Paul Butkevich: biography, personal life, filmography

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Paul Butkevich: biography, personal life, filmography
Paul Butkevich: biography, personal life, filmography

Video: Paul Butkevich: biography, personal life, filmography

Video: Paul Butkevich: biography, personal life, filmography
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Paul Butkevich is a talented actor who gained fame thanks to the film The Hippocratic Oath. In this tape, he brilliantly embodied the image of the doctor Imant Veide. By the age of 77, this man managed to act in more than eighty films and TV shows. He plays cops and criminals, heroic lovers and shy misfits equally convincingly. What is the history of the star?

Pavel Butkevich: the beginning of the journey

The performer of the role of Imant Veide was born in Riga, it happened in August 1940. Paul Butkevich was born into a family far from the world of cinema. His parents in the pre-war years were successful entrepreneurs, they owned a sewing workshop. After the end of World War II, the family's property was nationalized. The spacious apartment in which the Butkevichs lived became a communal apartment, financial difficulties arose.

paul butkevich
paul butkevich

Paul showed interest in creative activity early. He studied at a music school, played pantomime, and performed at propaganda concerts. Great success with the audienceenjoyed amateur performances with him. Butkevich was still a schoolboy when he took part in his first tryouts. Unfortunately, then the actor was not approved, preferring another candidate.

VEF Plant

After graduating from school, Paul Butkevich continued his education at a vocational school. Then he got a job at the VEF factory, as the family was in desperate need of money. For about 25 years, this man worked at this plant, going from an automatic telephone regulator to a foreman. Not surprisingly, in his autobiography, Butkevich jokingly refers to himself as a "worker-actor."

paul butkiewicz movies
paul butkiewicz movies

Interestingly, Paul Paulovich soon began to combine work at the plant with filming a movie. However, even the successful development of a film career did not make him quit, he worked until retirement.

Star role

Paul Butkevich is an actor who did not have to achieve popularity for a long time. He became famous at the age of 25. This happened thanks to the film "The Hippocratic Oath", in which the young man played a key role.

paul butkevich actor
paul butkevich actor

The film tells the tragic story of a medical school graduate. Imants Veide, whose image the actor embodied, is assigned to the ship. A young specialist has a desire to work, but does not have the proper experience, and this leads to sad consequences. One day, he misdiagnoses, causing the ship's passenger to die during an operation. Veide receives a suspended sentence and is forced to look for ways to return to life again. Fortunately, onhis way he meets people who are ready to help the young doctor.

Movies of the 60s-70s

Thanks to the drama "The Hippocratic Oath" attracted the interest of directors Paul Butkevich. Films with the participation of the rising star began to appear one after another. The list of films in which he starred in the 60s and 70s is given below.

  • "I remember everything, Richard."
  • "Strong in spirit".
  • "Breathe deeply…".
  • "Far West".
  • "Exposure".
  • "Triple Check".
  • "Return of "St. Luke".
  • White Land.
  • "The city under the lindens".
  • "Big Amber".
  • "A street without end".
  • "Saved name".
  • "Commissioner Berlach's last case."
  • "Seventeen Moments of Spring".
  • "Check to the Queen of Diamonds".
  • "If you want to be happy."
  • "Long miles of war".
  • "The sprinter's seat is vacant."
  • "Gifts by phone".
  • "Five seconds before disaster."
  • "Right of first signature".
  • "Big New Year's Eve".
  • "Secret Service Agent".
  • "Because I am Aivar Lidak."
  • "Fortress".

Actor roles

Butkevich Paul Paulovich is an actor who does not have a clearly defined role. He manages to equally convincingly portray fearless heroes and hardened villains. Each character of the actor is distinguished by the charm that he himself is endowed with. It is no wonder that many of his characters have sunk into the hearts of the audience.

paul butkevich biography
paul butkevich biography

His Strout turned out to be bright and memorablein the film "Check to the Queen of Diamonds", Kent in "The Return of St. Luke", Rony Stark in the film "Five Seconds Before the Disaster", Edelmanis in "Gifts by Phone".

The actor is often asked about the secret that allows him to create such compelling images. Paul Butkevich replies that he does not act, but lives on the set. The actor has no other secrets, he just tries to live the life of each of his characters, to understand his inner world, to feel his joys and sorrows.

Pictures of the 80s

In the eighties, Butkevich continued to work actively. Films and series with his participation were released all the same often.

  • "Tony Wendice's Mistake".
  • "Ring from Amsterdam".
  • "Tenderness for the Roaring Beast."
  • "Failure of Operation Ursa Major"
  • "European history".
  • Victory.
  • "The Seven Elements".
  • "Day of Wrath".
  • Paycheck to paycheck.
  • "Alarm at dawn".
  • "Golden Anchor Bartender"
  • "For a clear advantage."
  • "Cry of the Dolphin".
  • "No statute of limitations."
  • "Interception".
  • "Days and years of Nikolai Batygin".
  • "Before the high road to war."
  • "Airport Incident".
  • "Midshipmen, forward!".
  • "Fatal Mistake".
  • "The Code of Silence".

It was during this period that the film "Tony Wendice's Mistake" was presented to the audience, which is included in the list of the best films with the participation of the actor. The film tells the fascinating story of an athlete. The hero gives the impression of an exemplary husband,however, he secretly plans to kill his rich and quarrelsome wife. Paul Paulovich was extremely convincing as Max.

What else to see

Did Paul Butkevich continue acting in films in the 90s? The biography of the actor indicates that during this period his career began to decline. New films and series with the participation of a talented actor came out less and less. However, the star had bright roles in the nineties. For example, he brilliantly played King Frederick of Prussia in the film "Vivat, midshipmen!".

paul butkevich personal life
paul butkevich personal life

The situation has not improved in the new century. The last film with the participation of Butkevich was presented to the audience in 2007. We are talking about the action-packed drama "In the Ring of Fire", which tells about the events of the time of the struggle for independence in Latvia. In this picture, Paulo Pauluvic got a cameo role, albeit a bright one.

Private life

Many actors flatly refuse to discuss their marriages and divorces with the press, but Paul Butkevich is not one of them. The personal life of a star is not among the taboo topics.

Butkevich Paul Paulovich
Butkevich Paul Paulovich

It is known that the actor entered into legal marriage three times. Paul lived with his first wife for about 25 years. The parting was painful, however, Butkevich found the strength to survive this time. As the reason for the divorce, he calls the loss of respect for each other. The hypocrite did not manage to find happiness in his second marriage, he and his second wife quickly realized that they had made a mistake.

Withina few years after the second divorce, Paul avoided novels, shunned the fair sex. This continued until fate brought him to Zinta. The woman who managed to attract the attention of Butkevich worked as a costume designer on television. The actor had to win for a long time the one who became his third wife. Paul and Zinta have been together for many years.