Anita Blake novel series by Laurel Hamilton

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Anita Blake novel series by Laurel Hamilton
Anita Blake novel series by Laurel Hamilton

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Video: Anita Blake novel series by Laurel Hamilton
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The first book in the Anita Blake series of short stories by American horror writer Laurel Hamilton was published over 20 years ago, but the cycle is still being read. The author pleases fans with new works almost every year (more than 25 parts have already been released) and is not going to finish, at least official sources are silent about this.

Anita Blake
Anita Blake

Biography of the writer

Laurel Hamilton, born in 1963, grew up in the small village of Sims, Indiana.

Father left them with her mother when the girl was a few months old. But the tests of the baby did not end there. When she was 6 years old, her mother died in an accident while returning from work in the evening. Since then, Laurel has lived with her grandparents.

Relationships in the family were difficult. Grandfather doted on his granddaughter, while beating his grandmother. Maybe that's why the writer has characters in her imagination that combine tenderness with cruelty. This is how Laurel remembered her grandfather, who, in spite of everything, is veryloved.

The author graduated from college with a degree in Biology and English Literature. She led the normal life of an average American woman: she worked in the Xerox office, got married, had a baby.

Laurel began to write at the age of 12 for her pleasure. Her first fantasy novel, The Witch's Vow, was not well known. But the first book in the cycle about the fearless Anita, published in 1993, caused a sensation among fans of action movies in the horror genre. Since then, all fans of this genre know the name Laurel Hamilton. The famous cycle has been going on for 26 years now. Of course, the first books in it are strikingly different from the novels published in recent years … But the fact that they are still being read is a fact.

The plot of the cycle

"Anita Blake" is a series of books about the young woman Anita. At the start of the series, she is 24 years old. The heroine is an animator and makes a living by raising zombies for money. In Anita's world, this is a completely legal way to make money. The fact is that several countries, including America, have legalized vampirism, and now bloodsuckers are just as law-abiding citizens as everyone else. Although Anita knows the difference, she's been their exterminator for several years and has seen a lot.

Anita Blake books
Anita Blake books

It so happened that fate pushed the girl with the oldest vampire in the city (Master). The monster needed Anita Blake for her ability to raise zombies. Someone is killing vampires, there is a witness and he needs to be "revived" and interrogated.

The heroine is very impulsive and has absolutely no control overdiplomacy. She manages to turn the Master of the City against her by refusing to cooperate. Then the vampires take hostage the girl's friend - Katherine. Anita, in fear for her, agrees to help. This event can be considered the beginning of the entire Laurel Hamilton series.

Anita Blake not only emerges victorious from battles with monsters every time, but also discovers new skills and abilities. This is also due to Jean-Claude, a vampire who is linked by marks with the heroine. They will have many adventures, battles, love stories with the acquisition of allies and enemies.

Anita herself will be involved in several romances throughout the series, none of them with a human. Werewolves, vampires, fairies, sorcerers - that's who surrounds her. This is her world. She is comfortable with monsters and knows the rules.

Who is she? Also a monster and a sociopath or still a man? This question constantly torments the heroine of the book. You will not meet Anita Blake among friends in a club, shop, cinema. She can't live a normal life. Throughout the cycle, she loses close human friends due to their mistrust of her. Anita is increasingly immersed in the world of monsters. But he is no longer the same for her. Among the monsters are now her loved ones and friends. This is exactly what she wants to keep as she fights against anyone who encroaches on her new family.

Hamilton Anita Blake
Hamilton Anita Blake

Main character

Anita is a young girl with many talents. She can raise zombies and sense undead of all kinds.

Living alone and trusting no one. This was facilitated by the early death of the mother and the betrayalbeloved.

The heroine hides the fact that she is a necromancer, trying not to get involved in the affairs of voodoo. She doesn't always succeed.

Anita Blake series
Anita Blake series

The main characters of the series "Anita Blake"

  • Jean-Claude is a 400 year old vampire and Anita's lover.
  • Richard Zeeman - St. Louis werewolf and lover of the main character.
  • Damian is a 1000 year old vampire, Anita's vampire servant and part of her triumvirate of power.
  • Usher is a vampire, the heroine's lover.
  • Jason is a werewolf friend of Anita.
  • Eduard is an assassin and a friend of the heroine.
  • Nathaniel is a wereleopard, part of Anita's power triumvirate.
  • Mika is the heroine's lover and nimirraj leopards.
  • Veronica and Katherine are Anita's friends.

Series based on the cycle

In early 2010, a TV series based on the Anita Blake books was announced. The project was undertaken by the IFC TV channel together with the Canadian media company Lionsgate. Unfortunately, Laurel fans were disappointed. Most likely, there will never be a film adaptation.

Anita Blake books in order
Anita Blake books in order

Since then, there have been many vampire-themed series and films ("Twilight", "True Blood", "The Vampire Diaries"). But it must be admitted, Laurel Hamilton stood at the origins of the popularization of this kind of series.

Maybe the reason for the refusal to shoot the series is the fact that with each book the cycle "Anita Blake" becomes more frank and not a single censorship will allow such a film to be aired. Put awayprovocative scenes without losing the plot is impossible. They are the centerpiece of the story. The fact is that Anita is a succubus (a creature that feeds on the carnal desires of people).

"Anita Blake": books in order

  1. Forbidden Fruit (originally titled Guilty Pleasures).
  2. "The Laughing Corpse".
  3. Circus of the Damned.
  4. The Lunatic Cafe.
  5. Bloody Bones.
  6. The Killing Dance.
  7. "Burnt Offerings".
  8. "Blue Moon" (Blue Moon).
  9. "Obsidian Butterfly".
  10. "Narcissus in Chains".
  11. "Azure sin" (Cerulean sins).
  12. Incubus Dreams.
  13. "Micah".
  14. "Dance of Death" (Danse Macabre).
  15. "The Harlequin".
  16. "Blood Noir".
  17. Those Who Seek Forgiveness.
  18. "The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death".
  19. "Selling Houses".
  20. "Nude" (Skin Trade).
  21. "Flirt".
  22. "Bit your teeth and die" (Bullet).
  23. "Hit List".
  24. Kiss the Dead.
  25. "Beauty" (Beauty).
  26. "Affliction".
  27. "Dance" (Dancing).
  28. "Jason" (Jason).
  29. Dead Ice.
Anita Blake
Anita Blake

The Anita Blake series has gained as many fans over the years as it has lost. Many connoisseurs of the classic action genre with a gothic touch have turned their backs on this story. Unfortunately, there is little left of the detective and amazing vampire fights in the book. Basically, the whole action of the cycle takes place in Anita's bedroom. It's a pity, because it all started very exciting. Some fans are still hoping for the return of "good old" Anita. Well, let's wait and see.