Tom Riddle: the role of the villain and the actors who performed it

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Tom Riddle: the role of the villain and the actors who performed it
Tom Riddle: the role of the villain and the actors who performed it

Video: Tom Riddle: the role of the villain and the actors who performed it

Video: Tom Riddle: the role of the villain and the actors who performed it
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Riddle is an interesting character, but while watching (reading) the story of a boy who accidentally survived, Harry Potter fans do not have time to feel his fate. The childhood of the most significant wizard was practically not displayed, and those who played him were unknown to the general public. It is time to eliminate this unfortunate fact. Uncover the secret of not only the anti-hero, but also those who embodied him on the screen.

Tom Riddle is the antagonist in the Harry Potter series. He is better known as the Dark Lord.

Tom Riddle and the Dark Lord

While studying at the school of witchcraft, Thomas Marvolo Riddle was a diligent student and considered himself a master. A young wizard who for a long time believed in the purity of his blood. Later, he found out that his mother had magical powers, but not his father, as he wanted.

The irony was that when the famous school was opened, the founder of the Slytherin faculty (Thomas's grandfather) preferred the selection of candidates for the purity of blood. Thus, although Tom Riddle was the best magician in the entire wizarding world, he would not have been able to get into Hogwarts Castle to his favorite faculty if he had not hidden his origin. Then this character, calling himself Voldemort (translated from French as "Lord ofdeath"), staged a terror.

who played tom reddle
who played tom reddle

Tom Riddle owes his appearance and aristocratic behavior to his father, he used these qualities to attract the attention of the fairer sex. True, for the same reason, he won the enmity of the male part of the students.

Who played the young Lord?

If only Chris Columbus had directed the film, Tom Riddle would have been played by Jamie Bauer or Frank Dillane.

The black sorcerer was originally played by British-born actor Richard Bremmer.

However, in subsequent parts of the film, Coulson Christian and Frank Dillane got the role.

In chronological order, the first actor to play Tom Riddle was Richard Bremmer. The actor's face is barely shown in the first part of The Philosopher's Stone, when Hagrid tells Harry why no one calls the dark sorcerer by his name.

Flashback showcases the Potter couple's murder scene and the Survivor Boy's magical rescue. Bremmer Richard in a black robe under the cover of night is one of the best scenes that a viewer will remember.

bremmer richard
bremmer richard

The second Chamber of Secrets film features the first mention of a young Tom Riddle, played by 37-year-old actor Coulson Christian. Harry kills him - like a diary memory - using the poisonous fang of a giant snake.

In the sixth Half-Blood Prince movie, Tom Riddle becomes a character played by Frank Dillane.

The Dark Lord who has risen from oblivion throughoutstories played by Ralph Fiennes.

Where did the actors film?

A lot of people were involved in the film about the magic boy. Any role is not able to overshadow the former merits of the performers, and such a character as Tom Riddle is no exception. The actors who played the Dark Lord have been seen in other films as well.

So, the British actor Coulson, before the role of Tom Riddle, was the performer of one of the main roles in the film The Hours, which was released simultaneously with the second part of Harry Potter.

True, the difference between the screenings of films in Russia was 4 months. We can say that acquaintance with the actor on the big screen began precisely with the role of Tom. Prior to this, Christian could be seen in the series, but the Russian audience might not have seen them.

Before the release of the first film of the magical saga of the British actor Richard Bremmer, our viewer could see in the wonderful film of the late nineties "The Thirteenth Warrior", where Rick played a character named Skeld.

Fiennes Rafe is the most titled actor from the list of actors playing the role of Tom Riddle, by the time of filming in the film about Harry Potter, he had already been awarded an Oscar statuette for his participation in Schindler's List and The English Patient. Also known to the Russian audience on the TV series Doctor Who.

These are the stars who played the role of just one character in seven Harry Potter stories.

tom reddle actor
tom reddle actor

How did the Dark Lord appear in the books?

Many fans of Rowling's work know that she manipulated names well, borrowing them from various sources.

Some were justborrowed from other fairy tales and legends, so it is not surprising that after the release of the film on the screens, the author of the wizard boy was involved in not one, but immediately in a number of scandals where she was accused of plagiarism.

Since this article is about a dark sorcerer, let's start with him.

Voldemort's name (in his youth, Riddle) is derived from the name of the little-known evil wizard Voldermortist (meaning "Lord of Evil"). In the case of the Harry Potter book, the long title literally translates to "Dark Lord".

Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle

Scandinavian word "wold" means "violence" or "strength", also "moat" (at least in Denmark).

You can remember the Danish king Voldemar the Fourth, who became famous for his love of violence and endless tax collection. He was a smart, cynical, determined ruler.

The most likely origin of the young lord's name is the author's use of French, where he washed away the words "tom de mort" - this is literally "theft of death".