Consolation prize - what is it?

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Consolation prize - what is it?
Consolation prize - what is it?

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Video: Consolation prize - what is it?
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You must have heard the expression "consolation prize". What does it mean? How can a prize be consolatory? Let's try to understand the features of the appearance of this phrase, and also consider information about the book, which will help to better understand this expression.

What does that mean?

This is the name of a thing that is unexpectedly received by people who are disappointed or offended by something. It serves as moral compensation for failure. There are many such situations, but we will consider only a few of them. For example:

  1. For example, a consolation prize is awarded at various competitions to those who are worthy of first place, but as a result of some events they do not receive it. Usually these are beauty contests, olympiads, sporting events.
  2. After a test at school, a child may need a consolation prize if they prepared well for it, but got a worse grade than expected. As a moral encouragement, parents can offer ice cream, sweets, going to the movies.

The expression consists of two words: "consolation" and "prize". The first is formed from "amuse", which came fromProto-Slavic těšiti and translates as "make quiet". The word "prize" comes from the Latin presa and translates as "prey".

consolation prize
consolation prize

Examples of usage

To understand when it is appropriate to use the expression, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with examples of its use:

  1. That is, a piece of cake or a chocolate bar acts as a consolation prize. Margarita Koroleva, "Easy way to harmony", 2009.
  2. But something like a consolation prize was sent down to me - two holy dreams. N. I. Arbuzova, "Thin thread" (collection), 2011.
  3. But then they will receive their consolation prize in very depreciated pieces of paper. V. Yu. Katasonov, "The battle for the ruble. National currency and sovereignty of Russia", 2015.

Synonyms for the expression are:

  • good jackpot;
  • generous gesture.
  • consolation prize book
    consolation prize book

What book is this?

Due to the great popularity of the author, a novel with this title is bought in large numbers, has many views and downloads on the Internet. The author of the work is Jackie Brown, the book is written in English, but for the convenience of readers it has been translated into Russian as well.

Jackie, author of wonderful and captivating love stories, journalist, she graduated from the university with a degree in this field. She worked for a newspaper for over 15 years, then began to write novels. The first one was published in 1999. After that, after fiveyears ago, the second novel of the writer was published.

Soon, Brown received an offer from the famous Harlequin publishing company, now she writes romance novels, they are read by many people from all over the world.

Jackie's novels have been widely distributed in many countries, translated into different languages of the world. Fans of her talent are reading out all the new romantic love stories.

jackie brown
jackie brown

Book "Consolation Prize"

She was published in 2011. The main character of the novel is a famous and successful owner of restaurants, but she has no luck in her family life. The girl has long dreamed of finding her soul mate.

Due to her successful career, Emily decided to expand her restaurant chain. She received an interesting offer from a mysterious stranger named Dan. How will this meeting end, will Emily find her true love?

The book "Consolation Prize" is distinguished by the fact that the author very beautifully describes all the experiences of the characters, their emotions and dialogues. While reading, it seems that you are standing next to the characters and experiencing all the events with them. And this is so necessary for modern female readers who lack romance in life.

We looked at what the phrase "consolation prize" means and when it is used.