"45 manager tattoos": reader reviews, author and main idea of the book

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"45 manager tattoos": reader reviews, author and main idea of the book
"45 manager tattoos": reader reviews, author and main idea of the book

Video: "45 manager tattoos": reader reviews, author and main idea of the book

Video: "45 manager tattoos": reader reviews, author and main idea of the book
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A tattoo is forever. This is the memory of the experience. This is a challenge to others. This is a secret sign of belonging and a "friend or foe" recognition system. A tattoo made at 20 at 40 may seem like a mistake, they get rid of it. Then there is a scar. It's forever. This is a reminder.

In reviews of the book "45 Manager Tattoos" readers were divided into "friends and foes". Someone is inspired by the author and tries on his drawing for themselves. And someone counts the scars and warns against mistakes.

batyrev speech author
batyrev speech author

First Person

Maxim Batyrev ("Combat"). Formation as a leader took place in the first decade of the current century. The time of formation and development of the modern format of Russian business. Behind the military school (incomplete) and MBA. Perhaps previous experience determined that set of 45 manager tattoos, reviews of which filled the business forums of the domestic Internet. He also helped him grow from an ordinary employee to a top network manager."Consulting Plus" Business success was awarded by the International Academy of Management - "Manager of the Year - 2012". Salecraft presented the "Commercial Director-2011" award, and Kommersant Publishing House included Russian managers in the TOP-1000.

Analyzing the path traveled, M. Batyrev notes the failure of Western management technologies in Russian realities. As a result - the publication of his book. Since 2013, he has been a writer, "playing coach". Since 2015 - speaker, regular participant of various business forums. According to his own opinion, 45 manager tattoos helped the author to succeed in this field. His literary works have repeatedly been recognized as the best in the "business book" category, and the schedule of speeches is scheduled months in advance.

Content and structure of the book

The title of the book fully corresponds to the content. Using the author's terminology, it can be called a "catalog of tattoos". Choose the theme and mood you need, and go ahead!

Almost without a preface, M. Batyrev proceeds to a specific presentation of the situations that led to the formation of tattoo rules. Each chapter is a separate story with its own intrigue, plot and conclusions. You can read them in any order. Although there is a certain authorial logic in the sequence of chapters, this does not affect the overall semantic content of the book.

The literary style of M. Batyrev in "45 Manager Tattoos", according to reviews, is very close to the modern reader. The book is written simply and clearly. Without excess water and academism. Lovers of "high" literature are repelled by the militarized vocabulary of the author, "chopped" phrases, and the use of vernacular expressions. It is this that bribes the rest. "45 manager tattoos" according to supporters: "easy to read", "in one breath", "like a modern business detective".

about yourself about employees
about yourself about employees

About myself, about subordinates and again about myself

Most business writers choose the neutral expert position. Evaluate the possibilities and risks of the theory being presented, invite readers to form their own opinion based on these estimates.

In M. Batyrev's book, the presence of the author is felt from the first pages to the final line. It cannot be otherwise, because this is a description of personal experience, obtained with sweat and blood. The chronicle of hostilities as presented by a direct participant cannot be neutral. The vocabulary used by the author gives rise to only such associations. From the "fighter" and the head of the "fighters" you do not expect a deep analysis of the situation. The outcome of each of the stories is known in advance: "Maxim - well done!". And it's even funny. Many note, in the reviews of "45 Manager Tattoos" by Maxim Batyrev, that there are too many of him. But otherwise this book would not have been written.

Employees-subordinates Manager Batyrev, like a real battalion commander, divides into "friends and foes." Aliens are "weak", "terrorists", "living not with a goal, but with a dream." If it is not possible to make from "someone else's""of his own", he is considered a "moral invalid". Our own are "like-minded people", "a flock copying the leader." They do not discuss decisions and protect the interests of the leader. They firmly learned that one day they would definitely be fired. There are no halftones. There are only two colors in M. Batyrev's palette.

If these "tattoos" do not cause doubts in the reader, then the created image of the leader is close and understandable to him. The strongest, real leader, responsible for everything and everyone. Does not doubt and does not trust anyone to the end. The leader-manager does not relax and does not leave the image for a minute. The novice leader only needs to use the proposed options for action. The example of M. Batyrev is the successful implementation of such an image.

action motivation
action motivation

Act and act again

The life rule of "Combat": "Intentions minus actions equals nothing". Reading reviews and comments about "45 Manager Tattoos", you understand that the author of the book managed to captivate the audience with this idea. "The book energizes, makes you get up off the couch, motivates you to change, inspires you to act" - this is how most evaluate what they read.

Action is elevated to the rank of unconditional virtue. Deep analysis, coaching, calculation of options in advance - all this is superfluous. "Fuck analytics during a crisis", "time is more important than ideality", "first we fight the consequences, then the causes" - the author suggests making such "tattoos" to managers.

In times of a tactical style of business existence and a total deadline, this approach to management finds many adherents.

application practice
application practice

Practical application

In the reviews of "45 manager tattoos" it is the real practical experience that is most often positively evaluated. From the first pages you believe that these are not theoretical arguments on the topic "how it could be", but the author's own, real life. All this has been experienced, tested and suffered. Getting tattoos is a long and painful process.

Stories are recognizable and typical of many companies. Confrontation between the sales department and the "intellectual" divisions. A lawyer who, under any circumstances, leaves the workplace at exactly 18.00. Mistakes in the selection of personnel and an unsuccessfully chosen strategy. Many people face this every day, so it's interesting to compare the way to solve the problem and your own result with the author's version.

Critics in reviews of "45 manager tattoos" note that, even if 10 years of experience, but in one company is not enough to draw generalized conclusions. Inside the only corporate culture familiar in practice to the author, and knowing, albeit thoroughly, the business processes of only one industry, it is impossible to create a universal reminder algorithm for a specialist.

So the specificity, not loved by M. Batyrev, still exists. Strategies and approaches in the management of the sales department and the development team are still different. There are nuances, there are specifics. Methods cannot be usedmanagement of a company of paratroopers under the leadership of a ballet troupe. Although discipline and self-discipline are important components of success in both cases. As well as diligence and strict adherence to instructions. Perhaps the military style will reduce the number of demonstrative tantrums and complaints about the lack of inspiration, but how will this affect the final stage? And do we need such a ballet? The view of management is limited to the sales process - the main rebuke of critics.

pros and cons
pros and cons

For and against

If we briefly outline the reviews of supporters and critics of the book, we get the following.

Praised for:

  1. Light style.
  2. Clear examples.
  3. No "extra" theory.
  4. Real hands-on experience.

Criticized for:

  1. Primitive style and "soldafonic" vocabulary.
  2. Examples are limited to one division, one company.
  3. Permissiveness of author's assessments.

In the preface, M. Batyrev wrote that the book is a statement of his own opinion, without attempts to convince and prove. The sincerity of the text is catchy, many "drawings" cause heated debate. This controversy also turned into reviews of "45 Manager Tattoos. The Rules of a Russian Leader".

for whom
for whom

For whom it is written

For those who are just at the beginning of a managerial path or are planning such a career development option. To paraphrase the first "tattoo" by M. Batyrev: "First, learn to lead according to someone else's rules, thencome up with your own".

experienced managers are unlikely to learn anything new. Maybe they will remember their managerial youth and count their tattoos and scars?