Ilya Yabbarov: biography, personal life, participation in the show "Dom-2"

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Ilya Yabbarov: biography, personal life, participation in the show "Dom-2"
Ilya Yabbarov: biography, personal life, participation in the show "Dom-2"

Video: Ilya Yabbarov: biography, personal life, participation in the show "Dom-2"

Video: Ilya Yabbarov: biography, personal life, participation in the show "Dom-2"

Ilya Yabbarov is a participant in the reality show "Dom-2", a musician, a performer of songs in the chanson genre, a showman. In his free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles and playing backgammon. On the television project "Dom-2" he showed himself charismatic and sympathetic, kind and with a sense of humor, but, having a quick temper, earned himself a scandalous reputation.


Ilya Yabbarov was born on August 18, 1985 in the village of Uvek, Saratov Region. The boy was brought up without a father, in a family with two children. Ilya studied at school number 91. As a child, he loved to listen to music, sometimes he sang. He spent his free time in the yard with friends, playing cards or riding a motorcycle.


After graduating from school, Ilya faced the question of choosing a profession. He could not decide for a long time, but then he nevertheless entered the vocational school No. 20 as a car repairman. Ilya studied for exactly two semesters, after which he left the educational institution without finishing it.

Ilya was drafted into the ranks of the Russian Army, enlisted in the airborne troops. Duringpassing the service, the guy wrote the words of his first song. It was dedicated to the girl she loved.

On one of the dates, a young man went on stage and performed his composition. The song was liked by the audience. They asked to perform it as an encore. From that moment on, Ilya Yabbarov had a dream - to become a famous chanson performer.

After the army, the young man got a job at a sausage factory, where he managed to make a career and get the position of branch manager in Volgograd.


Before appearing on television in his biography, Ilya Yabbarov already had experience in building a family life. He was married to a girl named Christina. From this marriage, Yabbarov has a daughter, Vladislav.

Family of Ilya Yabbarov
Family of Ilya Yabbarov

The family broke up on the initiative of Ilya. According to him, the reason was the betrayal of his wife.

According to the ex-wife of the Doma-2 star, Ilya did not take part in raising the child after the divorce and did not provide financial assistance. At the end of 2017, the amount of alimony arrears was more than one hundred thousand rubles.

According to rumors, Yabbarov is the father of two more illegitimate children, in the upbringing of which he also does not participate.


Staying true to his dream of becoming a popular singer, and seeing no chance of realizing it without having connections in the right circles, Ilya Yabbarov applied for a television casting. On April 24, 2015, he became a member of Dom-2 and announced his sympathy for Kamila Korobeynikova. The girl did not reciprocate, preferring another member.

Then Alexandra Gozias appeared on the project. Sympathy arose between the young people, and they declared themselves a couple, but broke up after the appearance of Alexandra's ex-husband at Dom-2.

Ilya Yabbarov with Sasha Gozias
Ilya Yabbarov with Sasha Gozias

The next attempt to build a relationship Ilya made with Olga Rapunzel. Everything was going well until the participants saw intimate photos of the girl on the Internet. Yabbarov could not accept this and left Olga.

Later, Ilya Yabbarov was expelled from the TV set for being rude towards Kristina Deryabina. He convinced the presenters for a long time that he realized everything and this would not happen again. In the end, they took pity on him and returned him to the project. Relations within the perimeter did not develop. Ilya began dating a girl named Maria Bukhun outside the project. She was invited to Dom-2.

Participants of the TV show did not believe in the sincerity of Mary. To test the relationship, the couple was sent to the Seychelles. Soon scandals began, and the young people broke up.

Ekaterina Kaufman appeared on the project, whom Ilya soon began to look after. The girl was still married, but Yabbarov reciprocated. Relations began to develop rapidly. Ilya proposed to Catherine. After the divorce of the girl, the couple planned to participate in the "Wedding for a Million" contest and further marriage. But this did not happen, as frequent scandals began. The couple broke up.

Ilya Yabbarov with Katya Kaufman
Ilya Yabbarov with Katya Kaufman

In 2016, Ilya Yabbarov left the project. To be close to his favorite TV set, in early 2017 he becameregular driver. In March of the same year, he took part in the program “We Speak and Show” on the NTV channel as the main character. Elina Kovalskaya, Ilya's ex-girlfriend, came to the program and spoke about Yabbarov's debts. According to her, he borrowed money from her allegedly for the purpose of paying alimony and did not return it. According to the girl, Ilya owed her about a million rubles.

In early 2017, Ilya appeared on television in the humorous reality show "Partners". In addition, he recorded two of his songs and began to give concerts, performing other popular chanson songs.

At the end of 2017, it became known about the relationship between Ilya and Maria Kakhno, but they also ended in parting.

Yabbarov today

The last return to Dom-2 by Ilya Yabbarov took place in January 2018. For some time he could not make a choice and rushed between Olga Zharikova and Alena Rapunzel (Savkina), Olga Rapunzel's sister, with whom he had tried to build relationships in the past.

After thinking and deciding on his feelings, Ilya declared his love for Alena.

Ilya with Alena
Ilya with Alena

The couple settled in and began to make plans for the future. After a while, the girl announced her pregnancy. The future father seemed happy. But a serious test awaited the couple. As it turned out, Ilya cheated on his chosen one. Alena could not forgive. Scandals began.

Ilya was sent to the Seychelles so that Alena would calm down, be able to think things through and make an informed decision. Once on the islands, Yabbarov said that he and this girl had nothing more to doconnects, except for the child, and immediately began dating Margarita Larchenko, with whom he soon settled. Time will tell how this relationship will end.