"Doctor House": reviews of the series, main characters, actors and roles

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"Doctor House": reviews of the series, main characters, actors and roles
"Doctor House": reviews of the series, main characters, actors and roles

Video: "Doctor House": reviews of the series, main characters, actors and roles

Video: "Doctor House": reviews of the series, main characters, actors and roles
Video: Is House MD the BEST TV Character of All Time? [Character Analysis, Part 1/3] 2023, September

Reviews of the series "Doctor House" leave no choice - this masterpiece is on the must-see list. The described work reveals not only the complexity of medicine, as such, but also the intricacies of human relationships. The creator of M. D. House masterfully demonstrates all the flaws of humanity and its extraordinary beauty in empathy, the desire to move on and, of course, the ability to perceive everything with humor (or a drop of irony).

General Description

House M. D. is an American television series, a medical detective series with moments of drama. The serial film tells about a brilliant diagnostician who specializes in two areas, namely: nephrology (concerning kidney diseases) and infectious diseases. But it is difficult for geniuses to get along in society. The main character is a closed cynic, a sharp rebel who has not heard of the rules of etiquette. His comrade Foreman (also a colleague) claims that “Gregory does not violaterules, he just ignores them.”

house doctor reviews
house doctor reviews

The doctor justifies his rudeness and ignorance with unbearable pain in his leg (the man survived the most difficult operation, now he cannot spend a day without painkillers). House is especially compassionate towards those patients who, like him, experience chronic pain.

Despite everything, they admire him and try to help overcome Vicodin addiction. Throughout the seasons, the doctor is supported by Wilson (best friend and oncologist) and Lisa Cuddy (endocrinologist). A team of young and promising interns have been accompanying House Doctor since season 1, changing the line-up a little.

Story structure

How many episodes in "Doctor House" - so many new stories. But, despite this, the content of the series itself is very homogeneous. A great honor of the episodes begins outside the walls of the Princeton-Plainsboro clinic, which is located in the city of the same name in Princeton, New Jersey. The episode opens with a story that reveals the reasons for the character's symptoms and the drastic deterioration of his condition. Later, a team of young doctors led by Gregory tries to identify the disease through differential diagnosis.

Typically, there are three possible options and the most optimal treatment method. After some time, it turns out that the patient is getting worse and everything comes to a critical point. Then House manages to make the correct diagnosis, overcoming the resistance and distrust of loved ones, prescribes treatment.

doctor house russian version
doctor house russian version

Often, arrivals hide some facts that are directly related to the disease itself: drug addiction, an affair on the side, work, and so on. Such lies and omissions make it difficult to determine the disease and threaten with a fatal outcome. Why the legendary phrase of Dr. Gregory House "Everyone lies!" always up to date.

The tension in the episode is diluted with the routine work of the protagonist. At these moments, the viewer can observe the high-quality irony and brilliant mind of House (and his peculiar manner of communicating with people).

Medicine in the series

Reviews about the series "House Doctor" help beginners understand that the emphasis here is not on the operating table and diseases. The process of making a diagnosis takes the breath away, which is more like an investigation. In many episodes, one can observe the illegal entry of two interns from the team into the patient's house. Here, young doctors dig through everything from trash to personal belongings, hoping to find something that will confirm the correctness of the hypotheses put forward (or disprove).

dr house season 1
dr house season 1

The highlight, or medical detective's refrain, was an autoimmune disease called lupus. It is suggested as a possible diagnosis in almost every series. This is due to a large number of conflicting symptoms, which are characteristic of the described disease. Vasculitis and sarcoidosis have also become so common.

Historical background

Reviews of the series House M. D. unanimously assert that there is a close connection between a fictional detective named Sherlock Holmes and Gregory himself. One ofproducers David Shore admitted that he is a true admirer of the detective and admired his amazing indifference to the victims.

dr house main characters
dr house main characters

As for allusions, it is worth considering the main ones:

  • the surnames House and Holmes, as well as the names John Watson and James Wilson are consonant;
  • comrades live next door for several seasons;
  • the apartment number is also symbolic - 221V;
  • the man who shot Gregory is Jack Moriarty (here the similarity is obvious);
  • The patient who won House's heart is Irene Adler (nothing to add).

With this information, you can look at the main character from a different angle and discover something new.

