Rhyme to the word "flowers" - a reminder for a novice poet

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Rhyme to the word "flowers" - a reminder for a novice poet
Rhyme to the word "flowers" - a reminder for a novice poet

Video: Rhyme to the word "flowers" - a reminder for a novice poet

Video: Rhyme to the word "flowers" - a reminder for a novice poet
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Sometimes there are moments when you want to compose something interesting for your loved ones, or you start to have thoughts of realizing yourself as a poet. Then questions arise about how to rhyme certain words. Whether it will be poetry, or songs, or any stories, where you need to use phrases with rhyming, difficulties can appear in any case.

rhyming words for flowers
rhyming words for flowers

What is rhyme for?

I would like to analyze the question of rhyme to the word "flowers". Girls are very fond of these wonderful plants, because they inspire creativity. And for this creativity, you need to find that very rhyme. It is needed to write a poem, prose, even a song, giving the work the necessary poetic form.

What rhymes with "flowers"?

Depending on whether it will be a romantic poem, poem or rap - you can add the rhyme "cool", "screws". Most importantly, we need to understand what exactly we want from our creation.

Rhyming with the word"flowers": "cool", "screws", "care", "beauty", "you".

Of course, the purpose of a rhymed phrase is to touch the heart of the reader, so the rhyme is selected individually in each case.

For example, if you are writing about cityscapes, then the word "voids" will do. If the poem is romantic, then the rhyme "flowers - dreams" sounds very beautiful.

In any case, the author himself decides which epithets and metaphors to use. As with any other word, the rhyme for the word "flowers" can be different. Many use nouns, such as "candy", "sunrise", "sunset". The main thing here is to turn on your imagination, ingenuity.

You still need to think about what the rhyme will be chosen in honor of. Whether it's a birthday or a declaration of love, the main thing is to think over the basis in this poem, its meaning, the relationship of words, and start from this. In general, the way the lines are rhymed depends on how this poem is read, a lot depends on the stress in the word. The ending can be on "you", on "di" or even on "tee". Much depends on what the desire to write a verse is connected with.

Rhymes are different, obvious and less obvious. The main thing is to understand whether it will be a verse in the spirit of classical poetry or it will be white verse, which is preferred by many modern poets. The following rhymes to the word "flowers" are interesting: "bouquets", "rockets", "decrees" - these words can beorganically weave into the verse that they will play in a different way.


Modern poetry often uses different types of rhymes:

"I give you flowers, because there is not enough warmth, There are cares in your soul, only you in mine!"

rhyme flowers dreams
rhyme flowers dreams

The adjectives "yellow" and "empty" also fit the word "flowers". The rhyme for the word "flowers" - "yellow" can be used as a contextual epithet or as a metaphor. Here is an example from a poem by the contemporary modernist poet Shamray SK:

Summer days are yellow with the sun

They take me to the star.

You can talk a lot about this topic, the main thing is to have a core, a goal and aspiration, then everything will work out.