Is it possible to win the lottery? How to calculate lottery winnings? Probability of winning the lottery
Is it possible to win the lottery? How to calculate lottery winnings? Probability of winning the lottery

Video: Is it possible to win the lottery? How to calculate lottery winnings? Probability of winning the lottery

Video: Is it possible to win the lottery? How to calculate lottery winnings? Probability of winning the lottery
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Opinions about whether it is possible to win the lottery differ markedly. Some are firmly convinced that this is real, while others believe that there is no chance. Someone thinks that any game in the lottery is just money thrown to the wind, while others cite information about the numerous winnings of people from different parts of the world as counterarguments. Whom to listen to, whom to trust? Is it worth investing hard-earned money in tickets, or is it better to spend this money on something tasty, pleasant, not associated with risk, but at the same time not alluring with the prospect of winning?

Is it possible, is it possible?

If you ask others if it is possible to win the lottery, they will answer that it is absolutely guaranteed, quite likely and real, you just need to do everything correctly. But what exactly needs to be done correctly, there are already a lot of tips. Some, for example, recommend always choosing numbers from a specific range, while othersthink they should do the opposite. Some are firmly convinced that everyone who listens to their advice will win. Others assure: you can get a win only if you act on your own, without listening to other people's recommendations. Who to trust?

For a long time, mankind has been passionate about games. There are those where chance does not solve anything. For example, in chess everything is ruled by the law of strategy, and the participants fight for victory, clearly aware of the consequences of each of their actions. There are also games in which luck and chance determine the outcome. These are poker, card games, "Settlers" and many others. Which variant are the games promoted by the lottery business?

how to win the lottery
how to win the lottery

Play or profit?

If you ask a gambling specialist if it is possible to win the lottery, he will surely answer yes. In addition, such an experienced person will make a reservation: games of this type are suitable only for those who consider participation as entertainment. If the lottery is initially estimated as a source of profit, you should not even start, nothing good will come of it.

It should be noted that any games that involve money are fairly well distributed on the scale of randomness. The lottery is such a money game in which the main power belongs to chance. As you can see from watching the development of this business, there are many people who are happy to try their luck at the kiosks and specialize in selling tickets.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to win the lottery is usually positive. Here's how professionals explain it: the creators of lotteries, enterprises operating in this area, sellers clearly depend on the interest of the public. The more people believe in the probability of winning, the more participants there will be, the more the company will be able to earn.

If the probability of winning is zero, if no one has ever met the person who won the lottery in person, it is likely that such a game will not be very popular. The profits of lottery companies are clearly determined by the lack of human control over the probability of winning. The players, realizing that winning is possible, but not having the resources to control the result, diligently buy ticket after ticket.

About the sequence

Why is the chance of winning the lottery so low? Imagine two situations:

  • lotto gives the host numbers from one to four;
  • shows a sequence of unrelated digits (e.g. 9-1-6-4).

If you ask an outside observer which of the two combinations of numbers is more likely, the person will most likely answer that the second. But therein lies the key error of reasoning. The fact is that any sequence drops out with the same degree of possibility.

On the one hand, the probability that a combination of consecutive numbers will fall out (for example, 1-2-3-4) seems almost equal to zero. Throwing such numbers, say, on a dice, and even one after another, is almost impossible. But the secret is that the probability of throwing out any other sequence for a person is as small asordered.

Whatever the result of the dice roll, it is always unpredictable and has no logic. To an outside observer, it seems that ordered roll outcomes are less likely, so people tend to choose chaotic sequences. The basic error in this case is a misunderstanding of the correspondence of probabilities.

Probability of winning the lottery
Probability of winning the lottery

What is the difficulty of the lottery?

The probability of winning the lottery is extremely small, because each ticket is a certain exact sequence of some numbers. If a person could choose the combinations himself, his chances of success might be higher. Instead, there is only the opportunity to determine what you like the most from the already pre-composed sequences.

Of course, people are more likely to choose random jumbles of numbers because they seem more promising. In practice, you have to bet on one row and there is absolutely no way to choose a more likely and successful one. For all combinations, the probability of becoming a winning one is the same and categorically small.

About "Russian Lotto"

Is it possible to win the Russian Lotto lottery or any other? To some extent, yes. It is necessary to take into account the features and technical aspects of the process. In "Russian Lotto" a certain winning amount is determined, which is then divided between persons who, following the results of the drawing, have the right to a premium.

To win a significant amount, you need to be the only person who correctly indicates the number that gives a profit. For this you canfocus on a sequence that does not attract other people, because any order of numbers has an equal chance of becoming a winning one.

