Jokes about Armenians: jokes, jokes, funny stories and the best jokes

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Jokes about Armenians: jokes, jokes, funny stories and the best jokes
Jokes about Armenians: jokes, jokes, funny stories and the best jokes

Video: Jokes about Armenians: jokes, jokes, funny stories and the best jokes

Video: Jokes about Armenians: jokes, jokes, funny stories and the best jokes
Video: Never trust an Armenian with your social #Comedy #Roast #Jokes 2023, September

Mother Earth is full of ethnic groups and nationalities that are always willing to play a trick on each other. For example, while in America they are joking about Russians, in Russia they are making up stories about Americans. An example is the same Zadornov, better known for his age-old statement: “Well, the Americans are stupid-y-s!..” And then he has countless monologues confirming this statement. In fact, everyone understands that Americans are far from stupid, and therefore all this is perceived as a joke and nothing more. One of the most popular jokes in our country has always been and probably will be jokes about Armenians, while Armenians always joke about Russians. What interesting jokes about them are in use in our country today?

What are Armenians really like?

In fact, Armenians are a very hospitable, hard-working and positive nation. In Armenia it is always sunny, warm and everywhere, as they say around again,they grow lemons, tangerines and oranges. We will not go into details of whether this is so or not, the main thing is that the Armenians are all as one very friendly and cheerful. Moreover, humor about Armenians is in use not only in other countries, but the Armenians themselves are not averse to making fun of their increased hairiness, long nose, resourcefulness, etc. As we can see, all their shortcomings and pluses also apply to any other nation. But it is the Armenians themselves who like to flaunt them.

Some others consider a photo of any person in which the face of this “glamorous” person is inserted as a good joke about Armenians.

Armenian Formula 1
Armenian Formula 1

There are already almost as many demotivators and other pictures with this face on the Internet as there are with the famous Zhdun and other companies.

Armenian jokes about Armenians

Armenian minions
Armenian minions

Here is a set of jokes about Armenians, which were invented by the Armenians themselves and which are used in Armenia itself.

Due to the strong tinting of the windows, the Armenian shuttle, en route to the Moon, flew past this very Moon.

In Armenian schools, boys are always pulling girls' mustaches.

An Armenian walks past a stall selling beer in kegs. On the stall it says: “The beer is over, but for the Armenians it is completely over.” An Armenian asks the seller with interest:

- Why is it completely over for Armenians?

- Because for some reason the Armenians do not believe and always ask again: “Is it completely over?”

In Armenia, the spout of any teapot is 80% of the totalkettle.

The play "Little Red Riding Hood" is being staged in a theater in Armenia. It comes to the moment of the dialogue between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, and she asks:

- Grandma, why do you have such big eyes?

- And to get a better look at you…

- Why do you have such big ears?

- And to hear you better…

- Why such a big nose?

- Ara, look at yourself, huh?

When applying for a job in the personnel department, a woman asks an Armenian:

- Well, who did you buy your diploma from?

- What if an Armenian bought it right away? Maybe he was beaten to me?

Other jokes about Armenians

Ronaldo advertises samsa
Ronaldo advertises samsa

But not only Armenians themselves can come up with jokes about Armenians. Here is a set of jokes formed behind the cordon.

Moscow, Soviet times. An Armenian is trying to catch a taxing private trader. When a Moskvich stops at his raised hand, he starts waving, saying, pass, don't. Then vote. The Zhiguli stops, also waves - drive through. The Volga stops. The Armenian gets into the car and asks the driver:

- What is your name?

- Vasily…

- Do a favor, Vasily. When the padvises go to the restaurant and a young lady comes in, I also see, pat her hand, and you say: “Chief, am I free?” I will say: "Yes, you can rest." You tell me: "Chief, give the steward for gasoline." I'll give you a steward, and that's how we'll pay you off, okay?

Vasily nods in agreement and takes the Armenian to an expensive hotel. They drive up. A young lady comes out. The Armenian closes the car door and kisses the lady's hand. Carrier asks:

- Chief, am I free?

- Yes, free, more net for today.

- Chief, give me 500 rubles, even the hodovka is acting up…

The Armenian looks at the driver for a long time, then counts 500 rubles and hands him through the window:

- Vasily, you're a Maladets, aren't you?..

