominated for such awards as Golden Eagle, Nika, MTV Russia Movie.

9 company movie 2005
9 company movie 2005

"Burnt by the Sun" (1994)

A quiet, cloudless day in 1936. The young state is just getting on its feet. The famous division commander Kotov and his family are resting on their own summer cottage. In a small house there were a huge number of people. Among them, one can distinguish the charming wife of a man, a restless daughter, a father-in-law, numerous friends of the protagonist and neighbors with servants. A fun and enjoyable vacation allows the characters to enjoy what is happening. No one can think that all this may soon end.

The film quickly gained success and its fans. The tape was nominated for such awards as Oscar, Amber Panther, State Prize of Russia. Many years after filming, the film continues to enjoy huge popularity.

burnt by the sun 1994
burnt by the sun 1994

"We're from the Future" (2008)

Andrey Malyukov managed to create a successful science fiction film about the movement of people through time. main characters"We are from the future" - four good friends. They are engaged in archaeological excavations in places of military operations. Friends do this for commercial gain. For all the artifacts of the war years, collectors are ready to give a fortune. The guys are sure that they will be able to find such items. During the excavations, an elderly rural lady approaches the heroes, she takes the youth for a search group. The old woman lost her son during the war years. He always carried a silver cigarette case with a red stone. The guys, laughing, promise, if found, to return it to the lady, as a memory of their son. Under strange circumstances, the characters find themselves in 1942.

The film was awarded prestigious awards: Golden Eagle, Georges.

we are heroes from the future
we are heroes from the future

Film "Kin-dza-dza" (1986)

Vladimir Mashkov is an ordinary foreman. Going to the store for bread and pasta, the man could not imagine that he would expect an intergalactic journey. It all happened after a meeting with a guy holding an interesting device in his hands. By pressing one of the buttons of this device, the characters moved into the desert. It was not a well-known desert similar to the Karakum, but one that was on the new planet Plyuk in the Kin-dza-dza galaxy. Screenwriters Rezo Gabriadze and Georgy Danelia did not even imagine what a stunning success their creative work would have. The film quickly found recognition among both film critics and its fans.

Opinion about the film was mixed. A lot of people still don't understand the meaning of the movie."Kin-dza-dza" (1986). The film uses a good psychological technique to see the vices of culture and how high technology can get along with the immorality of people.

kin dza dza movie 1986 film meaning
kin dza dza movie 1986 film meaning

"Legend 17" (2012 film)

Fateful for the Soviet hockey team was 1972. While in Montreal, the athletes managed to get around the Canadian hockey players from the NHL. Score 7:3 forever remained in the history of hockey. It was not just a game, but a real battle between the two powers, for the title of the best in this sport. The athlete number 17, Valery Kharlamov, especially distinguished himself in the match. During the game, the hockey player managed to score 2 goals at once into the opponent's goal. The skill of the young man was due to the work of an experienced coach Anatoly Tarasov. This tough but fair man helped a lot of people make a career, and Kharlamov was no exception. A beautiful match made Valery famous not only in the Soviet Union, but throughout the world.

legend 17 movie 2012
legend 17 movie 2012

Features of the national hunt

Finnish boy Raivo has long been interested in the traditions and customs of the Russian people. The character has a good friend Eugene, whom you can safely ask for such a favor as to go hunting with him. The character seeks to learn more about the features of this activity. First of all, the heroes buy a huge amount of vodka. Raivo is a little surprised by this approach to business, but he is not going to interfere with his friend. Along the way, friends meetMikhalych, Leva and Seryoga. Then the guys go to the huntsman Kuzmich. The naive Finnish youth had no idea what to expect next. The picture of the occupation of the Russian national hunt looked completely different from what the hero imagined.

The film "Peculiarities of the National Hunt" (1995) has been gaining popularity since the first days of film distribution.

features of the national hunt 1995
features of the national hunt 1995

"Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears" (1979)

The action of the legendary film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" takes place in Moscow in the 50s. 3 young ladies arrived from a provincial town to fulfill their dreams: to find love, become happy and gain prosperity. Girlfriends have completely different characters, which is fundamental in their lives. Antonina is the calmest heroine. She almost immediately gets married and has children. For Lyudmila, fate has prepared a lottery, in which you can win everything or lose everything. Katerina falls deeply in love with one man and gives birth to a child from him. This person almost immediately leaves her. The woman does not give up and raises her daughter on her own. At the same time, she manages to make a brilliant career. Only at the age of 40 Katya is destined to find true love and happiness.

The talented director's work quickly won audience recognition and became a success.

"Diamond Arm" (1968)

In South City, a group of people are involved in criminal activities, working under the leadership of the Chief and his good assistant Count. Semyon Gorbunkov, who has a positive reputation, is going to commitboat trip. Criminal personalities are boarding the same ship. The count is on a ship to transport diamonds from an eastern state in a plastered hand. He confused a crook with a simple person and an accident happens to Semyon. A man is put in plaster with diamonds. From this moment the whole story begins.

The film "Diamond Arm" quickly gained fans. It is still one of the most popular works of the past years.

"The meeting place cannot be changed" (1979)

Stanislav Govorukhin was able to create a motion picture that quickly fell in love with the audience. In the post-war years, police began to actively fight criminals. One of the serious organizations is the Black Cat. Its participants commit robberies and murders. Gleb Zheglov becomes the head of the department. He is a true professional who is completely devoted to his work. This is possible only if the person is still single. Not so long ago, a young and ambitious Volodya Sharapov came to his department. Now the characters of the film "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" will have to solve criminal cases together.


The list of 100 films to watch presented in the article is completely arbitrary. You can adjust it to your liking. After all, Russian cinema consists of a huge collection of interesting films. These are films that have long received recognition from the audience, and completely new works that will win the hearts of people.