Envy: quotes, catchphrases, aphorisms and sayings

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Envy: quotes, catchphrases, aphorisms and sayings
Envy: quotes, catchphrases, aphorisms and sayings

Video: Envy: quotes, catchphrases, aphorisms and sayings

Video: Envy: quotes, catchphrases, aphorisms and sayings
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Looking for an interesting saying about envy? Quotes, aphorisms, catchphrases? Do you want to understand what causes envious feelings in people, how they are expressed and is there a way to resist this? Reading quotes and sayings about envy, sayings and aphorisms about it, you will be able to find answers to all these interesting and important questions.

Envy is a negative emotion that can eat many from the inside. This is an unhe althy trait of a person's character, it does not allow anyone to move forward, since the envious person is able to focus only on the success of others. He cannot focus on his goals and achievements, so he is unlikely to be able to achieve at least some success in life.

girls envy
girls envy

There is a Buddhist term "mudita", it means favor or selfless joy that a person can experience with the success of others. If we learn to change envy into such sympathy, our life can change radically, turning previously negative emotions into positive ones. After all, selfless joy forothers do not slow down, but, on the contrary, motivate and inspire. Therefore, below will be offered for reading some thoughts about envious people, about envy and gossip, which must be reckoned with when meeting them on the path of life.

Aphorisms about envy

What is envy? Quotes and aphorisms about her reveal the essence of the phenomenon.

  • One should not seek or desire another's misfortune. If malice or envy were made tangible and had a form, then it would definitely be the form of a boomerang.
  • Envious people and just stupid people will never be able to understand the motives that guide outstanding minds. That is why when they notice a couple of superficial contradictions, they immediately seize on them.
  • If you are taught life by a person who has not achieved anything, do not listen to his advice. It's envy in him.
  • Schadenfreude is when other people's troubles please even more than their own successes.
  • Don't be jealous, you can't know for sure how it will end.
envy quotes
envy quotes

Envy is a bad feeling

Quotes and sayings about envy and envious people help to understand their condition.

  • Envy always perishes in someone else's joy, hates any superiority it cannot achieve.
  • Sincere admiration never loosens the tongue, but, on the contrary, fetters it.
  • An envious person torments himself more than his enemies.
  • This is one of those rare terms that doesn't even have an antonym.
  • Envy is a sign of low self-esteem.
  • People can be divided into two types. Firstenjoy their life. The latter look at the former and are just jealous.
quotes about envy
quotes about envy

Sayings about envy

Here are some more interesting quotes about people's envy:

  • An envious person has a gun. Only it always explodes in the hands of the target.
  • Envy doesn't have a day off.
  • You should always be in a good mood. Feel better, and envious people suffer.
  • When a person is in love, he looks at others through a telescope. And when a person is jealous - through a microscope.
  • Very often, when a person desires someone else's, he loses his own.
  • Envy is the side of hate. Her path is dark and devastated.
  • If you focus on yourself and your business, there will be no room for envy.
  • All sins are pleasurable to some extent. Envy alone has nothing to do with pleasure.
  • Selfless people are extremely rare. And envious people are waiting on every corner.
  • Hate is when you actively dislike someone. And envy is the same dislike, only passive.
  • All my friends really want to marry me as soon as possible. It's because they can't get over when someone feels good.

Sayings of great people about envy

  • Don't overestimate what you got and don't be jealous of others. Otherwise, you will never find peace.
  • Constantly envious are those people who, due to whims and their vanity, want to achieve success in everything and at once. They will always have someone to envy, because it is impossible that many people at least somewherethey were not outnumbered.
  • We want to have all the benefits before the rest. This is envy.
  • Popular writers are somehow rarely popular among writers.
quotes about envy and gossip
quotes about envy and gossip

Saying and quotes about envy and gossip help to understand how much this is in our lives.

  • For one good person who sincerely wishes us success and joy, there are hundreds who cannot accept our success.
  • Envy is not able to hide: it blames and judges without evidence, inflates other people's shortcomings, raises even the most insignificant mistake to a crime. She is able to pounce on the most undeniable human virtues with stupid incredible fury.
  • An envious person cannot find peace when he sees someone else's happiness. But when he notices misfortune, he becomes calm.

Catch phrases about envy

  • No need to accumulate grudge against those who try to keep you. Because the higher you are able to go, the smaller these people become. You cannot trust those who seek to push you when you are trying to get up. The more envious these people are, the more dangerous they become.
  • Nothing in the world can stop a gossiper. And envious.
  • If you hear obvious flattery, run. An envious person is talking to you.
  • In the wrong hands, even bread crumbs look like a whole loaf.
envy bad feeling quotes
envy bad feeling quotes

A little more about envious people and envy:

  • Envious people are always in a bad mood. They suffer not onlytheir failures, but also the success of others.
  • Envy is poison for the soul and heart.
  • True love doesn't know what play and coquetry are. And true friendship should not know what envy and gloating are.

Wise thoughts and proverbs about envy

  • Who can protect himself from evil envious people in this world? The higher a person rises in the concept of his fellow citizens, the more significant and significant the post he has occupied, the more quickly he is made a target for envy. As a result, whole oceans of dirt and a sea of slander are spilled on him.
  • Only that person thinks he is free from the feeling of envy who has not been able to examine himself.
  • Compassion is when you grieve over someone else's misfortune. Envy is when you grieve for someone else's happiness.

And finally, a few proverbs about envy:

  • Rust will always eat iron. And the envious person is eaten by his temper.
  • People who are always short of everything, not only do not know how to be happy for themselves, but also know how to darken their joy for others.
  • The participation of one whom no one can envy is unenviable.
  • The weak and unfortunate are always pitied, but envy still needs to be earned.