"Neighbours. On the warpath": reviews, actors and roles

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"Neighbours. On the warpath": reviews, actors and roles
"Neighbours. On the warpath": reviews, actors and roles

Video: "Neighbours. On the warpath": reviews, actors and roles

Video: "Neighbours. On the warpath": reviews, actors and roles
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A huge number of American films of completely different genres have been shot. These are horrors, action films, love melodramas, historical dramas, as well as comedies - films that make the viewer laugh a lot. One of these films is Neighbors. On the warpath. Reviews about him, a description of the roles and actors who starred in the comedy, you can find in this article.

Neighbours. On the warpath. Reviews
Neighbours. On the warpath. Reviews


The characters of the film (Mac Redner and his wife Kelly) move to a new place with their newly born child. Finally, they were able to find a nice house in a small and quiet area of the city. They import their belongings and begin to settle in a new family nest. It would seem that everything is perfect. But their happiness comes to an end. The neighboring house becomes a haven for the local brotherhood of students. All they do is have fun and do not respond to requests to be quiet. Every day Mac and Kelly have to endure noisy parties with loud music, dancing and drinking.

The spouses didn't count on such a life. The conflict cannot be resolved peacefully. Mac and Kelly are determined to deal with the neighbors. They meet the leader of the brotherhood - Ted, who says that they will stop making noise, but does not comply.his promise. A real war between neighbors begins, in which everyone wants to remain the winner.

The team behind the film

  • Director: Nicholas Stoller.
  • Producers: Seth Rogen, James Weaver, Evan Goldberg, Andrew J. Cohen, Meryl Emmerton, Brian Bell, Brendan O'Brien.
  • Written by: Andrew J. Cohen, Brendan O'Brien.

Mac Redner

The head of the family was played by the unsurpassed Seth Rogen, a Canadian actor who was born in 1982 in Vancouver. As a 12-year-old teenager, Seth enrolled in a stand-up comedy course, a year later he wrote his first text, which he later made a film on. For a role on his first show, he dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles. From that moment on, the actor's career went up dramatically.

Rogen is known for his talent for improvisation. The comedian actor often changes dialogue and comes up with jokes during filming. Currently, the actor continues to live in Los Angeles. In 2010, he proposed the hand and heart of his beloved, actress and screenwriter Lauren Miller.

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

Teddy Sanders

The talented young actor Zac Efron can be seen as the head bully of the fraternity. The actor was born in 1987 in California. When he turned 17, his parents noticed the child's musical talent and sent him to a special school. Zach gained popularity after the High School Musical trilogy, where he starred. He also appeared in the films "Dad 17 Again" and "Lucky", where he played an infantryman. It is noteworthy thatfor this role, he had to gain about 10 kilograms.

Zac Efron is an extreme sportsman, he prefers to spend his free time skiing and snowboarding. The actor is also into rock climbing. According to the tabloids, in 2013 Zach was treated for alcoholism.

Kelly Redner

The mother of the family was played by Rose Byrne, an actress born in 1979 in Australia. From the age of 8, she went to an acting studio, and she first appeared in films at 13. At the beginning of her career, Rose starred in many Australian TV series. In 2002, the first Hollywood debut of the actress took place. But the real popularity of the girl was brought by the historical picture "Troy", where the actress played the role of the Trojan princess.

Offers started coming in one by one. Behind the actress are historical dramas, fantastic action films, English TV series, horror films, comedies. Since 2012, Rose has been in a civil marriage with actor Bobby Cannavale. The couple has a son, Rocky.

Rose Byrne. Actress
Rose Byrne. Actress


One of the hated neighbors was played by actor Dave Franco. Born in 1985 in California. In 2006, he starred in the drama series 7th Heaven, after which the actor appeared in several television projects. Dave became famous after the movie "The Double Life of Charlie St. Cloud".

During his acting career, Dave managed to play the role of a medical student in the popular TV series "Clinic", as well as a drug dealer in "Macho and Nerd". The role in this film increased the love of the fans. Currently continuing his acting career, engaged to an actressAlison Brie.


