Best Comedy Series. Rating of the best comedy series
Best Comedy Series. Rating of the best comedy series

Video: Best Comedy Series. Rating of the best comedy series

Video: Best Comedy Series. Rating of the best comedy series
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Comedy series are a universal means of dealing with bad mood and stress. Take a break from everyday problems and plunge into another reality. We have compiled a conditional rating of the best comedy series (youth). It looks like this:

  1. "Brooklyn 9-9".
  2. "Black Bookstore".
  3. "Friends".
  4. "Extra class amateur detectives".
  5. "The Big Bang Theory".
  6. "Dirk Gently's Detective Agency".
  7. "Computers".
  8. "Clinic".
  9. "Two broke girls".

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Brooklyn 9-9

Country: USA.

Year: 2013.

One of the best comedy detective series. In the center of the plot is a young policeman Jake Per alto. At heart, the main character is a real child. In the next case, he embarks on an exciting adventure. Filling out paperwork and reporting is definitely not for him. And in his free time, Jake has fun as he can. Needless to say, colleagues and superiors to himare not taken seriously, although he is considered the best employee of the department? Everything in the area changes dramatically with the advent of a new boss. Ray Holt is strict with his subordinates and is used to having everything done exactly as the rules require. The main character clearly does not fit into the image of an ideal worker. What will the conflict between wayward Jake and his conservative boss lead to?

best comedy series
best comedy series

Black's Bookstore

Country: United Kingdom.

Year: 2000.

Probably the best English comedy series ever. A small bookstore is presented to the attention of the audience. Owner Bernard Black is far from being a model salesman. He kicks out customers when he wants to, does not advise anyone, and besides, he likes to drink. Franny's girlfriend and Manny's worker help Bernard run the business. Each of the trinity has its own shortcomings, but together the friends find a way out of any life situation. Stunning English humor and charming characters will not leave the audience indifferent.

youth comedy series
youth comedy series


Country: USA.

Year: 1994.

Cult youth comedy series that has been loved by more than one generation of viewers. The action takes place in New York. The main characters are 6 young people: Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. Throughout the series, they find themselves in awkward situations, enjoy the little things, break up and converge. Also, several love lines unfold in the story. Popular positive sitcom in whichyou will definitely recognize yourself.

Amateur Investigators Extra Class

Country: United Kingdom.

Year: 1971.

This is a cult comedy detective series. Brett and Wilde are friends. Each of them has everything you need for a happy rich life. But at one point they decide to diversify their leisure time and get involved in cases that the police could not resolve. Brett and Wilde partner with a county judge to help solve the most complex and mysterious crimes. Men are extraordinary thinkers and pay attention to details that detectives miss. This is what helps friends make the world a better place.

The Big Bang Theory

Country: USA.

Year: 2007.

"The Big Bang Theory" is the best comedy series about the lives of geniuses. What do you know about modern scientists? Nothing? Then welcome to Sheldon and Leonard. They live and work together at the university. They are joined by friends Howard and Rajesh. Each of the characters is completely unique. But the whole company is united by oddities, complexes, and internal conflicts. Together they play board games, share experiences and discuss work. Everything changes with the arrival of Penny's neighbor. With the arrival of the blonde, the life of the geeks is significantly transformed.

comedy series ratings of the best
comedy series ratings of the best

Dirk Gently's Detective Agency

Country: USA, UK.

Year: 2016.

Another great English comedy series. Todd Brotzman is a classic loser. The young man is constantly missingmoney (and where does it come from, if he works as a hotel bellhop?) Meanwhile, he has to pay rent and medicine for his sister. But one day the situation deteriorates catastrophically. A murder occurs in a hotel, and Todd becomes the suspect. In addition, the hero is fired from work. Then the young man discovers an eccentric guy in his apartment who introduces himself as a detective and says that from now on Brotzman works for him. The further plot is a mixture of mysticism and black humor.

English comedy series
English comedy series


Country: United Kingdom.

Year: 2006.

Interesting youth sitcom about two guys who work in the technical support department of a large company. Roy and Moss' office is in a cramped basement. Moreover, the organization does not favor them too much. Computer scientists are constantly asked for help, but at the same time they pay a tiny salary. Each time the guys face new problems, but they always find a solution. It's only Jen who dispels the anguish in their department. The girl does not like the way her colleagues are treated, and she takes on the mission of saving Roy and Moss. What will come of it?


Country: USA.

Year: 2001.

The action of one of the best comedy series takes place in a hospital in America. Beginning doctors go through a difficult practice. The mentors turn out to be sarcastic and have no plans to help the interns. The staff hates patients and even the janitor mocks newcomers. Only nurses are willing to support traineesand stand up for them in front of the leadership. JD, his friend Chris Turk and a girl with an unusual name Elliot learn to help their patients and provide moral support. The characters gradually become top-notch doctors.

Two broke girls

Country: USA.

Year: 2011.

Max works as a waitress at a diner. She believes that life has failed. The girl can hardly imagine the future. It seems to Max that she will spend the rest of her days in this cafe. The heroine thinks that she will never be lucky. But one day, Caroline gets a job at the diner. The girl thinks positively, despite the hopeless situation. As it turned out, the new waitress had a fortune, but after the father was imprisoned, the family was left without money. Caroline had nowhere to go, and Max invited her to her place. From this moment begins the story of two broke girls. Can they make their lives better?