Pop culture

The popularity of the series has borne fruit and has been noted in many other works. For example:

  1. The TV series "Clinic" - a parody can be seen in two episodes "My Dr. House" and "My bastards".
  2. The Simpsons animated series. Fans remember how Marge killed Griffin, House and Jack Bauer who appeared from the advertisement, and then baked the corpses in bread.
  3. Serial cartoon "Family Guy".

Russian version of Dr. House - TV series "Interns". The main role went to Ivan Okhlobystin, and actors Dmitry Sharakois, Kristina Asmus, Ilya Glinnikov, Alexander Ilyin became members of the team. Well, the Russian series is distinguished by appropriate causticity, accurate diagnoses and humor close to us.

dr house creator
dr house creator

References to Gregoryare present in the literary work of Sergei Lukyanenko "New Watch". There is a clear parallel in the TV series "The Diary of Doctor Zaitseva".

Camera crew

Creator of the legendary series is David Shore, an award-winning Canadian writer and lawyer. To date, the man has made another masterpiece and continues to work on it - "The Good Doctor".

Produced by Paul Attanasio, Cathy Jacobs, Bryan Singer, Thomas L. Moran, Russell Friend, Garrett Lerner, Greg Yaitanes and Hugh Laurie. More than thirty directors worked on the creation of the episodes, including Peter Medak, Newton Thomas Siegel, Guy Ferland, Keith Gordon, Laura Innes and others.

Heartbreaking scripts written by Garrett Lerner, Sarah Hess, Michael. R. Perry and John Mankiewicz. And yes, the intro is a composition by Massive Attacks Teardrop.

Actors of the first plan

The main characters in "Doctor House" went to talented actors. Everyone was imbued with their character and showed the viewer their purpose as much as possible.

  1. Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. There are no ideas who could look so harmonious in the frame. The most interesting thing is that the producers at first were looking for a "typical American" for this role. Bryan Singer, looking for the perfect candidate, stumbled upon Hugh and was pleasantly surprised by his resourcefulness. Only during filming did they find out that Lori is a native Englishman.
  2. Lisa Edelstein played Lisa Cuddy. The actress well conveyed the impudent disposition, the desire for justice and the femininity of the dean. School of Medicine and Chief Physician of Princeton-Placeboro.
  3. Robert Sean Leonard got the role of James Wilson. A man is an example of altruism, kindness and sincerity. He is House's only real friend and an excellent head of oncology.

The House team itself changes over time. Initial cast: Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), a neuroscientist; Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), resuscitator; Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), immunologist. In the third season, team members are gradually weeded out.

house doctor how many episodes
house doctor how many episodes

Further the group consisted of four doctors: Taub (Peter Jacobson), Kutner (Kal Penn) and Thirteenth (Olivia Wilde). Why four - Foreman returned. In the final season, new doctors Jessica Adams (Odette Annable) and Chi Park (Charlene Y) appeared.

World famous people appeared as cameos and supporting characters. So, the recidivist criminal is the American rapper LL Cool J, the bartender was played by Fred Durst (vocalist of the Limp Bizkit band).

Reaction from critics and viewers

The first release date for House M. D. is November 16, 2004. From that moment on, all critics carefully savored each episode. So, the series was compared with the light against the backdrop of the then program of the Fox TV channel. Matt Roush wrote that "work is unusual medicine for the medical drama/mystery genre". Bianculli was not left indifferent to the high-class acting and the developed script. Some critics did not see anything interesting in the series and called it mediocre.and unoriginal.

Hugh Laurie as Dr. House
Hugh Laurie as Dr. House

As for the viewers, the vast majority of reviews of the series "House Doctor" are characterized by frenzied delight, incredible admiration and a desire to imitate. Many were worried about the Gregory team, some lived from series to series, hoping for the cherished kiss of Cuddy and House. And absolutely everyone shared the work of specialists and determined the accuracy of the diagnosis.


Well, for this we should allocate a separate article. After all, the series took part in 170 nominations and won more than fifty awards.

dr house release date
dr house release date

Thus, in 2005, at the Primetime Emmy Award, David Shore won in the nomination "Best Screenplay for a Drama Television Series". Three years later, another victory - Greg Yaitans bothered to award "Best Directing in a Drama Television Series". For two years in a row, Hugh Laurie was awarded the title of "Best Actor in a Television Drama Series" at the Golden Globe Awards. The list of achievements of this picture is not limited to this.