Offensive jokes about names

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Offensive jokes about names
Offensive jokes about names

Video: Offensive jokes about names

Video: Offensive jokes about names
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Injurious jokes are very popular among companies. Daring "nicknames" and "name names" are used at school, boys in the yards and even small children in kindergartens. Humor lovers pay special attention to the surnames or first names of the "victim" in order to come up with an offensive joke. And how can you not joke, if the surname just asks for a funny nickname?

My favorite name

When a child is born, parents think long and hard about their name. Try on a surname, patronymic. Usually, mothers like to call their dear children unusual names taken from some movie or actor. Usually these are popular names abroad: Isabella, Aurika, Aristarchus, Leopold. Moms want to single out their beloved baby among his peers, not thinking about the fact that Cleopatra, running among Katya and Nastyushka, looks a bit ridiculous with her majestic name. The child grows up, rotates in a team and will certainly encounter offensive jokes about names. Especially if his name is unusual and defiant. The owners of simple names also have a hard time, for example, Vanya, Anton, Pavlik and Stas. So a suitable rhyme or tongue twister for the name suggests itself.

children joke
children joke

Every name has a bit of a joke

Offensive jokes with names find their way out in sarcastic slogans, cheeky songs or playful rhymes. Name rhymes are popular not only on birthdays. They are loved by wits and bullies to once again find a reason to laugh.

Teasers that begin with the phrase: "If your name is …" are very popular. In the continuation of the poem, any name and an offensive joke are substituted:

  • "If your name is Vova - clumsy as a cow"
  • "If your name is Sveta - skinny as a cigarette"
  • "If your name is Eugene, your ears are like dumplings"
  • "If your name is Irina - this is a terrible picture"
  • "If your name is Sasha, you have a dirty face"
  • "If your name is Serezha, then you have a fat mug"
  • "If your name is Oksana, you look like a monkey"
  • "If your name is Tanya, then the bath is crying behind you"
  • "Your name is Michael?.. It's clear which of us did!"
  • "If your name is Alyosha, you are a holey galosh"
  • "If your name is Andrew - get out quickly!"
  • "If your name is Polina, your skin is like clay."
  • "If your name is Katya, clean under the bed."
  • "Your name is Konstantin - you are such a stupid one!"
  • "If you were named Gena, leave by all means."
  • "If your name is Roma, then you look like a gnome"
  • "If your name is Kolya, then you are clearly an alcoholic."
  • "If your name is Camilla, you have crocodile teeth".
  • "If your name is Denis, get the hell out of here!"
  • "If your name is Tishka, your panties burst".
  • "If your name is Egor, you wet the fence"
  • "If your name is Alenka, then you have brilliant green on your forehead"
  • "If your name is Arina, then you look like a goose"
  • "If you are called Vera, you drink beer without measure."
team jokes
team jokes

Ivanov - that's what you are

The most offensive jokes boys come up with at school. They use not only the first name, but also the last name of the unfortunate. Some surnames do not require special fantasies. They seem to be asking for a funny nickname:

  • Wailing
  • Zhirnova
  • Cerebral
  • Popkova
  • Petushinsky
  • Duritsky
  • Dead end
  • Non-drinking
  • Nalivaiko
  • Babai
  • Frost
  • Hoarse
  • Blokhina
  • Trachtenberg
  • Okhrimenko
  • Babayeva
  • Gnidenko
  • Asshole
  • Fatty
  • Mogilevich
  • Golikov
  • Tarkhanov
  • Popadinets
  • For example
  • Kovbasyuk
  • Curve
  • Durboy
  • Krivoshei
  • Piskunov
  • Mamontov
  • Pugach
  • Rakova
  • Grudieva
  • Borodulina
  • Bykov
  • Kozin
  • Liznik
  • Durov
  • Pilyuskin
  • Popovich
  • Troup
  • Kutya
  • Bark eater
  • Blink
  • Chervyakova
  • Kozlova
  • Zubarev
  • Proskurin
  • Kapelyashkin
  • Parrot
  • Kopeikin
  • Murashkin
  • Lupachev
  • Marmyshkin
  • Piskunov
  • Siskova
  • Magpie
  • Doolin
  • Lyapkin
  • Pupykina
  • Busonina
  • Borschev
  • Pig
  • Rough
  • Nosova
  • Bugaev
  • Korovaikin
  • Puzinnikova
  • Bearded.

Very hurtful jokes made up of last names usually cause a lot of laughter and a lot of fun among the offenders and the audience.

adult jokes
adult jokes

Rhyming name

First and last name is a popular compound for hurtful jokes. Boys and schoolchildren - lovers come up with sharp phrases and nicknames associated with the name of their classmates.

Nominal "names" consisting of three or four words are very well-coordinated:

  • "Roman - spit in your pocket"
  • "Karina - drink a mug of kerosene"
  • "Andrey is a well-known fool"
  • "Alice is a blond rat"
  • "Boris - beats his head for an encore"
  • "Sashka is a shaggy lamb"
  • "Veronica is a rotten strawberry"
  • "Anatoly - walks naked"
  • "Natasha is eared like Cheburashka"
  • "Angelina - ate Vaseline"
  • "Vasily - gorillas are more beautiful"
  • "Arthur is an old set".
schoolchildren are joking
schoolchildren are joking

Soschool bench

Offensive jokes with names are obtained even in the primary grades of school, when the kids get acquainted with the first verses and practice with rhyme. How not to substitute the right word for the name of a classmate? It turns out very smoothly and fun:

