Witty questions and answers for company entertainment

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Witty questions and answers for company entertainment
Witty questions and answers for company entertainment

Video: Witty questions and answers for company entertainment

Video: Witty questions and answers for company entertainment
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Wit is a kind of bright, original expression of thoughts, actions. This is a talent that is not given to everyone. People with inventive thinking and a great sense of humor often become the soul of the company. This article is about witty questions you can ask friends and acquaintances.

Funny tricky questions

When you are going to a party, be sure to stock up on a couple of funny questions to become the "highlight" of the holiday. This will not only improve your mood for the whole day, but also raise the comedian's rating. It is known that cheerful people are always in the spotlight and are in high demand. Most importantly, funny questions should not offend anyone.

witty answers
witty answers

In order to achieve a humorous goal, the joke uses puns, sarcasm, irony and other tricks.

  1. Often during the conversation there is such a joke about the driver Tolka. "All the passengers went to bed. Only the driver didn't sleep. What was his name?" Attentive interlocutors will immediately understand that his name is Only.
  2. When asked which month is the shortest, many will answer"February" (this month has 28 or 29 days). Actually it is May (three letters in a word).
  3. How many peas can fit on a plate? Answer: None, as they cannot walk.
  4. How to kill mother-in-law with cotton? Answer: wrap the iron in cotton.
  5. Is it true that carrots are good for vision? Answer: of course, where did you see the hare with glasses.

Funny questions let you wonder what the catch is. The interlocutors begin to wonder what answer suits them. The excitement of guessing lifts the mood of the gathered friends for a long time.

Top 8 witty questions

Witty talent is rare. Although it can be developed if desired. After all, all these humorous questions are taken from life. You just need to be able to see them.

funny questions and answers
funny questions and answers
  1. If you drink a glass of Fairy every day, will you burn fat?
  2. Why do they say: you have to sit, there is no truth at your feet? Well, the whole truth is in the ass?
  3. Why did they come up with this nasty alarm clock, but there is no tomb?
  4. Where are the men who are not lying on the road?
  5. Why do butterflies fly? (why?).
  6. What happens when a sheep is eight years old?
  7. I wonder what guided ancient man before he first ate an egg that fell from a chicken?
  8. Why is there a 16+ badge in the recipe book? Is there a photo of a naked chicken?

These and other witty questions are usually thought up by people with a great sense of humor, spontaneously and quickly. Therefore they seemoriginal and funny.

Witty answers

Witty are not only questions, but also answers. Consider a selection of the most original of them.

  1. What can be found on a naked girl? Answer: naked guy.
  2. What does diet mean? Answer: dying of malnutrition in order to live even longer.
  3. Kolya, why did you spit on Mashenka? - I really like her and I wanted to kiss her. But since she was far away, I had to spit on her.
  4. Why do parents hit a child on the buttocks to get the crap out of their heads? It's like knocking a cork out of a bottle - you hit the bottom, the cork flies out.
  5. What happens if you swallow a spoon? You have to eat with your hands.
  6. What disease has no one on earth ever had? Marine.
  7. How to stay without a head in a room? Put it in the window.
  8. When is a person a tree? When he wakes up.


Witty questions and answers make a person think. This, in turn, develops thinking, logic and memory. It is especially useful to conduct such games with children. Thanks to them, children learn the world, learn to understand the properties of things and phenomena. Imagination develops.

Children think of a witty answer
Children think of a witty answer

Sometimes it is not always possible to be smart when answering a question. Or a certain time passes, and the formed answer is no longer so relevant and without humor (due to the fact that a lot of time has passed). Then it is better to refrain from statements. An untimely "witty" response can be stupid.