Lottery "Billion on New Year's Eve"
Lottery "Billion on New Year's Eve"

Video: Lottery "Billion on New Year's Eve"

Video: Lottery "Billion on New Year's Eve"
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New Year's Eve is the time when everyone believes in a miracle, although they are no longer children. This is a great time to try your luck in lotteries and believe in magic. A lottery ticket is a great gift for the holidays, because the biggest jackpots and various prizes are played on New Year's Eve.

The Russian Lotto lottery has prepared a surprise for everyone, namely, prizes worth one billion rubles will be raffled off in the New Year's draw. The sale of tickets for the billion lottery is already underway and will continue until 09.00 (Moscow time) on 2018-01-01. Of course, you should hurry up to buy a ticket, because the winning chance can be bought earlier.

lottery billion
lottery billion

Facts about the Russian Lotto game

“Russian Lotto” is a favorite game of many, the first draw of which was held about 24 years ago, millions of people became winners, and more than 7 billion rubles were drawn over the past five years.

The Russian Lotto lottery is trusted by many because it has been running for many years, and broadcasts are always on TV. Other lotteries cannot boast of this.

The largest jackpot in Russia was recentlywas drawn in November 2017 in this particular lottery, and it amounted to more than 500 million rubles.

New Year's prizes from "Russian Lotto"

The prize fund of the New Year's holiday lottery will be more than 1 billion rubles. The lottery has prepared a lot of prizes, among which in the 1212 New Year's draw there are:

  • jackpot (expected to be more than 500 million rubles). The main prize can be won by one person or several;
  • 50 houses;
  • multiple cash prizes.

The Billion Lottery Jackpot Will Be Drawn All Forcibly. If the main winner is not determined, then all the funds will be distributed among all the winning tickets, which means that all cash prizes will increase.

Live broadcast of the lottery "Billion on New Year's Eve" from "Russian Lotto" will be held on January 1, 2018 at 20.00 on the NTV channel. In addition to the draw itself, there will be a whole show with interesting stories and people who are the winners of the lottery.

The good news is that every second ticket will be the winner, as the chance of winning is 1 in 2.37. At the end, only two kegs will remain in the bag.

Lottery one billion rubles
Lottery one billion rubles

How to win?

What do you need to do to win the New Year's Billion Lottery? Of course, you need to buy a lottery ticket. The ticket price is only 100 rubles. Such a small amount by today's standards can make someone a millionaire.

There are two fields in the lottery ticket, each with 15 numbers, i.e. 30 in totalnumbers on one ticket. All tickets already have ready-made combinations, which are all different for one draw. Substitution of any numbers is not provided.

To increase the chances of winning, you should buy more tickets, preferably with different combinations, so that they do not repeat. For example, the Stoloto website provides a special function, and you can buy tickets with all numbers from 1 to 90.

Game Rules

The rules of the lottery are known to many, but to refresh our memory, we recall.

The drawing of prizes is held in the TV studio, where the audience and the draw commission are located. The commission is needed to check the availability of all kegs from 1 to 90 and complete the draw by signing the protocol and confirming the correctness of the draw.

After checking the kegs by the draw commission, the presenter puts all the kegs in a special bag and takes them out one by one, announcing each number. In total, there are several rounds in the lottery, 3 main and additional:

  1. First round. Winning tickets are those in which 5 numbers will be closed in one of the horizontal lines first.
  2. Second round. The winners are those whose tickets matched all 15 numbers first in the same playing field with extended kegs. The jackpot is won by the one who has matched 15 numbers out of 30 in the ticket in the first 15 moves.
  3. Third round. Winnings are taken by those in whose tickets all 30 numbers matched first.
  4. Additional tour. It does not always happen, it is called "Kubyshka". To become the winner of this round, it is necessary that all the undrawn numbers be in the same field. Also giving away prizesby ticket numbers.

The biggest prizes are won in the first two rounds.

billion lottery tickets
billion lottery tickets

Where to buy tickets?

The main question is where to buy tickets to take part in the New Year's draw. Tickets for the New Year's draw from the Russian Lotto billion lottery can be purchased in several ways:

  1. On the Stoloto website. To do this, you need to register on the site and buy a ticket using the payment systems Yandex. Money, WebMoney, bank cards, Qiwi, etc. On the site, you can choose tickets with your favorite numbers or all numbers from 1 to 90.
  2. Through the usual Stoloto mobile application. You just need to install the mobile application on your phone.
  3. By sending a message to the short number 9999, which should contain the text "RL". So far, you can send a message only from phones of Russian operators.
  4. branches of Rostelecom) or at lottery kiosks.

Where can I find out about the results of the draw?

If there is no time to watch the draw on TV, then the results can be found in the following ways:

  • On the website of Stoloto and Lottonews. The results are published within ten days after the relevant draw. You can check it in the draw archive or by ticket number.
  • By phone 777 or+7 499 27-027-27.
  • Via mobile app.
  • Point of sale, lottery kiosks.
  • In the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" the results are published every week on Wednesday.
  • New Year's Eve Billion Lottery
    New Year's Eve Billion Lottery

How to win?

Methods of receipt depend on the amount of winnings:

  • Points of sale and lottery kiosks can win up to 2 thousand rubles.
  • You can transfer winnings to the Stoloto wallet, which is less than 100 thousand rubles.
  • You can transfer to your personal account winnings, which is more than 100 thousand rubles. To do this, you need to send a certain package of documents to the address of the Stoloto trading house.
  • A win of more than 1 million rubles is paid out only in person.

New Year's Billion 2017

Last year, the amount of a billion rubles was played for the first time in the State Lottery "4 out of 20". The New Year's show was held on December 31, 2016 on the NTV channel. The result was: 9 new millionaires and over 1 million winners. The total winnings amounted to about 300 million rubles, but the winner of the main prize was not determined. Super prize moved to the next draw.

New Year's lottery for a billion
New Year's lottery for a billion

In conclusion

To play or not to play, to try your luck or not - it's up to you. But when, if not in the New Year, to believe a miracle? In addition, this is a great opportunity to have fun on January 1 of the new year 2018.