Batman quotes from movies and comics

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Batman quotes from movies and comics
Batman quotes from movies and comics

Video: Batman quotes from movies and comics

Video: Batman quotes from movies and comics
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Batman is a fictional comic book character from DC. Immediately after the release of the first story, the hero became popular in society. Thanks to this, directors make films about him. Batman's phrases are spreading among a large number of people, as this hero helps to reflect the modern problems of society, morality and evil.

Phrases from the movie "Batman Begins"

Batman sayings
Batman sayings

This work was published in 2005. A film based on DC comics. The movie tells about the childhood years and adventures of the protagonist. It was directed by Christopher Nolan, who assigned the role of the character to Christian Bale. Thanks to this, Batman's phrases from the film are taken very seriously by the viewer. List of best sayings:

  • "People fall so often, not because of weakness. They just want to learn how to climb.”
  • "It doesn't matter what a person thinks. The main thing is to pay attention to his actions.”
  • "There will be many criminals in a country that is tolerant of bandits."
  • "Anger can be a major source of strength. However, if it is given free rein, it can destroy a person.”
  • "Meaning inthere is no daily training if the athlete is unable to lift the bench.”
  • "People are afraid of the unknown. They fear what they have never seen.”
  • "In order to learn to subdue the fears of other people, first of all, a person needs to cope with their phobias."

This piece was shot by one of the most talented directors in Hollywood. Many Batman phrases have become known to the whole world. It happened thanks to Christian Bale, a good atmosphere and the meaning of the quotes.

Famous saying

Batman: The Dark Knight, still from the movie
Batman: The Dark Knight, still from the movie

Batman's line "This city needs a hero" has become a real virus that has spread among fans. Based on this statement, jokes and Internet memes are composed. It is also used by popular personalities. The quote appeared almost immediately after the release of the first film. No one paid attention to the expression in the comic. When "Batman: The Dark Knight" was released, the public paid attention to the statement.

Quote: "Murder is injustice"

Batman phrases
Batman phrases

This is Batman's famous line. The main character is not accustomed to go on killing. He always does the right thing, even if this decision hits his psyche. At work or in business, a person is constantly faced with the temptation to overstep his moral values. However, when it comes to making a decision, everyone should do the right thing. This line of Batman is used by personal growth coaches, as it reflects the strong spirit of the hero.

Famous quotes

New batman movie
New batman movie

In his statements, the character spoke about the modern world. Sometimes he even condemned the values of the people of the 21st century. Best Batman Quotes:

  • "Only what a person does determines who he is." Most often, politicians and businessmen speak on news TV channels. They promise positive changes in the country. However, these speeches are worth nothing. Therefore, Batman said that only actions determine the intentions of a person. If he talks a lot, but does not do it, then you need to stop taking his words seriously.
  • "Only fear is to be feared." Even well-known psychologists have proven that it is more difficult for a person to endure the waiting period. It is he who makes you feel fear.
  • "If everyone is hungry, the world will be mired in crime." In this statement, the protagonist described the people he constantly encounters. Most often, his enemies are beggars or crazy people. They feel hungry and therefore commit crimes.

These statements were made up by directors. However, they took the semantic basis from the original DC comics. Thanks to the above quotes, many people first learned about the movie Batman.

Phrases from comics

The original works were written in English. However, the translators adapted all Batman's catchphrases for Russian fans. Best Comic Quotes:

  • "All instincts seem to be able to talk. They tell people they can't do anythingdo. Therefore, many run away from their fears, as they are inherent in nature. Most people think that it is better to leave and live the old life. However, because of this, fears become stronger. It is better to run towards danger. Only then will fears become weak."
  • "Every person can overcome pain. However, he also has the ability to accept defeat and die. You must always choose the right decision that the heart tells."
  • "Superheroes are needed only when the law becomes powerless. In other cases, the police and authorities must do everything to make life safe for their people."
  • "Some people think that Batman appeared to fight crime. However, this is a delusion. Batman became this way to overcome his fears."

Despite the fact that the hero lives a hard life, he continues to maintain a sober mind. The character constantly faces evil and helps people. He does this not for approval or money. He just likes to overcome difficulties and inner fears. The hero doesn't want to be famous, much less be seen as a savior by people.

Batman phrases in English

Screenshot from the movie
Screenshot from the movie

In the original, all the statements of the character sound more pretentious. However, they are translated by professional linguists. Therefore, any Russian person will understand the whole meaning that is in Batman's statements. Hero quotes in English:

  • "I believe whatever doesn't kill yousimply makes you strange". In this statement, the main character indicated that all events that do not kill a person make him stronger. This is especially true for people who often come into contact with criminals.

  • "I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be". In this statement, the main character noted that he would be what he needed for his native Gotham. The phrase emphasizes that Batman loves his city.

The main character believed that people underestimate the truth. A person deserves more, especially if a person believes in something. All this requires a reward. There is too much evil in the world around us for which people get money. The character did not want to change the whole society. He was always interested only in his city of Gotham.


Batman sign
Batman sign

Batman is a character that is known to almost the whole world. He helps professionals to clean the streets of his native city from criminals. Bandits are poisoning Gotham. The protagonist is constantly faced with killers whose strength is several times greater than his own. This causes fear. However, Batman is used to dealing with this feeling. That is why the character's statements are valued in the world.

His famous line, "This town needs a hero," allowed the audience to notice other Batman sayings as well. Every year new films about this character are released. DC first showed Batman in 1939. Therefore, superhero quotes are becoming more and more. Thanks to the creators of Batman, people began to use his phrases in their daily lives. Also onbig speeches of business coaches a person can hear the expressions of this superhero.