Club "Gogol", Moscow: photo, description, interior and services, address, how to get there?

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Club "Gogol", Moscow: photo, description, interior and services, address, how to get there?
Club "Gogol", Moscow: photo, description, interior and services, address, how to get there?

Video: Club "Gogol", Moscow: photo, description, interior and services, address, how to get there?

Video: Club "Gogol", Moscow: photo, description, interior and services, address, how to get there?
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One of the oldest establishments, the Gogol restaurant, has taken refuge in the alleys of the center of the metropolis. Its regulars like to spend time here with friends, hide from prying eyes at a romantic dinner, listen to the performances of stars, enjoy elegant cuisine and dance merrily on the dance floor. The Gogol club in Moscow, whose photos are presented below, is considered one of the most glamorous entertainment venues in the capital, immersing visitors in an environment of harmony, sophistication and comfort.

About the club

Club "Gogol" in Moscow
Club "Gogol" in Moscow

A long time ago it was an ordinary carefree wine-shop in Stoleshnikov Lane. Over the years, it has transformed into one of the comfortable restaurants in the capital. Today it has three cozy halls and a summer terrace. All of them are made in an individual manner.

The main idea of the institution isdemonstrate the full breadth of Russian hospitality. The result is a good and harmonious place to relax, where you can have a tasty meal and have fun relaxing. The club "Gogol" in Moscow has a curious design and pleasant design, in details it resembles the setting of Gogol's works. Everywhere there is a festive atmosphere, light jazz, and soft creamy lighting fills the restaurant with warmth.


The interior of the club "Gogol"
The interior of the club "Gogol"

Here is what the establishment offers:

  • Banquets are a well-known format of a festive lunch or dinner, which is arranged in honor of a solemn event.
  • Buffets - cold snacks and alcohol in a small amount of time. The buffet creates a relaxed atmosphere for communication, self-service makes it possible to invite a large number of people.
  • Coffee breaks are small breaks in forums, trainings, gatherings, meetings and similar events that the organizers arrange so that participants have the opportunity to relax and have a little refreshment. The main purpose of the coffee break is a free short rest for visitors, there is no need to feed people tightly or seat them at banquet tables. For the speed of service, food is placed on the Swedish line, and guests themselves choose their favorite dishes and alcohol and are placed at the cocktail tables.
  • Corporate events are held to improve motivation, build emotional capital and create employee loy alty. Here the main task is not just to have fun and relax from daily work, but to unite the team andbring together those who have not yet made friends. Companies with a good budget can hire a toastmaster and not worry about the contents of the celebration.
  • Children's parties - clowns, costumed artists and high-class animators are invited. Holding a children's celebration in a restaurant is considered a very comfortable and successful form of entertainment. The kids will love the change of scenery, and the parents won't need to spend a lot of time cooking and trying to entertain the kids. The Gogol club in Moscow will offer luxurious meals and an entertainment program to visitors, so both children and parents can relax and enjoy the holiday.
  • Food delivery - the demand for such services is determined by the fact that often those who want to eat deliciously do not have the opportunity or do not want to go to a restaurant. To order, just call the phone number listed on the site. In addition, there are frequent marketing promotions that give away gift vouchers with points that can be redeemed when ordering meals.

Concert venue

Address of the club "Gogol"
Address of the club "Gogol"

Live music is just an indescribable treasure trove of positive energy. The soul of the club is the concert hall. It is here that every evening there are performances of bands and artists. The sonority, balance and coherence of the instruments are regulated only by the musicians themselves and depend only on their professionalism. High-quality instruments and microphones, noise and sound synthesizers, various effects, samplers, processing and processors are installed. You can hear from the stagemusic of various manners and trends - traditional, fashionable, rock and roll, boogie-woogie, author's song. The address of the Gogol club in Moscow is known not only to music lovers, but also to performers. Extensive informative activities are carried out here, guests always know who will be performing directly today.

Gogol is known for its good sound, excellent menu, good prices on spirits and friendly staff. In addition, there are film screenings, including rare films, and presentations of new films. And when the winter cold comes, the concert work does not stop, the musical action moves to the inner hall, continuing to delight its own guests.

Large Inner Hall

The largest restaurant-like room where you can spend an evening in a romantic atmosphere or comfortably settle down on a large sofa at an impressive table with a team of friends. It contains artificial lighting and a red-brick vaulted ceiling. The premises of the restaurant in the club "Gogol" (Moscow) are decorated in the manner of the early twentieth century, and the atmosphere of antiquity was diluted with robbery prints and graffiti based on the plot of Gogol's creations. The bar counter is made in the form of several large books. In general, this very attractive and elegant establishment in the very center pleasantly impresses with its comfort, democracy and atmosphere with an obvious focus on retro, relaxation and creativity. During the day, the background music is sweet and unobtrusive, sounds nice at a moderate volume.

Library Room

Restaurant club "Gogol"decor
Restaurant club "Gogol"decor

The huge halls of past years were replaced by small themed rooms. One of the attractions of the club is the library hall. Comfortable corner with shelves of books of traditional literature, a lot of decorative elements and a genuine old elevator shaft. The bookstore space is not only open, but also entertaining. The arrangement and variety of bookshelves provides additional opportunities to express the distinctive features of the interior decoration. In the club "Gogol" (Moscow) you can work on a laptop in a creative environment.

