Famous movies of 2009

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Famous movies of 2009
Famous movies of 2009

Video: Famous movies of 2009

Video: Famous movies of 2009
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Despite the fact that many films have been released since 2010, there are films from 2009 that still warm the soul of a sophisticated film buff. Let's take a look at them. These paintings were produced by different countries, including the USA, Russia and India.

Russian cinema

What films do you remember from 2009? Russia made a huge contribution to the cinema of that period. There are many good pictures that you can talk about forever. But in order not to make the article endless, below is a list of 5 films that won the hearts of the audience.

  1. "The Book of Masters". Do you like fairy tales? Did you miss Soviet fairy tales? Do you think that now, apart from vulgar comedies, nothing is being released? You are wrong! And in order to dispel doubts, you should look at this picture. This is a fairy tale about Ivan, who has the power that can both help save the kingdom and destroy it. A story with all your favorite fairy tale characters.
  2. "Miracle". This picture captivates the viewer because it is based on real events. A story about a girl who mocked faith, for which trouble happened to her.
  3. movies 2009
    movies 2009
  4. "High Security Vacation". This comedy is about two prison inmates who are runawayscriminals turned into pioneer leaders.
  5. "Taras Bulba". This film was based on a famous work, in which the key moments were the struggle between love for his son and his own principles.
  6. "Teen Wolf". This is a fictional drama that tells about the difficult relationship between a mother and her child. When a mother seeks love adventures for herself, regardless of her child. The child runs after her, afraid to lose.

We have already de alt with Russian cinema, but which Indian films of 2009 are better to remember? There is a great variety of them, but below is the top 5 Indian films of 2009.

Heart says Go

This is a story that is a prominent representative of the genre of gender intrigue. The main character liked cricket (a sport for real men) so much that she was not afraid to pretend to be a guy and get into the men's team. However, one of the team members realizes that something is wrong here.

Whom to fall in love with

This is a story about three guys who would have continued to be great friends if a girl hadn't burst into the life of one of their friends. And what's more! Her cunning plan is that she wants to rob their friend to the skin. But true friends saw through her plan and are trying to save the guy from the clutches of the Predator.


Two brothers who, in addition to similar appearance, have something else - they are both scoundrels! And each of them in their own way … If you have an irresistible desire to seeIndian films of 2009, then pay attention to this one, because Shahid Kapoor himself plays here!

Visiting the newlyweds

Poor guy and rich girl… It seemed that they were never destined to be together, if the newly-made fiance had not pretended to be rich for the relatives of his beloved. Nothing if they didn't want to come visit for a housewarming party…

Abandoned Factory

People have woken up and the shadow of the past no longer hangs over them because they have lost their memory. Will it change their nature? Make the evil good? What about the good and the bad? Who do we become when we lose our memory? Quite an interesting movie of the time, which makes you think. Therefore, it is worth watching this movie 2009.

USA: Interesting films

Much has already been said about the cinema of 2009… The USA is one of the best filmmakers of the time. Below are 5 paintings.

1. "Avatar". A sensational picture about an alternative reality in which there is no evil and there is love. Everything was like that until people decided to invade there.

indian movies 2009
indian movies 2009

2. "Hachiko". This picture is about the most faithful friend that a person can have - a dog. This is a story about the rescue of a dog who was devoted to his owner until the end of his days. If you're interested in the 2009 movie, the US has prepared one. Be sure to watch "Hachiko".

movies 2009 russia
movies 2009 russia

3. "Sherlock Holmes". Another one of the pictures about everyone's favorite character. True, this filmwill definitely not make you bored, as it shows a different life of Sherlock.

4. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". While three true friends are solving love problems, clouds of darkness are gathering over Hogwarts. New adventures await in this Harry Potter film.

5. "2012". The picture takes place in 2012, when all life in the world came to an end due to natural disasters. This movie is about people trying to escape.

movie 2009 usa
movie 2009 usa

Films of 2009, as you can see, are no less interesting than the movies of 2015.