Ivan Zatevakhin: biography, personal life, career, photo

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Ivan Zatevakhin: biography, personal life, career, photo
Ivan Zatevakhin: biography, personal life, career, photo

Video: Ivan Zatevakhin: biography, personal life, career, photo

Video: Ivan Zatevakhin: biography, personal life, career, photo
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"Animal Dialogues", who doesn't remember this show? It ran from the mid-1990s until 2017. And had the highest popularity among science programs.

Her leader is a very interesting person. In the article we will talk in detail about Ivan Zatevakhin. How he came to television and how it all began.

Zatevakhin Ivan Igorevich
Zatevakhin Ivan Igorevich


The future TV presenter was born in 1959. To be more precise, this event took place on September 7th. Most recently, the beloved TV presenter turned 59 years old.

Ivan Zatevakhin is a native Muscovite. Named after his grandfather on his father's side, lieutenant general, once commander of the USSR Airborne Forces.

The boy's father was the famous doctor of medical sciences Igor Ivanovich Zatevakhin. He was a laureate of the Bakulev Prize, head of the Department of Surgery, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences). In general, the person is quite famous not only in medical circles, but also amongcommon people.

Ivan Zatevakhin's mother's "shoulder straps" are smaller, but they have a place to be. Marina Vadimovna, that was the name of the boy's mother, an anesthesiologist by profession. He is an employee of the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery.

The future TV presenter, as we can see, came from a family of doctors. As a child, he was interested in medicine, but quickly lost interest in it. He studied well and, when the time came, he entered Moscow State University.

Study at Moscow State University, work at the Institute of Oceanology

Ivan Zatevakhin is a graduate of Moscow State University. Namely, the Faculty of Geography. He graduated from it in 1981. And the department where the young man studied is called "biogeography". After graduating from the university, the young man gets a job at the Institute of Oceanology. Worked there for 16 years. He left the Institute in 1997.

During my studies at the university, I managed to visit the Crimea. He became very interested in studying the behavior of dolphins and wanted to find out how it changes with a change in habitat. The leader of the young man was the legendary Nikolai Drozdov.

Note that over the years of work at the Institute of Oceanology, Ivan Zatevakhin managed to work in the waters of five oceans. Visited many seas, being on scientific expeditions and voyages.

Animal show host
Animal show host


Why did the host of the program "Live Stories with Ivan Zatevakhin" leave his field of activity? Just living on the salary of a researcher has become unrealistic. So he went to the cynologists. Yes, yes, the future TV presenter trained dogs. And it was he who laid the foundation for the development of standards andtraining competitions. By the way, Ivan also organized the first championship of Russia among bodyguard dogs.

Note that the presenter has published a book about dog training, in which he reveals to the reader his own experience in dealing with dogs, as well as the ability to see man's four-legged friends. The book is called "Notes of a trainer. Dogs and us." It was published in 2016.

With a Rottweiler dog
With a Rottweiler dog

MC Career

Children of the 90s should remember how they gathered at the TV, barely hearing a cute voice announcing the start of the program "Dialogues about animals with Ivan Zatevakhin". And it was so interesting to watch: either a tame raccoon would be shown, or some other animal, unusual for that time.

And it all started with the ability of the presenter to tell stories. He had many such stories, accumulated over the years of scientific expeditions. And then one day his friend, TV presenter Alexander Gurevich, threw an idea to Ivan. Why not release a cycle of programs dedicated to animals? They will be short, only 15 minutes, but very entertaining.

Ivan accepted the offer, and the work began to boil. At first, these 15-minute programs were shown on the channel "Business Russia". Subsequently, they grew into full-fledged television programs, which Ivan Zatevakhin called "Dialogues about Animals". Soon these dialogues were joined by "Fishing Dialogues". And both programs smoothly moved to the "Hunting and Fishing" channel.

In 2002, a series of programs called "Underwater Expeditions" was filmed. Their main purpose was to show the relationship between all types of living organisms that inhabit different marine areas.

But the popular presenter did not calm down on this. After "Underwater Expeditions", work began on filming about the life of birds.

In a studio
In a studio

Other achievements of the presenter

In 1999, the program "Dialogues about animals" received the TEFI award. The presenter is the head of the Pets channel. And he conducts his program on it, dedicated to four-legged pets.

Zatevakhin appears not only on television. He is also a radio presenter. A program about animals is being broadcast on Radio Russia.

The experience of relations between Ivan Zatevakhin and dogs, accumulated over the years of work as a cynologist, resulted in the book "Notes of a Trainer. Dogs and Us", which was published in 2016.

And since January 2017, Ivan has been broadcasting a program called "Living Stories". You can watch it on the channel "Russia 1". Some materials about animals are taken from the Internet. In particular, the presenter admits that he finds the most interesting videos on a well-known hosting, and he makes others public, taking them from his personal blog.

Ivan with a dog
Ivan with a dog

Private life

The presenter owes his acquaintance with his future wife to his cynological past. It was on the training ground that he met the charming Elena. The girl came there with the aim of teaching her dog protection. And met her fate.

First there were classes, then they met outside of training. We started to communicate. And, as usual, they fell in love with each other. And then, like everyone else: they got married, had two children. Almost nothing is known about the host's daughter. But the son went to his father - a legend for today's youth. A hip-hop performer who does not have an exemplary disposition and ideal musical lyrics. Igor Ivanovi Zatevakhin, better known under the pseudonym Pes, prefers to generously "water" his texts with profanity. How the famous father feels about this, history is silent.

A charming Staffordshire Terrier, a male named Gor. lives in the Zatevakhin family

Interesting facts

Now much is known about the life of TV presenter Ivan Zatevakhin. But there is something else that I would like to tell the reader about:

  • The host has a black belt in judo.
  • Admitted that the dog bit him only once in his life.
  • Being a dog trainer, he has no cynological education.

Now readers know what the famous TV presenter Zatevakhin became famous for, as well as how his work on television began.