How to find a story book: different ways

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How to find a story book: different ways
How to find a story book: different ways

Video: How to find a story book: different ways

Video: How to find a story book: different ways
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It is often a common situation when a person read a book a long time ago, as a child, and he really liked it. Now I want to refresh it in my memory again, but the name has already been forgotten. And he wonders how to find a story book?

Employees of the New York Public Library even ran a marathon: they found 48 books in two hours at the request of readers. At the same time, all that was known was an approximate retelling of the plot, the names of the characters or the description of the cover. Surprisingly, librarians were able to do this with the help of a search engine.

This is a very efficient way, you just need to drive all the known information into the line. So, how to find a book by describing the plot, if the reader has a very vague idea of the book, the title has long been out of his head? What to do in this case? Let's try to figure it out.

There are several ways to find a book by plot description. Namely:

  • by fragment;
  • by keyword.
Keyword Search
Keyword Search

Search bysnippet

Finding a book by plot description will be very easy if any part of it is known verbatim: the first line, some passage of text. In this case, you just need to enter a known fragment in any search engine and select the desired option.

If nothing works, you can try to remove some of the text or enclose it in quotation marks. Then only those results that exactly repeat the query will be displayed.


They will also help you find the right book. It is better to choose nouns that will somehow describe the plot. For example:

  1. History, Patriotic War.
  2. Aliens, future.
  3. Schoolchildren, schooling, graduation.
  4. Horror, vampires.
  5. Love novel.

Finding a book by describing the plot in this way will not be difficult, the result of such a search may pleasantly surprise you. A book or film adaptation based on it will be found. Sometimes even minor indirect signs can speed up the process.

The main thing, sorting through the known information in memory, to squeeze the maximum out of it. The more nouns that characterize the book, the better. Useful information about the plot, genre, author's name, cover. A vivid quote used in the book will be of great value.

Do not be afraid to try different options, because this will increase the likelihood of a positive result.

how to find a story book
how to find a story book

Book Search Engines

They can significantly speed up the search. You need to do it the same way - with the help ofkeywords, phrases or quotes.

You can choose the language or set the publication period of the book. If there is such a function, then it will also be possible to detect newspapers and magazines.

Nouns that can be individually contained in any source can be effective. To do this, just write them together and put in quotes.

For example, to search for a cycle of works by D. Emets "Tanya Grotter" you can enter in the line: double bass, vacuum cleaner, school. Then the name of this series will be displayed.

And if the service did not help?

In this case, you can use the search manually. It is worth writing about your problem on forums and social networks. In doing so, also provide all available information. There are even special sections for finding books in such groups.

It has been proven in practice that it is also easy to find a book by describing the plot: fantasy, thriller, drama, anything, even a rare work. After all, the post will be seen by a large number of people.

Book search engines
Book search engines

Books in English

Of course, literary works written in a foreign language will be much more difficult to find. If only because few people have a sufficient level of it to describe the known data.

First you need to formulate keywords and translate them into English. Then turn to book search engines, and then to forums and groups. You can ask someone who knows the language better. After all, mistakes can complicate the search process.