  • Andrey is a sparrow
  • Alexander - spacesuit
  • Alyosha - galosh
  • Arkhip - influenza
  • Arkasha - curdled milk
  • Tolik is a rabbit
  • Bogdan - suitcase
  • Barek - ember
  • Vova is a cow
  • Vitek is a skater
  • Ivan is a ram
  • Valera - cholera
  • Roller - crane
  • Garik - cracker
  • Gena - foam
  • Gavrila is a sucker
  • Grisha - the roof
  • Dima is an image
  • Daniel the crocodile
  • Egor - an ax
  • Emelyan is drunk
  • Zhora is a glutton
  • Zakhar is a mosquito
  • Ilya is a pig
  • Igor is a bubble
  • Nikolai is a samurai
  • Maxa is a dachshund
  • Micah is famously
  • Nikitos - nose, watchdog
  • Oleg - escape
  • Petrukha - ear
  • Pashka - bug
  • Rusik - panty
  • Roman - drum
  • Glory is a mace
  • Seryozha - mug
  • Tikhon - griffin
  • Timur - Cupid
  • Fedya the bear
  • Feofan is a blockhead
  • Yurets - cucumber
  • Yan is a brawler
  • Yashka - lamb
  • Yarik is a flashlight.
teasing children
teasing children

Where are you girls?

Offensive joke - an evil insulting mockery for girls and classmates of bully boys. But this fact does not bother the guys. They are with greatwith pleasure they come up with all sorts of nicknames and "name names" for girls' names.

For example:

  • Alla is tired
  • Anechka - T-shirt
  • Alice is a rat
  • Angelina - mandolin
  • Arina - sore throat
  • Alina - viburnum
  • Bella - caravel
  • Jackdaw-skipping rope
  • Valya is the bestial
  • Vika - blackberry
  • Vita - trough
  • Diana is a monkey
  • Dina is a dog
  • Irish - Fukish
  • Zina is an image
  • Eve - tired of
  • Lencha - kalancha
  • Lyudka - booth
  • Lida - resentment
  • Lyuba is a fur coat
  • Katyukha is a fly
  • Ksyushka - pampushka
  • Karina is a beast
  • Masha is a blotter
  • Marina - tangerine
  • Nina - painting
  • Natasha is a mess
  • Hope - clothing
  • Tonya - sleepyhead
  • Tamara is gloomy
  • Tanyushka is a pig
  • Polina -ballerina
  • Svetka - pipette
  • Olka - balabolka
  • Sveta - cutlet
  • Ulya is a bitch
  • Christina - Tina
  • Yulka - bobbin
  • Shura - truck
  • Faina is a kid
  • Yanka is a monkey.
girl teasing
girl teasing

Not offensive, but nice

Humiliating jokes about a friend won't strengthen friendships, but being able to rhyme their name will help in writing an adoring birthday ode. If the thought arises to play a trick on a friend and add a couple of words to his name, you should still take into account his sense of humor and weigh every word.

Some witty rhymes worth borrowingplace in a funny congratulatory rhyme. For example:

  • "Our dear Alena, be beautiful and in love!"
  • "We wish Andryusha tasty and he althy food!"
  • "And for our Alevtina we will bring oranges!"
  • "So that Olya is not bored, we will give her these rabbits!"
  • "Happy birthday, congratulations to Vasya and sit down to sour immediately!"
  • "Valyusha has become the most beautiful, we give earrings for her ears!"
  • "How beautifully Sveta sings, her sonnets are good!"
  • "Our Fyodor is an excellent worker, he is always strong and cheerful!"
  • "Today Natalia sparkles like gold medals!"
  • "It's your birthday, Vitek! Here's a bag of oxygen as a gift to you!"
  • "Who is our Anna? She is a flawless lady!"
  • "How beautiful you are, Konstantin, among the number one smokers!"
  • "Igor runs great, we need him in the Major League!"
  • "Let's congratulate Nikolai together, today he is kind, he doesn't bark!"
  • "Look, Vadim is as important as a peacock!"
  • "Our cook Masha is the best at cooking porridge!"
  • "On this day, our Alexey put on his best pants!"
  • "Look in the mirror, Natasha, you are older and more beautiful!"
  • "Who doesn't know this Ksyushka, mischievous laughter?"
  • "On this day, everyone is beautiful, even fat Alexei!"
  • "What did Ilya do yesterday? In the river, in the sea, by the stream?" (On the day of Elijah.)
  • "Let's pat the stubborn Tema, heso unbearable among us!"
  • "And this verse is for our Timoshi, how cheerful and good you are!"
adults are joking
adults are joking

Like kids

Adult people love to fool around as much as kids. Inventing offensive jokes with names is an interesting activity for work colleagues, especially the male half. Changing names and surnames, teasing employees is interesting even for those who have reached a very respectable age. Thus, a person psychologically returns to the carefree time of youth, distracted from daily problems.

Their hurtful jokes not so much offend as entertain the team:

  • "Our Vadim is stern and unsociable".
  • "Our Olya is addicted to alcohol".
  • "They say that Andrei is a miser and, it seems, a Jew."
  • "Look, Venya has antlers like a deer."
  • "Good is our Milena, made for treason".
  • "Our Vicki's eyes and screams are good."
  • "Oh, boring melody - like Methodius's voice!"

Offensive jokes about names were, are, and, unfortunately, will be. Hearing them in your address, do not take seriously. You need to be able to laugh at yourself, skillfully parry and maintain a he althy sense of humor