Kerry Fox is a dreamy New Zealand film actress with a difficult life

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Kerry Fox is a dreamy New Zealand film actress with a difficult life
Kerry Fox is a dreamy New Zealand film actress with a difficult life

Video: Kerry Fox is a dreamy New Zealand film actress with a difficult life

Video: Kerry Fox is a dreamy New Zealand film actress with a difficult life
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New Zealand film actress Kerry Fox (her photos are posted in the article), was born in Wellington on July 30, 1966. Gained fame after the release of films on the big screen: "Bright Star", "Shallow Grave", "Intimacy" and "Angel at My Table".

New Zealand cinema is not known for its abundance of highly artistic films, but good films appear quite often. For the role of Claire in the film "Intimacy" Kerry Fox won the Berlin Film Festival "Silver Bear" in the nomination "Best Actress". The actress's partner was English actor Mark Rylance.

kerry fox
kerry fox


At the center of the plot is the relationship between a young woman named Claire and a forty-year-old bachelor suffering from loneliness, whose name is Jay. In fact, there was no relationship as such, the couple met only for sex, quick convulsive intercourse, which did not bring complete satisfaction. Nevertheless, these meetings took place regularly, every Wednesday late in the evening, in the basementthe house where Jay lived. There was no bed, there was a tattered carpet on the floor, and on top of it were sheets that had not been washed for a long time.

It's been a few months. And then one day Claire did not come at the agreed time. Jay thought, because he knows nothing about this woman: where she lives, what she does, does she have a family. And when Claire reappears a week later, Jay decides to follow her.


Kerry Fox made her debut in 1989, in the television series "Tales from the Crypt", where the young actress played in an episode. She then played the role of a police officer in the similar series Night of the Red Hunter directed by David Copeland.

In the big movie Kerry Fox made her debut in 1990, immediately in the title role. Her character was Jennet Frame, an unstable, impulsive woman who ended up in a psychiatric hospital for many years.

The debut turned out to be successful, Kerry Fox received a number of prizes at the Venice Film Festival, as well as the Golden Ear Award at the Valdoville Film Festival.

kerry fox personal life
kerry fox personal life


Then, the actress took part in the filming of the series "Mr. Ro's Virgins" and in several other low-budget film projects that went unnoticed. After a streak of failures, Kerry Fox was waiting for the rise to the pinnacle of success - she starred in Danny Boyle's film "Shallow Grave". Her co-stars were Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccleston. Shallow Grave is a dark comedy about friends who share a flat in Edinburgh. Since there was one more seat left in the room, the friends advertised in the local newspaper. The fourth tenant came, a certain Hugo, a man of the highest degree strange. After living in a new place for only a few days, he dies of a heroin overdose. When his friends opened his suitcase, they saw that it was full of money.

Temporary calm

The next few years were not so successful for Kerry Fox. She starred in a television movie called "Country Romance", which flopped at the box office, followed by a role in the movie "Welcome to Sarajevo" directed by Michael Winterbottom. After that, she took part in the filming of several Australian films.

In 1998, Kerry Fox, whose films did not make the proper impression on the public, played a minor role in the movie "The Wisdom of Crocodiles". The actress's partner on the set was actor Jude Law.

The film tells about the secret vampire Steven, who needs fresh blood from young women, otherwise he slowly dies. In addition to physical blood supply, a young man needs simple human love, this is also of great importance to him. Steven is in constant search, he has many girlfriends, beautiful and faithful, but he has not yet met the one and only.

When Anna appears, he realizes that he has met his love, and the more painful it is to realize that soon the girl will have to be killed.

kerry fox photo
kerry fox photo

Welcome to Sarajevo

Two groupstelevision reporters, American and English, converged on the same territory. The British are led by Michael Henderson, the American journalists by Jimmy Flynn. Together they visit a home for children left without parents. Henderson is obsessed with the idea of taking at least one child to England, albeit illegally. Save him from the horrors of war. In this noble cause, Michael is helped by an American Nina, a volunteer.

Kerry Fox appeared on the screen after a long break, in 2009. But then she took part in the production of two films at once: "Bright Star" directed by Jane Campion and "The Tempest" by Hans-Christian Schmidt.

The following is a list of selected movies starring Kerry Fox:

  • "Burning Man" (2011), the role of Sally.
  • "Bright Star" (2011), character Mrs. Brown.
  • "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" (1998), the role of Mary.
  • "Welcome to Sarajevo" (1997), character Jane Carson.
  • "Shallow Grave" (1994), the role of Juliet Miller.
  • "Rainbow Warrior" (1993) episode.
  • "Angel at my table" (1990), character Janet Frame.
kerry fox movies
kerry fox movies

Kerry Fox, private life

Currently, the actress is not married, she devotes herself to work. From time to time, she starts non-committal novels in which she finds everything that she lacks in life.