Spencer Hastings: Miss Reasonableness

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Spencer Hastings: Miss Reasonableness
Spencer Hastings: Miss Reasonableness

Video: Spencer Hastings: Miss Reasonableness

Video: Spencer Hastings: Miss Reasonableness
Video: Doula actress Troian Bellisario and director Cheryl Nichols talk about making a movie with their clo 2023, September

Pretty Little Liars is one of the favorite shows of girls all over the world. After all, he mixed in one bottle everything that they love so much: gossip, scandals, shopping, handsome guys. Spencer Hastings is one of the main characters around whom the plot develops. She stands out from the rest of the girls. And, at first glance, it seems too boring to please the audience. However, her special image still attracted a lot of fans. In addition, even such a serious and reasonable girl did not stay away from secrets and intrigues.

Spencer Hastings
Spencer Hastings

Who is Spencer Hastings?

Spencer is one of the four inseparable friends around whom the plot of Sarah Shepard's books develops, on the basis of which the series was filmed. Those who watched another popular series - "Gossip Girl" will agree: the girl would ideally look surrounded by the rich kids of the Upper East Side.

She always has high school performance, outstanding sports achievements, aristocratic upbringing. And no one dares to say that Spencer received all this only because of the special position of her family. All merit is the result of herconstant struggle and victories over yourself.

However, this image does not seem arrogant or arrogant at all. Hastings' sense of purpose inspires viewers. In addition, the series does not hide the moments of weakness that happen to each of us. Spencer's position in the world of Pretty Little Liars suggests that she has a great future ahead of her. At least until "A" comes on stage.

What do we know about Spencer?

Spencer Hastings: photo
Spencer Hastings: photo

The Spencer Hastings family holds a special position in Rosewood. It leaves an imprint on the life of the girl herself. Throughout her conscious life, she strives to meet the high bar that her parents set for her. This allows Spencer to achieve significant success in school, sports, social life. But this makes her live not the way she really wants to. Perhaps this is the reason for the conflicts in which the girl is drawn. She wants to go against the requirements of her parents, attract attention and live as she wants!

The older sister Melissa also plays a significant role here, who is constantly ahead of Spencer in everything. The youngest reciprocates her by having affairs with her sister's boyfriends behind her back.

Role performer

Performed by Spencer Hastings, actress Troian Bellisario. Surprisingly, she looks absolutely natural in the form of a 19-year-old teenager. After all, the performer herself at the time of filming was 29 years old!

Spencer Hastings actress
Spencer Hastings actress

Some interesting facts about Troian:

  • she hastattoo located on the thigh;
  • the actress grew up in a large creative family: her parents - a producer and an actress - had 8 more children;
  • Troian's weight is only 55 kilograms;
  • girl does not eat meat;
  • she got her first movie role at just three years old.

Clothing style

There is a separate name for the Spencer Hastings style (see photo of the bows below) - preppy. Of course, it did not appear in the series. If you follow fashion trends and trends, then you know that this is the style of rich American schoolchildren and students. Literally translated "tidy", which fully characterizes its features.

Spencer dresses in a classic style, which is diluted with both vintage elements and completely modern things. The main thing is the clear thoughtfulness of every detail and neatness.

If you want to embody the style of the heroine in your wardrobe, use these tricks:

  • Combine delicate femininity and masculine practicality. A good example is a tailored jacket over a cocktail dress.
  • The color scheme of the style is muted, calm, without colorful patterns and neon shades.
  • The basis of the "preppy" style is classic things. Shirts, trousers, plaid sweaters, pencil skirts are the basis of such a wardrobe.
  • Although the description of the style sounds boring for someone, looking at Spencer, one cannot say about uninteresting images. All this thanks to the skillful combination of colors and textures, as well as the use of accessories.
Spencer Hastings style
Spencer Hastings style

Complementing the look

StyleSpencer Hastings is designed to emphasize the natural beauty of the girl. At the same time, she always looks impressive and well-groomed. How to repeat this in your image?

  • Pay attention to your eyebrows. Create a clear shape and keep them in order.
  • Makeup should be kept to a minimum. And even more so, bright shades are not welcome.
  • Usually Spencer does not use lipstick or chooses shades of nude. In exceptional cases, she chooses burgundy and wine colors.
  • The styling of the heroine can also be called classic. These are neat curls that look natural and are created with minimal use of styling products.

If you like the "serial" Spencer Hastings not only with her style, but also with the image of the heroine, you should definitely read the books! There you will find many new stories and facts. And Spencer herself will surprise you, because the plots of the series and the book intersect, but are not identical to each other. However, let's keep the intrigue and wish you an exciting read!