About the best films with Alexei Nilov. Filmography

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About the best films with Alexei Nilov. Filmography
About the best films with Alexei Nilov. Filmography

Video: About the best films with Alexei Nilov. Filmography

Video: About the best films with Alexei Nilov. Filmography
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Alexey Nilov assures that he now lives a quiet family life. According to him, harmony in the family happens only when she has no financial problems, and the spouses are faithful to each other.

He believes in God. He first came to church at the age of 19. Then he accepted baptism. He knows how to accept what God gives him.

Our hero says that his work ended in 1991, when he left the theater. He expresses the opinion that what he has been doing in recent years should not be called work, but a conveyor belt and a beating of nerves.

The actor assures that he is only concerned about his personal life, not public. According to him, his worldview was formed at the age of 22, and since then it has remained the same.

Let's talk about films with Alexei Nilov and about the actor himself.

frame with Alexei Nilov
frame with Alexei Nilov


Aleksey Nilov - film actor. A native of the city of Leningrad starred in 63 cinematic projects. Among the films with Alexei Nilov there are such well-known projects as "One Life", "High Stakes", "Deadly Force," Alien District.

Born January 31, 1964. Aquarius by zodiac sign. Wasmarried several times. Now she is married to Elena Nilova.

Photo by Alexey Nilov
Photo by Alexey Nilov

Movies and genres

Films with Alexei Nilov belong to the following genres:

  • Action: "Varangian", "Foundry, 4", "Question of honor", "Survive at all costs", "Retired: Save the enemy", "Marked".
  • Detective: "Step into the Abyss", "Fox Smile", "Return", "PPS", "Stationery Rat", "Pitfalls", "Forbidden Love".
  • Story: "The Emperor's Romance", "Our Happy Tomorrow".
  • Short film: "By the office of the face".
  • Melodrama: "Hills and Plains", "Hussars", "Daughter-in-law, "The hedgehog came out of the fog", "I wish you myself", "There will be no anesthesia", "One Life", "Boomerang".
  • Adventure: "Streets of Broken Lanterns - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5".
  • Talk show: "Evening Urgant".
  • Military: "Every third".
  • Drama: "High Stakes", "I'll Repay", "The Spaniard", "Return", "Face Line", "Your Happy Tomorrow", "Revelation to a Stranger".
  • Comedy: "220 Volts of Love", "Prochindiad", "My Mother is the Bride", "Kill Bella", "Award Given", "Murder of 3".
  • Crime: "The best enemies", "There will be no double","A Matter of Honor".

Next, we will talk about rating films with Alexei Nilov.

"Eternal Husband" (1990)

Role in the film by Evgeny Markovsky for Alexei Nilov was one of the first in the movie. Velchaninov, the protagonist of this drama, learns after his wife's death that she had a lover. The widower knows that the daughter he is raising was born not from him, but from the lover of Trusotsky's wife. Not a trace remains of the former good-natured Velchaninov. He is full of hatred for Trusotsky. The deceived husband seeks revenge.

"Tagged" (1991)

In the film by Vyacheslav Sorokin, Alexei Nilov played the main role. His hero Max, along with his friend, enters into a fight with a criminal gang. Young people do not hope for help from law enforcement agencies. They act independently. One of these desperate guys soon dies…

Frame from the film with Alexei Nilov
Frame from the film with Alexei Nilov

"One Life" (2003)

The film by Vitaly Moskalenko tells about a journalist who, after ten years of family life, files for divorce because of her husband's affair. Now the heroine devotes all her time to work. A busy work schedule is detrimental to her he alth. On the advice of doctors, the journalist goes to a sanatorium. There, next to her, is a man who is entrusted with a secret mission.

"Invaders" (2009)

The serial film with Alexei Nilov "Invaders" introduces us to the daughter of a prominent businessman Olga. The girl ends up in London after the death of her mother. Then shearrives at home at a time when her father is being killed. Olga, impoverished overnight, becomes the main suspect in the murder. But she is not one of those people who dutifully accept the blows of fate. The girl acts coldly and prudently to find those who took the lives of her parents.