Lion Boniface is a cartoon worthy of the loudest applause and encouragement

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Lion Boniface is a cartoon worthy of the loudest applause and encouragement
Lion Boniface is a cartoon worthy of the loudest applause and encouragement

Video: Lion Boniface is a cartoon worthy of the loudest applause and encouragement

Video: Lion Boniface is a cartoon worthy of the loudest applause and encouragement
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"Boniface's Vacation" - hearing the name of this cartoon, most of the older generation have the warmest memories in their hearts. Therefore, you will be interested to know how the cartoon was created. Well, first, let's briefly recall the plot.

lion boniface
lion boniface

Summary of the cartoon "Boniface's Vacation"

It's easy to guess who the main character of the tape is. This is the lion Boniface. He is a hard worker actor who tirelessly participates in circus performances, performing the most difficult tricks without fail. For his diligence, the circus director often walks with him around the city, during walks he feeds him with bananas, which the lion simply adores. But one day on one of these walks, Boniface learns that in the summer the children go on vacation and most of them go to their grandmothers.

Boniface never had a vacation, and this made him very upset. The director noticed the mood of the lion. Since Boniface was an exemplary employee, the director decides to let him go on vacation.

Inspired by happiness, Boniface goes on vacation to his grandmother in Africa. He rides firstby train, then by boat. On the way, the lion constantly dreams about how he will rest, basking in the sun, swimming in the lake and eating bananas. But most importantly, Boniface dreams of catching a goldfish.

Arriving at home, the lion Boniface discovered that nothing had changed at home. His grandmother is still sitting in the rocking chair, still knitting something.

He ran up, warmly hugged his grandmother and got ready to go to the planned rest. He put on his bathing suit, took a net, a small bucket and headed to the lake.

lion boniface cartoon
lion boniface cartoon

Suddenly Boniface saw a beautiful butterfly and ran after it. He was so carried away that he did not notice the little girl, who was very frightened when she saw "an unfamiliar lion." To calm the child, he begins to show his skills by juggling with pebbles. And since the African girl has never seen anything like this in her life, Boniface's tricks make a huge impression on her, and she begins to bring her friends to the performance every day.

Leo Boniface could not deceive the expectations of the children, so every day he showed them different tricks.

This is how the holidays went. The lion never caught the treasured fish that he dreamed about so much. On the pier, the lion's grandmother Boniface barely had time to throw a new sweater over him. The ship blew its whistle and set sail. A crowd of African kids all together ran to see off their favorite lion. He stood on the deck and waved his paw at them.

Suddenly, he felt some movement under his sweater, put his paw inside and took out a goldfish. Holding it in my hands for a fewminutes, Boniface let her go to sea.

That's how touching this good cartoon ends.

lion's grandmother Boniface
lion's grandmother Boniface

Main meaning

For the team of the creators of the cartoon, every detail of this tape was important, as they wanted to convey to the children the main essence of the idea. Do you remember what the lion Boniface thinks about when he rides back? He is completely convinced that the holidays are great, despite the fact that he constantly worked for others and practically did not rest. A person does not get tired if he feels that he brings joy to others - this is the main idea of the cartoon.

Well, now let's get down to the basics and tell you how it was created.

lion Boniface cartoon
lion Boniface cartoon

How did it all start?

The plot is based on an excerpt from a fairy tale by Milos Macourek, a famous Czech writer. The original title of the tale is "Boniface and his nephews".

It all started from the moment when several pages of the fairy tale fell into the hands of the Soviet director F. Khitruk. His attention was drawn to the lines that showed the predatory lion from a completely different, kind side, and the director decided to reveal this idea in a new cartoon.

The director took a creative approach to work: leaving the essence of the fairy tale, he managed to present the cartoon in a different semantic perspective. In the original, this sad tale is about how a lion, having arrived on vacation, shows performances to his nephews instead of rest. Fedor Khitruk added soft humor combined with lyricism to the image of the lion, which made the picture easier and more attractive for children's perception.

Cartoon aboutlion Boniface: interesting facts

To record the infectious children's laughter, which is repeatedly heard in the cartoon, the voices of children were used, who were shown the same cartoon without sound. This means that already at this stage it was possible to judge that this animated film would be a success.

The appearance of the lion Boniface was diligently worked out by a group of artists led by Sergey Alimov. It was he who developed the original mane for the main character, the embodiment of which was performed in the technique of contourless drawing - this is painstaking manual work using special tampons.

"Vacations of Boniface": prizes and awards

  • 1965 - Honorable Mention at Cork International Festival.
  • 1966 - Prize-winning place at the Golden Pelican Film Festival in the nomination of children's films in Mamaia.
  • 1966 - Award in the section of animated films at the 2nd All-Union Film Festival in the city of Kyiv.
  • 1967 - Honorable Mention at the International Children's Film Festival in Tehran.

"Boniface the Lion" is a cartoon worthy of the loudest applause. The proof of this is not only numerous prizes and awards, but also recognition by numerous TV viewers.