The series of the 90s "The rich also cry": actors and roles

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The series of the 90s "The rich also cry": actors and roles
The series of the 90s "The rich also cry": actors and roles

Video: The series of the 90s "The rich also cry": actors and roles

Video: The series of the 90s "The rich also cry": actors and roles
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The Mexican series "The Rich Also Cry", whose actors are still remembered in Russia, appeared on TV screens back in 1979. In our country, it was broadcast for almost a year from November 1991. Then the Soviet public was not spoiled by Latin American short stories. Slave Izaura was shown first in the USSR, and the magnificent story about Marianne and Luis Alberto was next, it forever changed the serial industry all over the world. Soviet citizens, young and old, literally lived a fascinating telenovela for a whole year. The events of the series were discussed everywhere. This has never happened before in the country.

the rich also cry actors
the rich also cry actors

The show was almost canceled

On November 18, 1991, the management of the Ostankino TV channel decided to make a trial showing of the new Mexican series "The Rich Also Cry". It was planned for 4 days (morning and evening) to air the first 8 episodes, 25 eachminutes each. There was no particular excitement around the telenovela, and the show was suspended. But a week later, hundreds of letters began to arrive at the address of the channel with a request to resume broadcasting, which was done a week before the new 1992. It was a resounding success.

The series "The rich also cry": actors

The plot of the series is built around a simple girl Marianna, who, after the death of her father, is driven out of the house by her stepmother. The heroine gets from the village to the big city of Mexico City and, with the help of the priest Padre Adrian, gets a job as a servant in a rich house. It is there that she meets Luis Alberto (the son of the owners) and falls in love with him. Before the happy reunion, the heroes will face many trials, but the audience will have a happy ending.

the rich also cry series actors
the rich also cry series actors

Roles in the telenovela played by:

  1. Veronica Castro (Marianna Villereal).
  2. Rogelio Guerra (Luis Alberto Salvotierra).
  3. Alicia Rodriguez (Elena Salvotierra).
  4. Marilou Elisage (Elena Salvotierra II).
  5. Edith Gonzalez (Marisabelle).
  6. Rocio Bankels (Esther).
  7. August Benedico (Don Alberto Salvotierra).
  8. Aurora Claveli (Choli's mom).
  9. Yolanda Merede (Ramona).
  10. Raphael Bankels (Father Adrian).
  11. Christian Bach (Joana).
  12. Guillermo Capetille (Beto).
  13. Marina Darel (Sarah Gonzalez) and others

"The rich also cry": actors then and now

What happened to your favorite artists? The fate of the actors of the series "The Rich Toocrying." Some went on to careers in the film industry, others devoted themselves to their families.

Veronica Castro - the favorite of the audience - is still considered one of the most successful Latin American artists. She never married, but raised two beautiful children who are also famous in their country.

the rich also cry actors and roles
the rich also cry actors and roles

Rogelio Guerra left his film career in 2013. He teaches acting and sculpture. Among the actors of the series "The Rich Also Cry", he was especially loved by the female representatives. The artist has starred in more than 100 films and TV shows, not only in Latin America, but also in American production. It was he who dubbed his first works for English-speaking viewers.

the rich also cry actors and roles
the rich also cry actors and roles

Edith Gonzalez and Guillermo Capetillo, who played the children of the main characters, devoted themselves entirely to their families and are no longer acting.

Alicia Rodriguez, who perfectly embodied the role of Luis Alberto's mother, never took the profession of an actress seriously. She devoted herself to social activities and was even nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1997.

Rocio Bankels, who played the scheming Esther, continues her successful film career.

the rich also cry actors then and now
the rich also cry actors then and now

Remake of the series

In 1996, a new version of the beloved story was shown with the Mexican actress Thalia in the title role of "Maria la del barrio". But he had no serious success.

In 2005, Brazil wasfilmed a remake of the series "The rich also cry." The actors and the roles they played in the new production did not make a strong impression on the audience.

In 2012, rumors began to circulate about the filming of a new version of the novel with Russian actress Sofya Kashtanova in the title role. She has been living in Mexico since the age of 8 and speaks excellent Spanish. Some viewers perceive the news with irony, while others are sincerely waiting for the show to be shown.

Interesting facts about the painting "The rich also cry"

The actors at the time of filming were sometimes 10 years older than the characters in the script. Rogelio Guerra at 43 played 30-year-old Luis Alberto. Alicia Rodriguez wonderfully embodied the role of the womanizer's mother, although the actress was only 44 years old. Veronica Castro played an 18-year-old girl at the age of 27. Intriguer Esther in the story is 25 years old, and the artist who played her was only 19.

An interesting story happened when the famous Esther and Marianne fight scene was filmed. The young actress Rocio Bankels could not bring herself to hit Veronica Castro, and the latter had to try hard to piss her off. As a result, the blow came unexpectedly and with such force that the scene looks very believable.

And even though a lot of time has passed since those distant 90s, the series will forever be remembered by Russian viewers. He became a kind of classic Latin American TV series. They really loved the novel and waited for the show of each series, which was a real grief to miss. Songs based on the series were written, photos taken from the TV screen were sold.