What is a "flop": definition, features, examples

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What is a "flop": definition, features, examples
What is a "flop": definition, features, examples

Video: What is a "flop": definition, features, examples

Video: What is a "flop": definition, features, examples
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Poker has always been and remains one of the most popular card games. In Russia, he became popular not so long ago - basically our compatriots learned about him from literature or Hollywood films. How does this game lure its supporters, why is it so interesting? There is an expression: "You can learn to play poker in half an hour - you will learn to play all your life." Perhaps this is where the clue lies.

poker game
poker game

A bit of history

The first mention of poker dates back to the 16th century - this game is one of the oldest in the history of mankind. Someone believes that poker originated in China, there are also supporters of European origin. Now it is no longer possible to establish unequivocally which country became the ancestor of the game

If we take the first mention of poker in the literature, these are the notes of the English traveler Jonathan Green. Rafting down the Mississippi River, he learned about an exciting game that the sailors introduced him to. The game was played by 2-4 people and is described as similar to Texas Hold'em as possible.

Poker has gained the most popularity in the USA. It is because of this that many consider it a typical American game.

Poker in American saloons
Poker in American saloons

Enterprising players with the rise of the internet have been able to see the huge potential benefits of poker if it goes online. After all, not everyone had the opportunity to come to the casino and sit at the card table. And on January 1, 1998, the first poker hand of this kind was played online.

The attitude towards online poker was, to put it mildly, skeptical at that time. But in 2003, an event takes place that turned the world of online poker and the attitude towards it around the world upside down. Chris Moneymaker was a simple American hard worker - one in a million. His hobby was online poker. And in 2003, having passed a series of qualifying tournaments, he takes first place in the World Series of Poker and receives a mega prize - he becomes the owner of $ 2.5 million. Real person, real money. The game is beginning to be trusted. From that moment, the full-fledged careers of now famous online poker players begin.

Streets in poker: preflop, flop, turn, river

There are so-called streets in poker. This is the stage of distributing cards to players and opening community cards. In such poker disciplines as Hold'em and Omaha, there are four of them. In the future, studying poker terms and features of the game, we will do this on the basis of Texas Hold'em. Streets are named preflop, flop, turn and river.

Preflop is the first round of betting in most poker games. The cards have already been de alt to the players, but they are not yet on the table. The players assess the situationbased primarily on the cards de alt.

Flop - the second round of betting; the stage of opening the common cards. During this round, the first three cards are revealed on the table. Having 2 cards de alt during the preflop + 3 opened on the table, the players make compositions.

Turn - the stage of revealing another community card, followed by the third round of betting.

River - the stage of revealing the last card of five. If we take Texas Holdem, now there are five cards open on the table, and two for each player. The last, fourth round of betting is connected with the river.

Meaning of correct flop play

What is the flop for poker players? This is a very important stage of distribution, because. after revealing three cards on the general table, the player already has information about 71% of the cards with which he will deal in this hand. By looking at your pocket cards and evaluating the newly opened ones, you can already tell for sure whether the flop strengthened the initial position. Poker in Texas Hold'em is a game where 5 cards are evaluated, which means that some players already understand whether they have collected a successful composition at the moment or not yet.

Flop variations

  1. Rainbow. Three flop cards are laid out on the table and all three are of different suits.
  2. Double-suited. What is a double-suited flop, it becomes clear already from the name. It means that two of the three cards on the table are of the same suit. In this case, having two cards of the same suit in hand, the player has a so-called flush draw - a flush without one card. You can try to “reach out” to such a winning combination on the turn orriver.
  3. Flop double-suited
    Flop double-suited
  4. suited. Happens only in 5% of cases. All cards on the flop are of the same suit. You can rejoice, having collected a strong flush. Or worry if he's gathered at the opponents.
  5. Suited Flop
    Suited Flop
  6. Paired. In this case, we have two cards of the same value on the flop. Set, full house, four of a kind - you can collect any of these winning combinations here
  7. Two-connector. When this flop is opened, two cards appear on the table, following each other. With a 3 and 4 in hand, for example, and seeing a 5 and 6 on the flop, we've already built a straight draw that may or may not improve to a straight.
  8. Three-connector. Three consecutive cards appear on the table. Some of the players may already have a finished straight.
  9. Wood burning. No, it has nothing to do with wood. What is a draw flop in poker? This is the flop that can make both a straight and a flush.
  10. Draw flop
    Draw flop
  11. Dry. A situation where the three cards shown do not give the prospect of either a straight or a flush, and do not even add up to a draw.

Translation of flop

The word is English and can be used not only in poker. Yes, most will think of a card game when they hear it. In translation, "flop" does not refer to gambling at all. So, let's look into the Russian-English dictionary.

What is the "flop" if you forget about poker for a while? Literally, this is a verb meaning "to flop", "to fall","fall off".

What is a flop outside of poker?

This word can be heard in an informal conversation about some musical artist. But not about any, but only about whose positions have fallen sharply. For example, if the album of a certain popular artist fell in the rating, failed at the box office - it can be called a flop. At one time, this is how American youth called Britney Spears and Madonna - they also had failed singles. In America, in this context, the word "flop" in slang is very popular among teenagers.

Flop also happens in computer drawing. Here the word means a drawing created quickly. Often, when creating it, they do not use a fill or make it one color.

If you study American slang more closely, you can find out the third meaning of the word flop. Moreover, it replaces the voluminous description of the person, describing the person who gives the assignment at the last minute.