Fonbet bookmaker: addresses in St. Petersburg

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Fonbet bookmaker: addresses in St. Petersburg
Fonbet bookmaker: addresses in St. Petersburg

Video: Fonbet bookmaker: addresses in St. Petersburg

Video: Fonbet bookmaker: addresses in St. Petersburg
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Fonbet is a leader among companies that accept bets on various sports, including e-sports, as well as cultural events. Branches are located in 82 regions of Russia. On the official website, you can find the addresses of Fonbet in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities.

Types of bets

First you need to figure out what bets are.

Fonbet from the inside
Fonbet from the inside

This information can be found on the company's website or from a branch employee at any of the Fonbet addresses in St. Petersburg, as well as in all cities where the office has representative offices.

Types of bets:

  • W1.
  • P2.
  • X.
  • X1.
  • X2.
  • 12.
  • Handicap.
  • Total.
  • Time match.
  • Correct score.

W1 means that the first team will win, and W2 - the second. If it is assumed that there will be a draw, then the X sign is chosen. The designation 1 and 2 indicates that the first or second team should win, while a draw is excluded. To choose the victory of the first team, you should mark 1X, bet on the victory of the second team - X2.

BHandicap plays a key role handicap. This is a certain amount of points that is taken into account when calculating the final result. The action is easily described by the following example. Handicap (+1) means that 1 point is added to the result of the winner or loser, depending on the selected type. It can be imagined that the match initially started with a score of 1:0. A negative handicap, respectively, subtracts the specified number. Thus, the handicap (-1) subtracts one point.

All designations are universal for any branches at all Fonbet addresses in St. Petersburg, Moscow and so on.

When betting on a total, a result that is more than (TB) or less than (TM) the specified value is implied. The individual total points to a specific team, and the final result will differ in favor of the selected team.

Betting on a half-time match implies the simultaneous determination of the result of the entire game or one half.

Correct Score is one of the hardest bets and has the highest win rate.

Opening hours

Most of all offices are located in Moscow. Their total number is 95. Many of them work around the clock, seven days a week. Gambling halls, such as those in the Green shopping center at 11 Green Street, are open from 13:00 to 21:00. Common practice: on weekdays, the bookmaker opens in the afternoon, and on weekends - in the morning.

Opening hours and addresses of bookmakers "Fonbet" in St. Petersburg:

Opening hours of Fonbet branches
Opening hours of Fonbet branches

The table shows the addresses and opening hours of all offices in the citySt. Petersburg. Among them, only two are open 24/7. This is:

  • on Marshal Kazakov, house 1;
  • on Kamennoostrovsky prospect, building 10.

The rest are open until yesterday, their opening hours vary by location. It can be seen that most points work seven days a week. All offices have betting computers, the scoreboard displays current events.

How to bet

To place a bet, you must register on the site. This is a prerequisite to play in the club at one of the addresses of the Fonbet offices in St. Petersburg or use the mobile application for this.

Sports betting
Sports betting

The player then receives a special card and can place bets. Some payment systems may not be available - this needs to be clarified. The site has all the necessary information that a beginner needs to familiarize himself with: instructions, rules for accepting bets, frequently asked questions, Fonbet addresses in St. Petersburg and other cities.