Accordingly, the choice in no way affects a person's ability to become successful. This strategy only determines how much the person will get if the "stars align". According to some, the strategy of focusing on rows that are unattractive to the majority is the only one that works in this area.

Big bet

It seems that everything is clear with how to win a large amount in the lottery: you just need to bet on a numerical series with consecutive numbers. That is, the combination 1-2-3-4-5 and so on is perhaps the most successful and successful. But not everything is so obvious. The fact is that it seems to many that it is she who is the most unused. As a result, everything happens exactly the opposite: it is on this ordered series that the majority stops, who want to get a big win.

In general, all those people who play the lottery are divided into two key groups. Some prefer to choose rows with a fixed order, others fear them like fire. On the one hand, it seems that few people stop at a fixed number, which means that the chances of getting good money if successful are great. But a lot of people seem to be talking about it. A vicious circle is formed.

A person talks the way he talks, trying to spread it to other participants. In order not to worry once again because of a headache, you can simply exclude fixed sequences fromhis life in the lotteries. If a player determines some random sequence, the probability that the other one will stop at it is relatively small.

Of course, the above-described system of thinking that others think in a similar way also works here, you can’t get away from it, but the variety of sequences is much greater than a single fixed series, and this “saves” the situation to some extent.

it is possible to win the instant lottery
it is possible to win the instant lottery

Are all numbers good?

From the above, it is clear how to win a large amount in the lottery. You need to bet on the row that is least used by others and hope that it will become a source of good profit. But not everything is so simple. According to some, the most used numbers are from 32 to 34. Accordingly, it is recommended to choose your row so that it does not contain these numbers. The popularity of these numbers is due to the fact that they are very close to the dates, but they are not them, so they often come to people's minds.

Experienced lottery players advise avoiding numbers up to 13. They are used by many very often. On the other hand, taking advantage of the advice and recommendation, there is a risk of being in the group of those who were guided by the same rule. Accordingly, the probability of success is sharply reduced. In a word, the main idea of winning is to think and, having guessed how the audience will behave, act differently. Only in this way can one count on some kind of successful chance.

Choosing Numbers: Curious Tips

There are experienced players whoknow exactly how to buy a winning lottery ticket to make great financial returns. They advise choosing numbers based on their personal data: full name, date of birth. For example, it is customary to consider numbers that reflect the date of birth, month, obviously lucky. You can add up all the numbers that make up the year of birth, and get a new one, which is reasonable to bet on in the lottery. You can count the numbers of the letters that make up the initials, alphabetically, and use them to compose your series.

Some rules

If you turn to some resources, tips on lottery systems, you can find out what rules are followed by people experienced in this matter. For example, many believe that tickets should only be purchased on the day of the month that corresponds to a birthday. The first two days of the week are considered the happiest, and you need to buy a ticket strictly in the first half, before noon.

If at this time it was not possible to buy a ticket, then the purchase is sent on any of the last two days of the week in the afternoon. It is advisable to wear black and use a minimal variety of jewelry. Signs are advised to avoid yellow and red shades in their appearance. Even underwear is recommended to take black. If it is not in the wardrobe, use the darkest colors.

Many confidently assert that any stripes, checks, peas and other prints scare away good luck. Experienced people advise avoiding new things on the day of buying a ticket. If you can’t do without jewelry, then put on a smallpendant and chain made of silver. Gold must be strictly excluded. Inside, a simple sewing pin is attached to the collar to attract good luck. The subject is placed head down.

Possible to win the lottery
Possible to win the lottery

"Stoloto" and signs

Experienced people, speaking about whether it is possible to win the Stoloto lottery, pay attention: this is real if you eat right. For example, on the day you buy a lottery ticket, you should include fruit in your diet. According to experienced people in this matter, there are even special nutrition programs that lure good luck.

It is recommended not to eat garlic and beets on the day of ticket purchase. It is believed that luck can turn away from those who drank milk or ate something made from it. Eggs and meat give the opposite positive effect. For the benefit of a person who wants to attract good luck, there will be fruits.

By the way, "Stoloto" includes all lotto games ("Bingo", "Russian Lotto"), which are published by Stoloto Trading House JSC. Everyone has the same principle of the game - choose 5 out of 35, 6 out of 45 or 7 out of 49. By the way, it is the last option that is often called the actual "Stoloto".

No greed

If a person has learned by experience whether it is possible to win the instant lottery, and got something, you should not want too much. According to experienced people, three victories in a row is a sufficient period that requires mandatory rest. If you do not pause, no signs and advice will help.

