Nahum Birman: the director's best films

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Nahum Birman: the director's best films
Nahum Birman: the director's best films

Video: Nahum Birman: the director's best films

Video: Nahum Birman: the director's best films
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Naum Birman is an outstanding theater and film director. Bierman made few films during his career, only twelve. But what! "Three men in a boat, not counting the dog" and "Chronicles of a dive bomber" are considered classics of Soviet cinema. It is about them that will be described in detail in the article below.

From under his hand came the script for "Chronicles", as well as the feature film "The Third Dimension", directed by Vilen Novak.


Birman Naum Borisovich was born in Leningrad on May 19, 1924. At the age of eighteen he joined the army, where from 1942 to 1948 he served as an actor in the concert brigade of Karalsky at the Kirov House of Culture in besieged Leningrad, in the ensemble of border troops and the Petrozavodsk theater of musical comedy.

He graduated from the Leningrad Ostrovsky Theater Institute with a degree in actor in 1951, and four years later - the same institute as a director.

Starting from 1956, he worked as a director and actor in the theaters of Leningrad and directed the performances of A. Raikin. Since 1965, Nahum Birman has been a directorfilm studio "Lenfilm".

Nahum Birman
Nahum Birman

Birman has been married twice and has three sons.

Naum Borisovich died on September 19, 1989 at the age of 65.

Of the awards, the director was awarded the medal "For Military Merit!" in 1944 for participation in the Second World War. Birman never received any titles related to creative activity.

Full filmography includes these pictures:

  • Cyrano de Bergerac (1989).
  • Sunday Dad (1985).
  • Magic Black and White (1983).
  • "We looked death in the face" (1980).
  • "Trace on the Earth" (1979).
  • "Three in a boat, not counting the dog" (TV, 1979).
  • Step Toward (1975).
  • "I serve on the frontier" (1973).
  • The Singing Teacher (1972).
  • "Magic Power" (TV, 1970).
  • The Chronicle of a Dive Bomber (1967).
  • "Accident" (1965).

Film "Crash"

"Accident" - the first film by Naum Birman, released in 1965. This is a black-and-white psychological detective filmed in collaboration with director Alexander Abramov.

Shot from the movie "Accident"
Shot from the movie "Accident"

The plot revolves around the driver Panachuk, who, being obviously excited about something, goes to the district center, picking up unfamiliar passengers along the way. Arriving in Gorsk, a policeman approaches him at a beer stall, to whom the driver told that he saw a local doctor at the wheel of a crashed Zhiguli. Later on the name of the young prosecutor comesan anonymous letter stating that Panachuk is the culprit of the very accident, which, being in a state of intoxication, killed a doctor. But this anonymous letter was written by the prosecutor's neighbor, Ivan Ermolaevich, who was one of those fellow travelers brought by Panachuk to Gorsk. After that, the young prosecutor quickly develops the version of the murder by negligence, without delving into the essence of the case, but the investigator subordinate to him does not rush to accuse the driver, but continues the investigation.

Chronicle of a dive bomber

Naum Birman's second film, which received a lot of positive reviews.

The film was based on the short story of the same name by Vladimir Kunin. The story tells about young guys, still yesterday's schoolchildren, who are now at the front-line airfield. On this day, a period of calm - there is fog, and the planes do not fly. For a successful turn of hostilities, you only need to do one little thing - find and photograph the enemy airfield. But the mission could not be completed either on the first or on the second attempt. The filmmakers were advised by Soviet pilots, Major General Anpilov and Colonel Evdokimov.

Image"Dive bomber chronicle"
Image"Dive bomber chronicle"

Three in the boat, not counting the dog

The musical comedy television film was created in 1979 based on the story of the same name by Jerome Klapka Jerome. The film is notable for the fact that actor Andrei Mironov played six roles at once.

The central figures of the plot are three comrades: Gee, George and Harris, who, tired of idleness, decided to go on a trip toboat on the River Thames. Together with them, a fox terrier named Montmorance set off on the journey. But on the journey, the heroes met three girls who, like them, set off.

As events unfold, the buddies fall in love with the ladies, and the ladies fall in love with them. The plot of the film differs significantly from the book, in which the main characters did not meet any women on the way. And George, according to the plot of the book, remained a bachelor.