The best inspirational films. Inspirational films about success
The best inspirational films. Inspirational films about success

Video: The best inspirational films. Inspirational films about success

Video: The best inspirational films. Inspirational films about success
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It doesn't always happen that life goes smoothly. And at such moments, a person wants to watch some kind of motivating movie. Usually such inspiring films set you in a positive mood and cheer you up. Many charge with motivation so much that a person himself begins to create something, do some unusual things and arrange a whole revolution in his life. It must have happened to everyone. If you are looking for such a motivator, then our top inspirational films are what you need.

Motivating dramas

Sometimes you want something strong, no kidding. Then motivating dramas come to the rescue. We have prepared some of the best inspiring dramas for you and hope you enjoy them.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Let's take a break from the standard motivational films presented everywhere and look at inspiring films about success with a twist. One of these is guaranteed to be Breakfast at Tiffany's. It helps us look into the 60s and look at a successful life in a completely different way. After all, it is worth remembering that not all success is what we think.

inspirational films
inspirational films

Paul Warjak - not yet a very successful writer - moves into a luxuriousapartment at the expense of money from his mistress. There he meets Holly Golightly, his neighbor. She is a very eccentric person who finds herself in various strange situations. Holly always mixes up phones, forgets dates, and never gets serious. Her dream is in Tiffany's store. And the goal in life is to successfully marry. The neighbors immediately become friends, although Paul does not really understand Holly. Moreover, at their first meeting, he completely condemned her and tried to get rid of her society. But this number with Holly will not work.

The film helps to understand the other side of "always positive and successful people." It seems to many that a smile on the face is a sign of happiness, and the we alth that we see is a real confirmation of this. But Holly shows the ups and downs, tells her story and vision of life. We recommend this movie to everyone who thinks about the fact that success is happiness, because the example of “successful, but unhappy” is much easier to understand the whole point.

Knocking on Heaven

One of the most famous and cult films "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" can inspire you to find your meaning in life. Still sitting and working at a job you hate? Or can't decide to change your life? The film is firmly established in the list of "movies that inspire life", so it's a must-see!

inspiring films
inspiring films

According to the plot of the film "Knocking on Heaven's Door", the audience gets acquainted with two cancer patients. Martin and Rudy - roommates and brothers in misfortune - find out that they have very little left to die. They decide to run away from the hospital, and not justescape, and get the most out of the escape experience. Thinking through an escape plan, friends realize that they need a car, money, and they also want to see the sea for the last time. They steal a car, rob a bank and try to get to the last target. On the way to the sea, they also do not get bored. They come off as they can, rowdy and do whatever they want. And no one can stop them from getting everything from the rest of their lives, except perhaps the bandits and the police who are chasing them.

Inspirational films don't always have a positive ending or a funny point. This film turns a person's worldview upside down, makes you think: "Am I living the right way?", and perhaps even encourages you to do something differently in your life.

Motivational comedies

For those who want to laugh, we will present the best comedies that will surely touch your soul. They say that the best treatment for depression is funny films, and if they are also motivating, then this is a guaranteed success.


If you want to reach out to yourself but still have a fun movie, The Untouchables or 1+1 are for you. The best inspirational films that we have collected here will make you laugh more than once or at least make you smile. But "1+1" will not leave anyone indifferent.

movies that inspire you to achieve your goals
movies that inspire you to achieve your goals

Meet the main character Philip. All his life he lived to the fullest. And then crashed on a paraglider. Now he cannot move. In order to maintain the past rhythm, he is looking for an assistant. Many came tointerview, but without success, namely, the one who needed the job the least, got it. Driss, a black man with a criminal streak, came to claim unemployment benefits. But to his surprise, he was taken to this castle to work. To quickly get rid of Philip, Driss does not try to be nice and continues to live as he lived, just pretending to work. They soon find a common language, and Driss helps Philip to plunge into a completely different world.

Not many inspirational films have been made from true stories. But Philip and his "nurse" Driss exist in real life. What's more, both have written books that, in general, made this amazing movie.

The Incredible Life of W alter Mitty

Many films that inspire us to exploits, so to speak, were based on stories. The Secret Life of W alter Mitty (1974) was also based on the short story of the same name. Moreover, the audience liked the film so much that it was re-shot, adapted to modern realities.

inspirational films about success
inspirational films about success

So, we present to the audience's attention W alter Mitty, who works in Life magazine. His job is to illustrate magazine articles, make eye-catching covers, and more. But this work is a continuous routine. It is possible that his skills are already 100% perfected, but, most likely, the problem is that W alter needs a powerful shake. That is why he constantly fantasizes. Either he is an astronaut, or a traveler, or he flirts with Cheryl Melhoff, whom he has long been in love with.

W alter learns that the new issue of his magazine is the last one, and from then on the magazine will be only in electronic format. And his task is to make the most memorable cover, so as not to get cut. But there were problems with this: the negative sent by the best photographer was gone. W alter embarks on an exciting adventure in real life. Because now he needs to find this photo.

This is a movie in the category of "movies that inspire success, achieve goals and career growth." W alter shows how it is sometimes necessary to make an effort to achieve a goal, and how important it is not to lose heart if something does not work out.

