What is a graphomaniac: definition
What is a graphomaniac: definition

Video: What is a graphomaniac: definition

Video: What is a graphomaniac: definition
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Who is a graphomaniac definition
Who is a graphomaniac definition

In labor, tirelessly, The path of lack of money and torment

Her footprints in the desert sandsPoets are still looking for…

Graphomania as a disease

Commonly known opinion represents graphomania, on the one hand, as a disease, some mental disorder caused by an addiction to writing. It is exacerbated by lack of demand, loneliness and the inability to realize their ambitions. Who is a graphomaniac? The definition refers to an author whose works are not accepted by society and with which he himself strongly disagrees.

But some talented writers are also not recognized for quite a long period. And some do not receive recognition during their lifetime. Genius and talent do not fit into the framework of universal norms. Therefore, it is useless to consider what a graphomaniac is from this side.

Uselessness of works

The value created, according to the author, is useful for him and completely unnecessary for society.

In autumn the color of gold

The Muse weaved sonnets.

Only the word differsThe graphomaniac from the poet.

Who is a graphomaniac
Who is a graphomaniac

So he creates a low-level piece, mostly for his own benefit. The level of the work is evaluated only by the reader. His assessment is the criterion of what a graphomaniac is and what a real writer is. There are also critics, philologists and other specialists who professionally determine the quality of a work. For some, criticism reaches the point of absurdity, such as the sensational article on the Internet "Counts and graphomaniacs", in which the author looked for blunders from Leo Tolstoy.

The most important assessment is given by the author of the work himself, taking responsibility that what he created will affect the souls of readers. To do this, he must invest his strength and soul. If the work does not have such an impact, then it will be severely disappointed. It turns out that graphomania is a punishment of a person for the poor quality of a work.

Here again, I can't sleep all night, The edge of torment is in front of me.

Burning blade borderBetween splendor and poverty.

Signs of graphomania

Who is a graphomaniac
Who is a graphomaniac
  1. Painful passion for non-cultural writing.
  2. Inflated self-esteem. A mediocre graphomaniac will never admit his mistakes.
  3. The impossibility of development and improvement.
  4. Lack of a coherent, logical construction of the text.
  5. Talentless graphomaniac
    Talentless graphomaniac

    Copying images, plagiarism.

  6. Style and syntax violations.
  7. Template and inexpressive text.
  8. Verbosity.
  9. Petishness.
  10. Lack of sense of humor.

Among the desert of words, among the battles of phrases, where the wind of change

will not leave a trace, we seek the truth more than once leads to the labyrinths of delirium.

Three groups of graphomaniacs

  1. The first writes about nothing, but very beautifully, trying to create artistic images. But this only reflects a good education.
  2. Clumsy language, but intricate plot that can still be edited.
  3. Imitation of works or verbal garbage. Here it is more clearly shown what a graphomaniac is.

Thirst for recognition

Everyone wants confessions. Graphomaniacs attack publishers, insisting on the publication of their "imperishable", or most often published at their own expense. They have a different idea of their works than the audience.

Graphomania exists in many varieties, but we are considering literary.

As a rule, graphomaniacs do not have an audience. In principle, they cannot collect it, since no one is interested. Therefore, they remain alone, aggravating their painful condition.

The last day is burning with a leaf of red autumn.

Today I thought about this and that for a long time.

Maybe it was not even me at all,If just like that cockroaches walk in the head?

graphomaniac word master
graphomaniac word master

The graphomaniac does not feel the subject. Maybe he rhymes correctly, but there is no sense between the words. Most likely, this is similar to the drawing of lines by those who cannot draw, which gives some resemblance to a portrait. Needed rightdirect the explosion of emotions and find your right path. But if the topic and reading capture the reader, then this is no longer graphomania.

It is difficult to name quantitative criteria for evaluating a work. Information slips that the evaluation of the work should be payment for it. If they don't pay, then it's graphomania. This is not always the case, but a thinking and talented person will always find a way to get paid for creativity. Even if it is small money.

Who is a graphomaniac? Definition on the positive side

Unsuccessful writers are presented as losers and mediocrity, not burdened with special intelligence. Most likely, this is an extreme. A person can be quite decent and educated. It is not at all necessary for him to earn money by writing. He writes for himself, and it's just as hard. Unprofessional text and a lot of shortcomings does not mean a lack of ability. They require certain knowledge and experience, as well as for any other activity. Everyone goes through the period of graphomania until something worthwhile begins to appear. It's just that for some it takes a couple of years of study, while for others it takes many years. This can be clearly seen by teaching the artist's craft, among which there may also be more than one graphomaniac. The master of the word has no right to put a contemptuous stigma on a person just because he failed to get the necessary education on time and makes attempts to write something on his own.

The role of the Internet in the development of creativity

What is a graphomaniac in modern society? Currently, he has disappeared on the Internet among other writers.of people. You can create directly in individual blogs and portals. Some people are gradually gaining mastery, and the choice is expanding for readers. At the same time, you do not have to pay anything for freely published texts. If earlier there was an unbridgeable gulf between writers and readers, now everyone writes. It is very good that millions of people are involved in this process, and for many it is completely indifferent whether they stick a label on them or put a graphomaniac stamp on someone or not. The Russian language (and other languages as well) can triumph and be proud of its relevance.

Graphomaniac Seal
Graphomaniac Seal

Print, friends, for many years, There is no reason to stop on the road.

When the Internet dies from the virus, We will live in tattered pages.

The next advantage of graphomania is salvation from loneliness and idleness. It is undoubtedly useful for children and young people, because it helps to eliminate illiteracy and develop thinking. At the same time, the circle of acquaintances is significantly expanded. For the older generation, graphomania is a means of dealing with stress and loneliness. In this way, mental traumas are healed, which cannot be done in other ways. In addition, there are sure to be sympathizers online who are ready to support in difficult times.

From the foregoing, it follows that a graphomaniac is: a person who provides useful information to a wide range of people, who himself copes with his internal problems.