Igor Prokopenko: biography, personal life, family and children, photo

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Igor Prokopenko: biography, personal life, family and children, photo
Igor Prokopenko: biography, personal life, family and children, photo

Video: Igor Prokopenko: biography, personal life, family and children, photo

Video: Igor Prokopenko: biography, personal life, family and children, photo
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There are things in life that are really important and necessary. That which is the essence of man, his core. What he truly is.

But it also happens that a person pretends to play some role worse than any professional actor.

What a person really is - is the truth. A real and unique universe filled with meaning. Always existing, regardless of any external factors.

What a person pretends to be is fiction. This is also a kind of universe. Illusory, unreliable, and existing only as long as it is talked about.

And somewhere on the border of these two parallels there is a certain zone that lives by its own rules. A whole galaxy of one of the most famous and controversial journalists in Russia. "Territory of Delusions" by Igor Prokopenko.


There is such a thing as calling. This is the very meaning of life. A path with a real purpose. Igor's vocation, which had already practically connected his life with the army, ended up being journalism.

Igortends to avoid personal questions. He moves away from them, as if brushing aside the ridiculous obstacles on the way to his most important and main goal, his vocation. What really occupies his mind and heart, and what everyone regularly sees and hears on TV screens or reads in numerous books written by him.

Books by Igor Prokopenko
Books by Igor Prokopenko

The story of Igor Prokopenko begins on February 8, 1965. On this day, the future journalist was born in the city of Pavlovsk, Voronezh region.

The boy from childhood had a craving for writing, and even the choice he made at first in favor of a military speci alty could not extinguish his desire to write. It was in this occupation that Igor saw his vocation and the meaning of his existence. He simply could not help but write.

After serving in the army, young Prokopenko decided to become a military man, successfully graduated from one of the best military educational institutions of the USSR - the Kalinin Suvorov Military School, as well as the Donetsk Higher Military-Political School of Engineering and Signal Corps.

Student of the Higher Military-Political School
Student of the Higher Military-Political School

After studying and receiving the rank of lieutenant, Igor served for several years in a secret air defense center.

When the future exposer of secrets and the unknown was 24 years old, already in the rank of major, Igor Prokopenko's army career was quickly over. He left the army for no apparent reason and began working as a military journalist in newspapers such as Krasnaya Zvezda and Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which published Igor's articles written by him from almost all hot news.country points. The journalist did not pass the first Chechen war of 1994-1996 either. It was then that thanks to his publications he received his first fame.

Igor himself described those years as follows:

In general, I have a bad attitude towards journalists who work in the war, to a certain part of them. Because here it is very difficult to answer the question of what you are doing there and why. Because, in fact, you earn a name and money from the death and death of people. This is a contradiction that I could not resolve for myself…


A few years later, Igor Prokopenko got a job as a television columnist for political and military news. At that time, he could already be easily seen on such major channels as ORT, RTR and NTV, where he participated in such programs as Vremya, Vesti and Segodnya.

In 1995, when the journalist was only 30 years old, he inexplicably reached the level of a military expert. A man who understood combat tactics, strategy and military equipment with ease and professionalism.

At the same time, his first documentary "Brooch on a Galloon" was released on ORT and was positively evaluated by critics, after which the popularity of the future star of sensations grew rapidly. Soon he was already invited to host such programs as "Oath" on RTR and "Military Secret" on REN TV.

A young and purposeful journalist did not miss a single interesting topic. Whether it is political, historical, military or even medical, Igor made a documentary about her. This is how the series came about.documentary investigations covering the problem of terrorism, the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the collapse of the Soviet Union and even a film about space and the Mir orbital station.

So began, one might say, a whole era.

The era of hypotheses, secrets and delusions.

The era of Igor Prokopenko.


Today, Igor Prokopenko is the Deputy General Director of the REN TV channel and, one might say, his face. Only on this channel you can see so many programs about paranormal phenomena, ghosts, aliens, anomalous zones and other mysterious events, facts and hypotheses based on eyewitness accounts. And all these broadcasts are the result of Prokopenko's creative genius.

Igor Prokopenko
Igor Prokopenko

How can you doubt what this person is saying, staring at you, the viewer, from the TV screen and confidentially, as if in secret, telling some secret not to anyone, but to you, thereby as if initiating you into some order of the elect?..

