Yuri G altsev - biography, films and creative activity of the inimitable comedian

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Yuri G altsev - biography, films and creative activity of the inimitable comedian
Yuri G altsev - biography, films and creative activity of the inimitable comedian

Video: Yuri G altsev - biography, films and creative activity of the inimitable comedian

Video: Yuri G altsev - biography, films and creative activity of the inimitable comedian
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Who is he - Yuri G altsev? The biography of this person is very rich and interesting. We bring to your attention the life story of the actor, his filmography, discography, reviews of friends and his own opinion about his work and life in general. The popular comedian is able to play anyone, not for nothing that the French awarded him the title of "rubber face".

Yuri G altsev
Yuri G altsev

G altsev's talent is multifaceted. He is both a "reader" in solo monologue programs, and a reaper who brings up the younger generation in the variety theater in St. Petersburg, and a "dudets" who can not only sing, but also accompany. This is a “man-orchestra”, “a theater for itself”. His numbers are never monotonous and boring.

Yuri G altsev does not let you get fed up with the monotony. He does not work in one, "pure" genre, but always brings something fresh, special. His performances are a bright "mix", original and unpredictable. That is why he is always provided with a full house.

So… Yuri G altsev…


Born in 1961 (April 12) in the city of Kurgan. In 1983 he graduated from high school andentered the engineering institute. It was there that he showed acting skills, becoming a member of the Trouvers group. He headed the student agitation theater. After graduating from the institute, G altsev decided to continue his creative career and entered the theater institute in Leningrad, choosing the musical and speech stage.

Worked in "Buffa", "Farces", "Actors", "At Foundry". He played in such performances as Black Cat, Gakhan and Friends, Ball of Thieves, Station Hope, Three Musketeers, Striptease, Waiting for the Wind, Doctor Pirogoff, Catastrophe”, “Assistant”.

In 1999, Yuri G altsev creates his own theater, where he plays in "Virtuosos of the Neva", "Funny Pictures", "Yura from Petersburg".

A year later he receives the Raikin Cup at MORE SMEHA (International Festival in Riga).

Yuri G altsev biography
Yuri G altsev biography

In 2008, Yuri Nikolayevich was appointed artistic director of the Variety Theater in St. Petersburg. At the same time, he continues to teach theater arts.

In 2010, G altsev became one of the hosts of the humorous program "Two Merry Geese". In 2014, he took part in the parody project Just Like It.

Films and discography

But not only humorist Yuri G altsev, the films in which he starred can be listed for a very long time. These are: Jack Vosmerkin, Philip Traum, Racket, The Story of Richard, Schizophrenia, Love is Evil, About Freaks …, National Security Agent, Adventures of Cops, Adventures of Yurik”, “Deadly Force” (expert role), “Cops-3”, “Empire Under Attack”, “Deadly Force-2”, “Black Raven”, “Key to Death” and"Russian horror stories", "About Fedot the archer" and "Lord of the puddles", "Timur and the commandos", "12 chairs", "Zhmurki", "New Year's killer", "Russian money", "Yeralash", "Hitler kaput", "Golden Fish", "Golden Key", "Bankrupt", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Three Heroes", "The Secret of the Princesses", etc. He also voiced the "Nutcracker".


  • 1995 - title "Rubber face" (pantomime and clowning festival, France);

    Yuri G altsev movies
    Yuri G altsev movies
  • 1999 - Grand Prix at the All-Russian Variety Competition in Moscow;
  • 1999 and 2000 - "Golden Nose" (clown international prize, Riga);
  • 2000 - named "Best Actor of the Year";
  • 2000 - "MORE SMENA" (Raikin Cup, Riga);
  • 2001 - named the best actor of the year (St. Petersburg);
  • 2001 - "Golden Ostap" (festival, St. Petersburg);

In 2008, G altsev took part in a project called "Two Stars" - he performed with Jasmine. Together they reached the final.

TV shows, music, advertising

Since the late nineties, G altsev can be seen in many humorous TV shows. He starred in "Vetrovik, or a piano in the bushes", "Laughing Panorama", "Yurmalin", "Izmailovsky Park", "Two Merry Geese", "Full House", "Kyshkin House". Two of his benefit performances were successfully held at the t / c "Russia". Participated in Cruel Intentions and Fort Boyard.

In 2012, G altsev took part in a rather bright show of reincarnations. Appeared as: Tamra Miansarova, Boris Moiseev, TotoCutugno, Yuri Nikulin, Lyudmila Zykina, Cola Belda, Louis Armstrong, Liz Mitchell, Vladimir Mulyavin.

He starred in commercials for TV commercials about Uniland and Telemax.

Recorded many songs: "Money" with D. Nekrasov ("DNA Nizhny Novgorod"), "Adyra", "Money", "Track", "Grass-Ant", "Lyusya", "Management" and others.

Yuri G altsev's wife
Yuri G altsev's wife

Private life

The wife of Yuri G altsev (Irina Rakshina) is also an actress. The couple registered their marriage in 1987.

G altsev has a son Mikhail from his first marriage and a daughter Marina from his second. His grandson Yuri was born in July 2003.


G altsev Yuri and Vetrov Gennady met at the Full House. By this time, both artists already had their own rich creative path. Their meeting turned into a wonderful song duet. The contact between the audience and the artists was so close that all the songs and jokes of the duet were remembered for a long time, and some phrases even became winged.

No less colorful duet Elena Vorobey (Lebenbaum) and Yuri G altsev. Their benefit performance took place in March 2005. They met at the state theater "BUFF". Elena was still studying at the time and was just starting her career, and Yuri G altsev had already become quite famous by that time.

Those who collaborated with the comedian unequivocally stated: he is a bright, interesting and sociable person. And what does Yuri G altsev say about himself?

I'll have time to fly into space…

Yuri was named after Gagarin, who made his first flight on the very day when the future famous comedian was born. As a child, the boy assured that he would certainly become an astronaut or tester. But he did not enter the flight school, so he went (at the insistence of his father) to the machine building. Unlimited potential demanded realization. And G altsev studied "on all fronts." While studying in engineering, he created a theater group, sang, mastered the balalaika. After receiving a diploma, in 1983, he left for St. Petersburg and immediately entered the faculty of variety art. And the fact of settling in the house where the deceased Raikin lived, Yuri G altsev accepted as a sign, deciding that he would have time for space, and his real purpose was satire. And he made the right decision.

G altsev Yuri and Vetrov
G altsev Yuri and Vetrov

Soured solid your Bordeaux

Yuri G altsev knew his worth, although he sometimes acted in such moments, for which he himself is ashamed. Clowning is an art that requires maximum return. Alas, there is not much to earn a living here. Therefore, G altsev had to get out, acting for a good fee in TV shows, commercials, etc. “Ready to fly to the ends of the Earth …” Although he refused the role of a maniac killer: “The soul and piety instilled from childhood …”

What about the people?

One of the common resources called "Imhonet" with multiple reviews about G altsev may well give a picture of the attitude towards the comedian. The main comments boil down to the fact that he is a "charming, talented person." It is "always a pleasure to look at him, and from jokes it is always sincerely funny, Yuri G altsev is special!" This is a “humorist from God”, who “does not get lost against the background of many other comedians, standing out with his demeanor …” Evenminor roles in the films "were, by the way, very good." One can relate to G altsev's work in different ways, but the fact that he is talented cannot be denied.