Most popular jokes: funny and relevant jokes, stories

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Most popular jokes: funny and relevant jokes, stories
Most popular jokes: funny and relevant jokes, stories

Video: Most popular jokes: funny and relevant jokes, stories

Video: Most popular jokes: funny and relevant jokes, stories
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This article contains the most popular jokes. This collection has been compiled based on material from various online resources dedicated to humorous stories. Also a lot of information was taken from magazines and newspapers. Well, and, of course, it was impossible to ignore those jokes that are passed from mouth to mouth, making up a huge layer of folk art.

Topical jokes

The people in their work always responded to the most relevant topics. And since, in recent years, many people have been extremely concerned about the economic situation in our country and in the world, one of the most popular jokes today are those dedicated to financial workers. So here are some of them.

Two school friends meet. Each of them is the head of his own company. One asks the other: “Where did you get a beautiful souvenir? It's the first time I've seen such a skillfully made Chinese toad holding coins! If it is not a secret,then tell me, which store did you buy it from?”.

Chief Accountant
Chief Accountant

To which his comrade replied: “This is not a Chinese toad with a coin, this is a woman. She is my new accountant. I recently hired her.”

Dishonest employee

An accountant interviewer is asked, "What is the reason you left your previous job?".

The man replies: “I didn’t leave of my own free will. They just announced an amnesty in the country.”

Dear Leonid Ilyich!.

Among the most popular jokes on the same financial topic, you can also find the old Soviet one, whose hero is Brezhnev.

Leonid Ilyich is visiting the USA. After a series of high-level meetings, the guest was taken to the most expensive restaurant. Brezhnev always had a great sense of humor and decided to play a trick on his American colleagues. He, wanting to embarrass the government of a capitalist country, asked: “Let me know where you got the money for this banquet from?”

Carter calmly replies: “We had plans to build a bridge across the river. 2 million dollars were allocated from the budget for this purpose. We found a contractor who committed to do this work for $1,900,000. The money saved went towards treats.”

The President of the United States of America Carter arrives in the Soviet Union on a return visit. After the official part of the meeting with Leonid Ilyich, a traditional banquet took place. The American decided to remind Brezhnev of his inappropriate joke and said publicly: “Let meask how much money was used to purchase all these luxurious treats?”.

Leonid Ilyich answers him: “Mr. President, I ask you to follow me to the window! At the beginning of this year, we were going to build a new bridge across the Moscow River. Tell me, Mr. Carter, do you see him? The American President shrugged his shoulders and made a negative movement of his head. The general secretary says: “Well, actually… These funds went to the banquet.”

Favorite characters

It may seem strange to some, but the old Soviet jokes are the most popular and the funniest, according to many modern connoisseurs of humor. Among them, a special place is occupied by short stories about famous movie characters. Some of them will be presented below.

He walks down Muller Street. Stirlitz is watching him from the roof of the building. When Müller was near the house, Standartenführer threw a stone at him.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Vyacheslav Tikhonov

"Here's one for you!" - thought the surprised Muller. Stirlitz picked up a brick, took aim, and threw it at the German's head, saying: "Here's two for you!".

The example of oral folk art presented below is also one of the most popular jokes.

Standartenführer Stirlitz stood on February 23, the Day of the Soviet Red Army, on the most crowded square in Berlin with a bottle of Russian vodka, a red banner, and sang "Katyusha" and "Dark Night". This experienced scout has never been so close to failure.


All lists of the most popular jokes still include those dedicated to Sherlock Holmes andDoctor Watson. Here is one of them.

The heroes of Arthur Conan Doyle's detective novels are walking along one of the streets of London. Holmes says: "Now we will go around that corner, and we will be beaten by a tall man with dark hair." Everything happened exactly as the great detective predicted. As a result, Holmes and his colleague ended up lying on the pavement. Dr. Watson raises his head with difficulty and asks: "Holmes, how did you manage to foresee this?" The detective laughed and said: “Elementary, Watson! I called this gentleman a fool yesterday, and he just lives in the nearest house.”

Folk Hero

Well, of course, the list of the most popular jokes usually includes at least one about Chapaev, for example, this one.

Film Chapaev
Film Chapaev

Vasily Ivanovich and Petka jump with parachutes. A young Red Army soldier asks the commander: "Can I open my parachute already?" Chapaev replies: “No. It is too early. Wait a moment.”

A minute later, Petka says in an excited voice: “Vasily Ivanovich, is it time to open the parachute?”. Chapaev again asks to wait. Soon Petka asks Chapaev for the third time: “Vasily Ivanovich, well, can I open my parachute now?” Chapaev shakes his head negatively. Petka exclaims: “But, after all, we will break!”. Chapaev calmly says: “Don't be afraid! Let's not break! Soon it will be possible to jump off.”

The question of which animals are the most popular in jokes is quite interesting. For example, many samples of folk humor are dedicated to foxes. Here is one of those jokes.

The most cunning animal

Forest animals play cards.

animal fox
animal fox

Leo, as a king, announces the rule: "Whoever cheats, he will get in the face …". Then he thought a little and added: "… By an impudent, red face."

Cartoon characters

When asked what is the most popular joke about animals, one can answer as follows: the one whose hero is a crocodile. After all, samples of folk humor about Gena and Cheburashka have been created for several decades. And the most popular of them can be called this one.

cartoon character
cartoon character

Gena and Cheburashka were caught and placed in the zoo. A camel lives in the cage next to them. Cheburashka points a finger at him and says: “Gena, you said that they don’t beat you here!

humped camel
humped camel

Ah, look what they did to the poor horse!”.

The most popular Odessa jokes

Of course, this article cannot ignore this genre of jokes. The inhabitants of this city from time immemorial were famous for their wonderful sense of humor. Here are some short stories about them.

In the accounting department of one of the Odessa enterprises.

- Our accountant, Abram Moiseevich, is terribly lucky?

- What is it?

- He decided to emigrate to Israel before law enforcement got interested in him.

An unlikely case.

- Did you hear that Sarah's brother Moishe gave her a diamond pendant?

- I don't believe it! Either the diamond is fake or she's lying that she owns

On this cheerful note, we can safely end this article on the most popular funny jokes.