Ike Barinholtz was born in 1977 in Chicago. Ike's dream of becoming a politician did not come true, he moved to Los Angeles and became an actor. But his career did not immediately go uphill - at first he had to work as a marketer and even as a waiter.

Ike Barinholtz took part in the voice acting of such cartoons as "American Dad" and "Family Guy". He is the director of the comedy series The Mindy Project. As an actor, he can be seen in such projects as "Suicide Squad", "Datura", "Sisters", "Side Impact".

Ike Barinholtz
Ike Barinholtz

Carol Gladstone

The dean of the university was played by actress Lisa Kudrow. She was born the son of a doctor and travel agent in California. One of the girl's brother's friends inspired Lisa to try acting. Lisa was casting for an improvisational theater group and was taken under the wing of its director. The first big role for Lisa was the game in the TV series Mad About You, and the role of the strange girl Phoebe in the television series Friends brought her great popularity.

Lisa Kudrow is one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world according to People. During her career, she has been a host, participated in several advertising campaigns, starred in many TV shows and films, and also tried her hand at producing. Lisa is married to Frenchman Michel Stern and they have a son.

Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow

Interesting facts

  • The film grossed over $268 million. Its budget is 18 million
  • The shooting took place over twomonths (April and May 2013).
  • The first name of the film is Townies, which means "City dwellers". In English, the word has a disparaging character.
  • The film showed the rite of entry into the brotherhood. It actually exists and is used by the Sigma Nu fraternity.
  • The couple's child was played by newly born twin girls Eliza and Zoe Vargas.
  • During the intimate scene, the child looked at his parents quite by accident. Director Nicholas Stoller noticed this and asked the cameramen to film the curious baby.
  • The actors of the picture have agreed to reduce their fees so that the funds allocated for filming the picture are saved.
  • In the first version of the script, a lone Mac was supposed to fight against the brotherhood. One of the characters in the film, Seth Rogen, showed the script to his wife, she offered to add the character's wife there.
  • Getting rid of the shirt in the final - improvisation of the actor.
  • Zac Efron was injured while filming the fight - he broke his arm. A day later, he returned to the site after an emergency operation.
Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Directed by Nicholas Stoller

Film errors

  • Teddy's underwear changes color during an encounter with Mack. First it's gray, then it's white.
  • In the picture you can see the car Subaru Outback with four airbags. In the real world, this model is equipped with only two airbags.
  • You can see the fraternity house number on the sidewalk. This is the number 2202. When a police officer calls for help, he calls another number - 2203.

Movie sequel

In 2016, the continuation of the film “Neighbours. On the warpath. Reviews of the second part are mostly positive. Most viewers rate the film highly.

The main characters of the film “Neighbours. On the warpath 2”- a married couple familiar from the first part - Mac and Kelly. Their daughter Stella has grown up, and Kelly is pregnant with her second child, so the family decides to sell their house and move out of town. Unfortunately, the couple's plans did not come true. Again. A popular sorority moves into the house next door. Of course, every day they have noisy parties. Mac and Kelly know how to calm down naughty neighbors. They think that it will be easy for them - after all, they are just girls, but they do not want to meet the needs of a married couple. Desperate, Mac and Kelly decide to turn to their old enemy Teddy. He agrees to help them.

Neighbours. On the warpath 2
Neighbours. On the warpath 2

“Neighbours. On the warpath": reviews

Many viewers give the film a positive assessment. It is watched with great pleasure, the abundance of funny moments makes you sincerely laugh at the characters. The picture is bright, the characters are alive, the actors play wonderfully.

Skeptics give low ratings to the film "Neighbours. On the warpath." The reviews are as follows: the film is not original and vulgar, the jokes are banal, flat, the dialogues are boring. The feeling of awkwardness does not leave until the end of the film, and after viewing there is no emotion left. "At one time" - this is how the majority of viewers evaluate the film. It is noteworthy that “Neighbours. On the warpath 2 "collect more positivereviews.