No wonder that in our time you can often hear a joke that the general director of the REN TV channel, based on the mystical message, the number of transcendent secrets and hypotheses broadcast, can only be an alien.

A journalist is not a scientist. The journalist only extrapolates the set of knowledge that he possesses. He has the right to interpret this knowledge. There is less demand from a journalist than from a scientist. Therefore, a journalist has the right to manipulate information, because there is no solid knowledge and ideas in this area…

Of course, when people talk about Igor, skepticism and pragmatism are most often heard.

But no matter what they say about him, the popularity and fame of this person can only be envied.

Private life

On the pages of Igor Prokopenko's social networks you will not see any photos from the family archive or even the slightest information about his relatives and friends.

As already mentioned, Prokopenko is a rather secretive person, especially when it comes to his family. Nothing worth knowing about his new projects or work plans, but his personal life, as before, remains out of public view.

For many years Igor has been married to Oksana Barkovskaya, who also works in television. Both are married for the second time, but judging by the number of years spent together, their union is successful.

Igor Prokopenko with his wife
Igor Prokopenko with his wife

They met on REN TV. Igor is 10 years older than Oksana, and has known her almost since childhood, as he was friends with the elder brother of his future wife. Oksana admits that despite the age difference and Igor's external composure, truly Italian temperament boils in their relationship.

The couple are raising a daughter and a son. Igor Prokopenko also has an adult daughter from his first marriage, who works with him on television.

Family of Igor Prokopenko
Family of Igor Prokopenko

Igor and Oksana love outdoor activities. Skiing, skating, hiking and playing the guitar in the evening by the fire are their common passion.

I work in television and it would be strange if Irelaxing in front of the TV. I have other ways to relax. I love cinema, Tarkovsky, Visconti, Antonioni and Karvai. I watch their films many times, I watch them from any place, they relax me…

The most famous TV projects of Igor Prokopenko

So, let's single out, as they say, the most-most popular works among the mass audience.

A military secret
A military secret

Program of Igor Prokopenko "Military Secret". It has been published since 1998 and is one of the oldest projects of domestic television. The permanent presenter of the program, Igor Prokopenko, was awarded the FSB Prize for the best coverage of the service's activities.

Territory of delusions
Territory of delusions

Igor Prokopenko's project "Territory of Delusions" invites viewers to forget about stereotypes and take a fresh look at seemingly well-known beliefs. To hear sometimes paradoxical, but for a long time not leaving the head points of view. Touch the secrets of the past, present and future.

The most shocking hypotheses
The most shocking hypotheses

The project "The most shocking hypotheses" by Igor Prokopenko touches on topics such as space, the unknown history of countries and the hidden possibilities of the human body. Reasoning is based only on proven facts. After watching this series of programs, the perception and worldview of the viewer changes.


Igor Prokopenko's investigative journalism has repeatedly won prizes at various forums and festivals.

What is worth, for example, only one awardAcademy of Russian Television TEFI, the laureate of which Igor became six times:

  • In 2000 - for the documentary "Ebola - the mystery of the death virus";
  • in 2001 - for the documentary series "Voices from the Silence";
  • in 2003 - for the documentary "Diary of a Fugitive";
  • in 2005 - for the documentary series "Chechen Trap";
  • in 2007 - for the documentary "Captured and Forgotten";
  • in 2009 - for the documentary "Dr. Lisa".

Igor has also received numerous awards from Artem Borovik, the Rome and Moscow film festivals, and is an honorary member of the Academy of Russian Television.

Igor Prokopenko backstage
Igor Prokopenko backstage

Prokopenko Phenomenon

So who is Igor Prokopenko?

Relentless journalist in pursuit of fame or a true researcher?

Liar or seer?

Pragmatist or Romantic?

Any answer would be correct, because the Prokopenko phenomenon is a pendulum that swings somewhere between the universes of truth and fiction. Swings and knocks the inhabitant right on the forehead:

Knock! - Think.

Knock! - Think about it!

Knock! - What if everything he says is at least a quarter true?..

Igor Prokopenko's hypotheses, shocking the viewer or reader, allow you to get out of the ordinary and give food for further thought.

Over the past 10-15 years, science has stepped far forward, has accumulated a huge amount of facts that it cannot yet cope with. There was a phrase" alternative science". My task is to provide a platform for those who are on the crest of discoveries and the search for new hypotheses…