As many people thinkLottery connoisseurs, luck is a very capricious lady who does not tolerate being exploited. She in no way cooperates with those who seek profit, so luck rarely comes to those who are too keen on gambling. Buying tickets occasionally, following all the rules and recommendations, you can surely please yourself with some kind of winnings - although perhaps small ones.

You and me: is there a lucky one?

If you ask a random passerby if it is possible to win a billion in the lottery, most likely the person will answer in the negative. Rapid enrichment is a scenario that seems unrealistic to most, and frankly frightens others. On the other hand, people are constantly buying tickets hoping to win. True, statistical studies show that almost everyone who somehow received good sums through such games, after a while, becomes significantly poorer. Psychologists have often thought about why this happens. The pattern is clear and obvious, but it was not so easy to justify it.

The story of Begrakyan, who arrived in the Russian capital from Armenia in 2001, is rather curious and illustrative in this aspect. Without thinking about how to calculate the winnings in the lottery, the man simply decided to try his luck - and became the owner of one hundred million (in rubles). He managed to guess six out of 45 numbers. For about a month, he actively hid from the public, and then began to give interviews. The man bought a car and an apartment, gave housing to his sister, cars to his father and friend. For some time he lived comfortably, doing charity work andgave money to friends. Deciding to increase the amount, the man invested in stocks. Here, luck failed him, and soon he had to part with an impressive amount.

Win big in the lottery
Win big in the lottery

Stories: not only here

Some say that the percentage of lottery winners in Western countries is higher than ours. However, both here and there it is quite low. Nevertheless, there is a case when a woman managed to become the winner twice. At first she was lucky for five million dollars, then - a million less. She admitted that happiness from winning is not as much as it seems to the public. Just a year - and she no longer has anything left of what she won. The woman lives in a trailer and leads a very simple, no-frills life. She says that winning was a disaster for her. Surrounding tried to ask at least something. For many of our contemporaries, saying no is rather difficult. This is exactly what happened to the winner.

Another American, Proxmire, after calculating combinations in the lottery, received a win in the state lottery program. With his family, he moved to another region, where he began selling cars. It took them about five years to try to develop the business, which ended in absolute collapse and bankruptcy.

Another interesting story is about Post (Baby). In 1988, he received 16.5 million dollars, and today he is fed by philanthropists and has nothing. He recalls his victory as a nightmare. The woman who was his girlfriend in those days immediately went to court, demanding part of the money for herself. Then lawsuits rained down on the man from all sides. The brother was arrested for trying to hire an assassin to steal the winnings. Others begged for money without giving a moment's rest.

Opportunity to win the housing lottery
Opportunity to win the housing lottery


If stories about “poor thinking” don't scare you away, like the many examples of those who couldn't achieve happiness despite money, it's worth trying to catch luck by the tail. As experienced people say, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to win the Housing Lottery is one: it is really real. True, the probability is very small. The housing lottery is different in that in addition to the cash prize fund, real estate is raffled off. For 100 rubles (ticket price) you can become the owner of a residential cottage, the equivalent of which is 500 thousand rubles. In the last, 324th draw, 25 houses were drawn.

The lottery will never become a source of regular profit. The company that organizes it always remains in the black. And yet there is a chance of victory. There are state lotteries in our country. Those who wish to purchase tickets, note the numbers and wait for the draw, then check the matches. The more guessed numbers, the more the person gets. In Russia, there is a law that stipulates the possibility of the existence of only state lotteries. Since 2014, the state has become a monopoly in this area. Desiring individuals, even with enough money, cannot start a business in this area.

Lotteries are organized by two ministries: finance and sports. They have several firms from which the Ministry purchases services. It doesn't print anything by itself.publishes, hired people are busy with all this. The drawing takes place according to one of three algorithms.

There are instant lotteries, the winnings from which can be found right at the point of purchase. You just need to erase the protective layer and evaluate what is written. If the combination is winning, the person gets something. Another option is to play on the computer. Once or several times a day, a program is launched that gives out winning numbers. They are published. If a person bought a ticket, he checks the numbers.

Finally, the third option is the lottery machine. The draw is usually shown live. You can come to the center and see the process in person. This is where the biggest gains are. But the smallest ones are in instant lotteries.

It is possible to win the stoloto lottery
It is possible to win the stoloto lottery

Numbers and money

The idea of the lottery is that it is organized with the money of participants who purchase tickets. Neither investors nor the budget are involved in the formation of the prize fund. At the same time, only half of the money spent by citizens is used to generate winnings. The rest is spent on servicing the lottery and in state revenue.

All participants in total can receive as much as there is in the prize pool. If one hundred people guess the correct combinations, the winnings will be divided between them.