How much do carrots and sviklo
How much do carrots and sviklo

When boarding a train, natives of Russia, Ukraine and Armenia find themselves in the same compartment. The train is moving, and it's time to make acquaintances. The Russian holds out his hand and says:

- Vitaly, a Muscovite!


- Mykola, Cossack!

An Armenian also raises his hand:

- Ashot, BMW!

And the ark sailed to Mount Ararat, and Noah began to release his animals from it, and suddenly he saw people running to the ark and joyfully waving their hands shouting “Wai, Ara! Pasmatry! The circus has come to us, yes!”

There is a war going on. The Germans are catching up with the Armenian and the Georgian. The Georgian climbed a tree, and the Armenian hid in the bushes. The Fritz combed the bushes and pulled the Armenian out of them. When he was escorted past a tree where a Georgian was hiding, the Armenian raised his head and shouted:

- Katso, get down, no one has seen us caught, right?!

Sharp jokes

Price list
Price list

Black humor in jokes about Armenians is also quite common. Here is an example of a joke that makes Armenians look like complete idiots:

- Isn't this hotel haunted by any chance?

- Yes, there is one. At night, one of thelocal ghosts, which they call the "Black Guest". It puts a hand on your shoulder and asks…

- "Give me back my heart?"..

- No. Says: "Slushy, Ara, do you know what room I'm staying in?"

But Armenians don't complain about such jokes. They get off quite like this:

Representatives of Turkey, Germany, Armenia, Russia and England gathered together in one company. The Englishman proclaims a toast: "To English power!" Everyone drank according to. The Turk gets up: "For Turkish carpets!" They also drank. Next - the German: "For German accuracy!" Great toast. We drank. After that, a Russian stands up: “For Russian beauties!” We drank again. And then an Armenian stands up: “For the Armenians, who are Russian beauties on Turkish carpets with English power and German precision…”

Armenian Radio

List with errors
List with errors

This is a separate section of jokes about Armenians, which are more akin to jokes about Stirlitz. They were in use back in Soviet times, but some of them are still relevant today, although they contain notes of black humor. But Armenian radio gets out of some tricky questions very resourcefully. Here are some of those jokes.

- Good afternoon, dear listeners. Armenian radio speaks. We transmit time signals. The beginning of the sixth signal corresponds to 15:00 Yerevan time: Peak… Peak… Peak… Peak… Peak… Piiik. It's 15:00 in Yerevan. For those who did not have time, we repeat: Peak… Peak…

Armenian Radio is asked:

- What does the phrase "Love at a distance" mean.

Armenian radio thought andanswered:

- This is when you are at work, the bed is at home, and the drinks are at the bar.

Armenian Radio is asked:

- What do you think should appear before the eyes of Russians so that they believe that changes for the better have finally come in Russia?

Armenian radio thought and answered:

- Chubais with a chainsaw in his hands and Nabiulina selling seeds at the station…

Armenian Radio was asked: “What do you think is the most beautiful city in the world and how many nuclear bombs are needed to wipe it off the face of the earth?” To which the Armenian radio, after thinking, replied: “Yerevan is the most beautiful city in the world, but Tbilisi is a little better…”

Roller coaster misunderstanding

Today, a joke about an Armenian on a rollercoaster is very popular on the net. The video has more than a million views, and it is popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. In it, a man, sitting on a revolving swing, writing out a wheel around the bearing axle, begins to lament and beg to stop the carousel. Here is the video.


I don't understand why everyone thinks it's a roller coaster? We dare to assure you that this is not the attraction at all. Yes, although it is dangerous in appearance, it is not a roller coaster at all, but a kind of multi-seat swing. Yes, and there is no confirmation that the person in the video is an Armenian. But the audience was pleased to add this native of the Caucasus to the Armenians. Well, so be it. In any case, the Armenians will not be offended by this, it is one hundred percent. And the video is really funny.

How to humor about theminclude the Armenians themselves

Martirosyan near Urgant
Martirosyan near Urgant

Armenians themselves, as already mentioned, are quite positive about humor in their direction. They themselves are good at joking both at themselves and at the rest, as evidenced by the fact that it is the Armenian Garik Martirosyan who is at the helm of one of the most humorous shows in our country - Comedy Club. Just don’t put your finger in this person’s mouth, he will be able to speak literally anyone, which can be seen on the same ProjectorParisHilton Channel One project. Therefore, we wish all Armenians good he alth, good mood and more jokes, without which our life will be boring and joyless.