French roulette: what is the peculiarity of this type of game

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French roulette: what is the peculiarity of this type of game
French roulette: what is the peculiarity of this type of game

Video: French roulette: what is the peculiarity of this type of game

Video: French roulette: what is the peculiarity of this type of game
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Roulette is perhaps the most famous gambling game that can be found in the casino. The rotation of the ball fascinates all participants in the game, impatiently awaiting the result of the next throw. There are many cases when excitement forced people to lose whole fortunes, but almost no one manages to win over a long distance in this game. Although the visual roulette seems to be very simple, not everyone knows its complete rules. It turns out that there are three main varieties of the game: French, European and American. What are the differences between them? And why is French roulette the game that is considered the most profitable for casino guests? Consider these features in detail.

General rules of the game

The basis of all varieties of the game is the process of spinning the ball on the roulette wheel and falling onto one of the sectors of the rotating rotor. In total, there are either 37 or (in the American version) 38 sectors in the roulette wheel. 36 of them are numbered from 1 to 36. Also, each of the sectors is either black or red. Another sector is called "zero". It has the number 0 and is colored green. Finally, in the American version of roulettethere is a "00" sector, which is also a "zero" sector.

Location of sectors
Location of sectors

The mutual arrangement of all sectors on the roulette, their coloring in red and black is strictly regulated, they remain unchanged in all casinos.

Next to the roulette wheel there is a playing field where players can place their bets.

roulette playing field
roulette playing field

There are several types of bets: on a specific number, on 2 numbers, on red or black, etc. All possible bets are presented in the table:

Bet type Number of roulette sectors leading to winnings Profit in case of winning, from the size of the bet
1 number 1 3500 %
Couple 2 1700 %
Troika 3 1100 %
Corner or cross 4 800 %
6 numbers 6 500 %
Dozen 12 200 %
Column 12 200 %
Small (1-18) or large (19-36) 18 100 %
Even orodd 18 100 %
Red or black


100 %

At the same time, you can make several bets on different positions at the same time: say, on red and one of the columns. After the ball falls on one of the sectors, the croupier pays the prize money to the winners and takes the bets of the losers.

European version

This variety is the most widespread in the world. It does not differ in any special rules, except for the size of the table. It is wider and longer than in the American variety. Therefore, the croupier uses a special device to move the chips. The tables of European and French roulette are the same, although the text may be printed in different languages.

US version

People play roulette
People play roulette

Here the croupier takes the bets with his hands, as the smaller size of the table allows him to do so. However, the main difference lies in the presence of two “zero” sectors, unlike one in French roulette. As a result, the probability of players winning is reduced, and the income of the casino is growing.

It is worth noting one myth that exists around the game of roulette. Allegedly, if the ball falls on the “zero” sector, then the casino takes all the bets for itself. This is not entirely true, because players have the opportunity to bet on any sector, including green. In this case, the loss of "zero" will bring profit to the player. But since the payouts that the casino makes are the same in both American andin French and European roulette, and an increase in the number of sectors from 37 to 38 somewhat reduces the likelihood of all possible outcomes, then this type of game is really the most profitable for the casino.

French Roulette

The rules here are generally the same as the European version. However, there is one caveat. There is a rule La Partage. According to it, if a player made a so-called bet with equal chances (red/black, even/odd or small/big), and the zero sector fell out, then, depending on the casino, either half of his bet will be returned to the loser, or allow the entire bet amount to remain in place until the next round. In the latter case, if you win, the bet will be returned to the player, but without prize money. The presence of such a rule makes French roulette the most benign to the participants. So, if you have a desire to play roulette and the opportunity to choose its variety, opt for this version of the game.

Can I make money on roulette?

money on the roulette table
money on the roulette table

When you know how to play roulette, the question is what strategy can bring profit here? Some casino regulars can talk for hours about the so-called betting systems. Martingale, anti-martingale, Fibonacci system - these and many other strategies are used by gamblers in the hope that a clever sequence of bets will allow them to deceive the "wheel of fortune" and make money.

But the conclusions of mathematicians are unambiguous - there can be no special system for determiningrates, allowing you to beat the casino over a long distance. So, if someone has an interest in making money on gambling, you should pay attention to other games that belong to the intellectual class (poker, preference), but it’s better not to remember about the roulette. If you are not a casino owner, then you will not be able to earn income with it.