Not at all a childish riddle about how to put a giraffe in the fridge

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Not at all a childish riddle about how to put a giraffe in the fridge
Not at all a childish riddle about how to put a giraffe in the fridge

Video: Not at all a childish riddle about how to put a giraffe in the fridge

Video: Not at all a childish riddle about how to put a giraffe in the fridge
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There is such a familiar riddle about a giraffe, about how to put it in the refrigerator. But few people know that this is by no means a childish riddle. This is not even a riddle, but a test that includes four questions. It used to be used by US employers in hiring. It allowed to reveal the creative abilities of the candidate. Now the test is practically not used, since everyone has long known the answers. The main rule: questions must be asked in order.

Imagine: you go to get a job, expect questions about your work experience, education. And then suddenly you are asked a very non-standard question: "How to put a giraffe in the refrigerator?". However, this simple task is an effective way to test a person's creativity. You can get an idea of the ability to think outside the box, to approach problems creatively and with humor.

Let's think about these, it turns out, by no meanschildren's questions.

Put a Giraffe in the Fridge
Put a Giraffe in the Fridge

Question 1: about the giraffe

The first question, of course, is about the giraffe. Suddenly, without any preamble, the question is how to put a giraffe in the refrigerator.

This can immediately drive someone into a stupor. But such a state will not help the candidate. At this time, the personnel officer, assessing your reaction to the question, looks at your ability to get out of unforeseen situations and how you do it: panic or, conversely, do not get lost.

The answer is quite simple: you just need to open the refrigerator, then put the giraffe in there and close the door. Nothing impossible.

Question 2: about the elephant

Then you are asked the following question: how do you put an elephant in this refrigerator?

Most, having already studied the diagram, will answer that you need to open the refrigerator, put the elephant and close the refrigerator. And they will be wrong. But the smarter ones, before putting the elephant in the refrigerator, will first pull out the giraffe, which was sent there before.

Here it turns out whether the specialist, based on previous actions, will be able to give the correct answer.

Elephant in the fridge
Elephant in the fridge

Question 3: about the meeting

The third question is longer and sounds like this: the king of animals, the lion, called everyone to a meeting of animals. Who didn't show up? Name this beast.

Answer: elephant. Since it is still in the fridge.

Despite previous failures in giving the correct answers, there is still a chance to correct the situation. The ability to solveproblems in spite of difficulties.

Question 4: about crocodiles

Last question: there is a big river where crocodiles live. How will you cross it?

Perhaps you, even without knowing the answer, have already guessed what the answer is. You just need to swim across the river, because all the crocodiles are with the lion at the meeting.

The question perfectly shows whether a person is capable of learning from mistakes.

According to the developers, 90% of people who took the test could not answer the questions. However, some interviewed preschool children were able to give correct answers to several questions. This gave rise to a joke that some specialists do not reach the thinking even of a four-year-old child.