Best Russian comedy series

Tired of the stereotypes that we don't know how to shoot? We present to your attention the best Russian comedy series:

  • "Family business";
  • "Crisis of tender age";
  • "Street".

Family Business

Young entrepreneur Ilya Ponomarev is making grandiose plans for the future. The main character hopes to quickly earn big money. However, at the most crucial moment, the business owner substitutes an accountant. Ilya is in a hopeless situation. Now the young man is in debt, and there is no longer a source of income. Mainthe hero turns to a friend from the social service to borrow some money. Nikolai offers a bankrupt businessman to take the children from the orphanage. They pay well for patronage, and they also give benefits. Elijah's debt will be frozen. The young man decides to take five tomboys at once, thinking that it will be easy. Children are not angels at all. Will Ilya cope with the upbringing of his charges?

best russian comedy series
best russian comedy series

Crisis of tender age

"Tender Age Crisis" is an interesting comedy series about three friends who are in a hurry to become adults.

Shura is experiencing first love. The heroine is crazy about her teacher, but does not dare to tell him about it. In the end, Podshivalov decides to leave and breaks the girl's heart. The series shows the story of Shura's experiences in all colors. Fortunately, the heroine has friends who help to cope with the blues.

One of them is Yulia Kuzmina. She also doesn't have a good personal life. The girl meets with the policeman and knows that he is cheating on her. But they can't part.

Otherwise things are with Ani Silkina. The heroine thinks about her future career. Today she is an actress, tomorrow she is a journalist, the day after tomorrow she is an artist.

The audience will laugh heartily and remember themselves at a young age.

funny comedy series
funny comedy series


Interesting comedy series about the inhabitants of the sleeping area of a big city. There are housewives, and policemen, and sellers, and athletes. You will surely recognize in one ofcharacters themselves.

The storyline is multifaceted and concerns directly or indirectly all the characters of the series. Unexpected events, ridiculous reworkings of characters will definitely make you smile.

Sitcoms for everyone

Comedy series are also great for family viewing. Who said that they are created only for young people? We present you the ranking of the best comedy series that will appeal to both adults and children:

  • "Sabrina the Teenage Witch";
  • "Alf";
  • "Electronic Adventure";
  • "Hannah Montana";
  • "Ghosts of Hathaway House".

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" (USA, 1996)

This funny comedy series will captivate lovers of magic. The plot revolves around an ordinary, at first glance, girl. Until her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina considers herself an ordinary teenager, until it turns out that she has magical powers (like many in her family). Aunt Hilda and Zelda help the main character on the way to mastering magic. Together with three witches, the talking cat Salem lives in the house (being a man, he tried to gain power over the world, for which he was punished and turned into an animal). With such an eccentric family, it is not easy for a young witch to keep a secret and find a balance between the real world and magic. Will Sabrina be able to learn witchcraft and still live like a normal teenager?

best comedy series foreign
best comedy series foreign

"Alf" (USA, 1986-1990)

Awesomeone of the best foreign comedy series, which many people probably remember. From the distant planet Melmak, a small creature with red hair arrives on Earth. The alien has no choice but to settle in a simple house with an ordinary family. At first, the Tanners are horrified, but then they get used to the guest. The head of the family gives him the name Alf. The stranger kindly responds to him and peacefully gets along with everyone in the house. The audience is captivated by the sincere and open nature of the alien. However, Alpha has his flaws and cosmic habits, which often lead to ridiculous situations. Will earthlings get along with an alien?

"Adventures of electronics" (USSR, 1979)

The good old Soviet classics will appeal to both older and younger family members. A talented professor Gromov is working on creating a robot that would not differ from a person in appearance. The prototype of Electronics is an ordinary schoolboy - Seryozha Syroezhkin (whose photo the scientist sees on the cover of the magazine). But the robot escapes from the professor. By a lucky chance, the electronics collides with Serezha. The robot replaces the boy both at school and at meetings with friends. People around cannot get enough of the changes with Sergey. However, it seems to the boy that everyone has forgotten about him. Then the main character decides to reveal the deception. But the tests for the characters do not end there. Criminal authority Stump wants to steal the robot and use it in his scams. Will the students be able to resist the bandits and protect their new friend?

"Hannah Montana" (USA, 2006)

Love to watch lifecelebrities? Then you will love this family comedy series. Miley Stewart is leading a double life. It seems that she is an ordinary schoolgirl with her own teenage problems. But the main character is not so simple. The girl is the popular pop star Hannah Montana. Miley dedicates only the closest people to her secret. Neither classmates nor neighbors have any idea who is actually next to them. Sometimes Miley finds it difficult to hide her secret. Fortunately, the girl has friends who help out in the most ridiculous situations.

"The Haunting of Hathaway House" (USA, 2013)

Positive, kind, one of the best foreign comedy series about the collision of the Hathaway family with otherworldly phenomena. Michelle and her two daughters move from bustling New York to Louisiana. They settle in a cozy house and are already planning the future. Michelle imagines the family bakery, Taylor (eldest daughter) doing gymnastics, and Frankie looking forward to meeting new friends. But their plans are suddenly interfered with by invisible tenants. The family begins to be frightened by the fading light bulbs and causeless noise. In the house, in addition to Michelle and her daughters, ghosts settled (musician Ray Preston and children Louis and Miles). The spirits are against the new settlers and are trying with all their might to send them out. However, the Hathaway family is not so easy to scare. How will the confrontation between ghosts and new owners end?