Film "Star": actors in life and their roles in films
Film "Star": actors in life and their roles in films

Video: Film "Star": actors in life and their roles in films

Video: Film "Star": actors in life and their roles in films
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Modern Russian cinema is replenished annually with more than a dozen films of various genres and directions, which is an excellent foundation for promoting young talents and novice actors.

Today we will tell you about the film "Star" - the next work of the Armenian director Anna Melikyan.

The actors of the film are selected with special diligence. Both young talents and actors who have roles in dozens of films interact in the film.

Film "Star": actors and roles

The script of this film is distinguished by its originality. The plot is based on a segment of the life of several people who are in search of themselves.

movie star actors
movie star actors

The actors of the film "Star" began their work, and after 2.5 months the film was filmed and ready to be shown.

The main character Masha is played by aspiring Georgian actress Tinatin Dalakishvili.

In the film "Star" there are actors who received the "Kinotavr" award for their role. We are talking about Saveria Janušauskaite, a Lithuanian actress who masterfully played the role of Rita.

Pavel Tabakov made his screen debut as Kostya.

TinatinDalakishvili as Masha

Masha is a young girl who desperately dreams of becoming a star, putting her best efforts into it. Masha's main job is caring for the old man, and it is on these funds that she lives. In addition, she does not refuse any part-time job that turns up for her, because due to such work, Masha saves money to improve her appearance. The fact is that Masha has driven into her head that her body is imperfect, and this is precisely what her failures on the way to her longed-for dream consist of.

The role in this film brought actress Tinatin Dalakishvili special popularity. Despite the fact that she is a landscape designer by profession, the girl does an excellent job with her acting career. The name Tinanthin is interpreted as "a ray of the sun".

star movie 2014 actors
star movie 2014 actors

Severia Januszauskaite as Rita

Rita is a beautiful and independent woman with no financial problems. It would seem, what else does a woman of this kind need? But can she be called happy? Rita is mortally ill, and how much she has left to live is unknown. In addition, her common-law husband does not dare to legitimize their relationship, so Rita's main task is to get pregnant and marry him. But it happens that after another quarrel, Rita is left with nothing. She is kicked out of the house, and by chance at this moment Rita meets Masha.

When she came to the casting, Saveria Janušauskaite did not know Russian. After passing the selection, learned it in a short period of time.

film star actors and roles
film star actors and roles

Pavel Tabakov in the roleBones

Kostya is a wayward teenager who, like many at this age, is characterized by youthful maximalism. The boy constantly manifests his own self, thereby conflicting with his father and Rita.

Quite by chance, Kostya meets Masha, and a real feeling arises between them. From now on, the fate of three people is tied in a tight knot.

Pavel Tabakov is the son of a star couple Oleg Tabakov and Irina Zudina.

Film "Star" 2014: secondary actors

In addition to the main cast, the film was supplemented with their performance:

  • Andrey Smolyakov as a famous businessman and Kostya's father;
  • Juozas Budraitis played an old man;
  • Alexander Shein played the role of a gallery worker;
  • Arunas Storpirstis appeared as head of the Department of Hemopathology at a private clinic.
film star actors plot
film star actors plot

Interesting facts about casting and filming

The only actress who got the main role almost from the first audition was Severija Janušauskaite. She managed to conquer the director from a photo from her portfolio. The rest of the actors of the film "Star" were selected for a year and a half.

Since the Russian language was not native for the main characters, their roles were re-voiced.

In the frames of the film, you can often find glass, glare, reflections, looking glass - this is a kind of zest with which the director tried to complement the main sensations.

The film's central scenes were filmed in natural interiors, slightly modified during production.


The film evokes a lot of emotions, especially the final stage of the film "Star". The actors and the plot of the film are the key to its success, in which each participant played his role as realistically as possible. The denouement of the film, it would seem, is expected and logical, but it causes a huge emotional reaction. Therefore, we can say with confidence that this film deserves the most positive reviews.