Always say yes

If you want to watch a comedy, "Always Say Yes" will be included in the list of "Most Inspiring Comedy Movies". This funny and funny movie is based on the book of the same name, which is based on real events.

inspirational films about life
inspirational films about life

Carl Allen, the protagonist of this film, is a very complex person. He is a sociophobe, does not like people, does not answer calls. He says “no” to every offer. As a result, he loses his girlfriend and best friend. An old acquaintance, having imposed on him in the company, drags him to the seminar "Yes - a new look is not." Karl does not take this training seriously, but he promises to try. Luck starts raining down on him from all angles and he believes in the method 100%. In a short time, he manages to visit a bunch of circles, events, gains many friends and meets an unusual girl. Zoey is the dream of his life. Between them flashesromance, but his "yes" ruins their relationship. Will things get better again, or is the word “no” already lost?

It's rare that the most inspiring movies make you want to watch them over and over again. Like already inspired, and the second time there will be no such effect. But not with the movie Always Say Yes. This film is ideal for you to watch it from time to time and get a positive charge and a topic for reflection again.

Motivating films with kids

Everyone knows that children give the best positive charge. They never lose heart, they easily forget mistakes and mistakes. But most importantly, they are really happy. So if you are now looking for a good movie to motivate you, read on.

Little Miss Happy

Many films that can inspire us to make the motto "never give up" is not an empty phrase, about children. In the "most inspiring films" ranking, "Little Miss Sunshine" is at the top.

most inspiring films
most inspiring films

Baby Olive has been watching the Little Miss Sunshine pageant all her life. Her main dream is to win this unique competition. Her loved ones also want her to be able to win the competition. But they are so busy with themselves and their problems that they do not always remember the baby. Olive's father, Richard, does not talk to her at all, but only exchanges a couple of phrases with his wife. Uncle Frank, after an unsuccessful romance with a graduate student, decides to commit suicide. The attempt is unsuccessful, but now he lives with them. Dwayne, her older brother, takes a vow of silence as a sign of respect for Nietzsche. And Olive's grandfather, the only person in the world who prepares her for the competition, is a hardened drug addict. But the whole family gathers together with Olive for the competition. What will come of it?

Such a film really wants to be included in the category of "inspiring films about life", because Olive is a little girl who, despite all the upheavals and problems in her family, does not get nervous, does not give up and continues to go towards her goal. If you want the same, then watch and learn from little Miss Happy!

Pay another

This is not a simple movie, but a picture from the series "movies that inspire good deeds." Few people, having looked, were left with dry eyes from the good shimmering through the screen.

One day, a simple high school teacher gives the class a task to "make the lives of the people around you better." A student in his class comes up with a brilliant idea. If someone has done good to you, do not do good in return, but do it to someone else. Thus, the chain will in any case lead "good" to the one who started it. But this method can make many people happy. Such an idea spread around the world thanks to a little boy who wanted to make the lives of strangers better.

Trevor, like many children included in inspirational films, gave the world a simple idea to change the lives of millions of people with little effort. And the best part is, it actually works!

And other inspiring films

Want to watch movies that you rarely see on all sorts of lists? Then we present to your attention the pearls of cinema, aboutwhich many have either forgotten or simply do not know. Watch and get motivated!

My boyfriend is crazy

If you're looking for inspiring films for women, My Boyfriend is Crazy should interest you. This is another movie based on a book. This time the main characters are a couple, a man and a woman from completely different circles.

inspirational films for women
inspirational films for women

Pat Solitano spent 8.5 months in a mental hospital. His job as a teacher was derailed by an event involving his wife. Now he can not go to school and to his already ex-wife. One day he is invited to dinner with friends, and there he meets a strange girl, Tiffany. She, too, was undergoing treatment due to the death of her husband. On the first day, Tiffany hits on Pat, but he swears he only loves his wife.

Having lost contact with the person closest to him, he tries to find a way to talk to her. Tiffany offers to send letters in exchange if Pat dances with her at the competition. Long rehearsals begin.

It's no coincidence that this movie made it to the "Most Inspiring Movies" list. Two adults, having survived terrible events, did not lose heart. They underwent treatment, tried to withstand the entire burden of the circumstances that fell on them and found something to do. Tiffany wants to get first place in the competition and trains Pat, not letting him relax. And rest assured, they will succeed.

Hieronymus Bosch: Inspired by the Devil

For those who like to watch motivational films about real and famous people, the movie Bosch: Inspireddevil is perfect.

The film is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the death of the great artist Hieronymus Bosch. After watching this movie masterpiece, you can understand that Bosch will forever remain the most mysterious, mystical and inventive artist. It is unlikely that someone else will be born who can surpass him.

Only 25 surviving paintings by Bosch can immerse you in a completely different world. It is surprising that in 's-Hertogenbosch, in the hometown of Jerome, there is no museum of the master and, moreover, not a single one of his paintings has been preserved. A group of experts in 2010 got together and traveled to all the world's museums in order to bring them to the artist's hometown. No one has ever done a Bosch exhibition more than this exhibition in the Netherlands. However, not all museums were willing to meet the experts, many did not want to give away the paintings, someone had to be persuaded long and hard. And some of the paintings turned out to be a fake of his followers.

You can see all of this live in Bosch: Inspired by the Devil. In addition, secrets, intrigues and investigations about the life of a great artist will be revealed to you. Inspiration guaranteed!

We have collected a lot of great movies for you. All of them are completely different, have different meanings, help to understand hundreds of simple truths. But all these films are designed to inspire you to exploits, make you live, or at least breathe bright colors into gray everyday life.