Self-service Lounge

Club "Gogol" Self-service hall
Club "Gogol" Self-service hall

The room is presented in the genre of a Soviet-era buffet, where you can choose from famous restaurant alcoholic drinks such as Khrenovuha, Celery, Klyukovka, and simple snacks. All the conditions for the sale and consumption of finished products, confectionery and alcohol are organized here. In particular, this hall is liked by office staff, who are always happy if there is a buffet where it is possible to eat at an affordable price. Currently, there is a full restaurant that offers a wide range of different dishes of Russian and European cuisine, as well as a variety of drinks. All dishes and snacks are served from production to distribution in portions. Guests can buy takeaway food, draft beer, a selection of wines, as well as grilled meats and vegetarian dishes.

Summer terrace

Restaurant - club "Gogol"
Restaurant - club "Gogol"

WhenWith the onset of summer, you can have a great time outdoors. Everything here is decorated in the guise of a street bar, isolated from the municipal bustle, around which the sounds of music and inconceivable smells of hookah fly. This place is a courtyard-well with flower beds and a garden. In the evening, the center of the summer terrace becomes a concert venue.

Where is the club "Gogol" in Moscow? More on that below.


Here presented a different diet and fairly fast service. Cuisine - European and Russian. The menu includes understandable daily dishes:

  • Liver pate with cherry jelly.
  • Arugula salad with parma (baked pumpkin, dried cranberries, balsamic sauce).
  • Caramel pumpkin salad with cream cheese (arugula, balsamic sauce).
  • Pumpkin Cream Soup with Parmesan and Pumpkin Oil.
  • Sauce (cream, capers, sesame oil, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, leeks).
  • Grilled trio with mashed potatoes (natural chopped cutlets from beef, pork, chicken).
  • Beef tenderloin with spicy sauce.
  • Hot potato.
  • Salmon fillet in creamy sauce.
  • Stir-fried beans.
  • Spaghetti with bell peppers.
  • Mashed potatoes with onions.
  • Poached eggs.
  • French fries.
  • Chicken liver.
  • Zucchini with tomatoes.
  • Dumplings with eggs.
  • Borodino bread.
  • Homemade lard.
  • Juicy rolls.
  • Lavash.
  • Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ice cream.
  • Seasonalfruits.
  • Cheese pie.
  • Pancakes with sour cream, condensed milk, syrup.
  • Chewed honey cake.
  • Peanut layer cake.
  • Crispy apple cake.

The bar list has a large selection of cocktails, wines, beers and concentrated spirits. Family meals are served on weekdays. Guests are provided with a menu with photos of dishes. In the Moscow club "Gogol" the average check is 1000-1500 rubles.


For those wishing to celebrate their birthday in this place there are valid discounts for three days from the date of birth:

  • from 2 to 5 people at the table - 10% discount;
  • from 5 to 10 people - 15% discount;
  • 10 and up get 20% off.

For parents with small children, a promotion is organized - on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00, children under five years old eat completely free of charge.


There is a wide program of weekly leisure activities here: a variety of public board games, performances by young performers, intellectual fun, art and culinary master classes. Unique drummers, sparkling duets, modern performers of rock and pop music perform on the modern Russian stage. In 2018, the full schedule of the FIFA World Cup is offered. You can follow the club news in social networks.


Besides this, visitors are expected to play "kicker" in the hall and organize real table football competitions. For 80 years, foosball has been the best bar game since.watching the match.


Graffiti on the walls
Graffiti on the walls

This is what visitors of the Gogol club in Moscow say in their reviews:

  • the finest Khrenovukha in town is bottled here;
  • cheap;
  • virtually no complaints at the entrance;
  • delicious snacks;
  • the waiter keeps abreast of how long the meal will be done;
  • no pathos, evening smoothly turns into morning;
  • the halls are very different from each other;
  • no foreign rarities;
  • delicious business lunch;
  • great performers perform;
  • a worthy big dance floor where people dance joyfully;
  • furnishings - luxurious;
  • opportunity to come both with a loved one and with a company;
  • optimal place for important meetings;
  • tactful and attentive staff;
  • large selection of strong drinks, corresponds to the high level of the institution;
  • located near the subway.

There are much fewer negative reviews about the Gogol club in Moscow, and they mainly relate to:

  • to the security service;
  • discomfort after prolonged drinking;
  • uninteresting design.

Gogol Club in Moscow: address, contacts, how to get there

The institution is located in the very center of Moscow, in the famous Stoleshnikov lane (the entrance to the arch), in a house erected by the architect Bogomolov - in a building that is considered a building landmark of the metropolis. For this reason, the occurrencein this place, an institution with a Russian soul is considered completely not accidental. It is easy to walk here from the nearest metro station Teatralnaya (720 m), Kuznetsky Most (770 m), Okhotny Ryad (740 m). For those who have not yet visited this institution, we will describe in detail how to get to the Gogol club in Moscow on foot in 10 minutes from the Teatralnaya metro station:

  • exit from the subway to "Revolution Square";
  • turn right and go straight 57 m to Teatralny proezd;
  • to the right 120 m, to the traffic light;
  • cross the highway and move straight along Petrovka street 590 m, to Stoleshnikov lane;
  • turn left and walk another 110 m.

Entrance is free.


Working hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday - 12:00 to midnight;
  • Friday, Saturday - from 12:00 to 05:00.

Here's how to get to the Gogol restaurant-club in Moscow, how to get there by car from the Garden Ring (3.1 km):

  • move straight 2, 9 km along the street. Petrovka;
  • on the right will be the "Pharmacy of the capital", after it to the right;
  • drive straight for 69m and turn right again;
  • to the right (behind the house) to the Theater of Labor;
  • after passing the theater building, turn left.

The full address of the Gogol club in Moscow: Stoleshnikov lane, building 11. This place has its own atmosphere and an exceptionally established audience - cheerful and not arrogant.