Gregor Eisenhorn - a brave Inquisitor in the service of the Imperium

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Gregor Eisenhorn - a brave Inquisitor in the service of the Imperium
Gregor Eisenhorn - a brave Inquisitor in the service of the Imperium

Video: Gregor Eisenhorn - a brave Inquisitor in the service of the Imperium

Video: Gregor Eisenhorn - a brave Inquisitor in the service of the Imperium
Video: 40K LEGENDS - WHO IS GREGOR EISENHORN? | Warhammer 40,000 Lore/History 2023, September

Probably every fan of the Warhammer 40000 universe has heard of Gregor Eisenhorn. Thanks to his tireless efforts, many insidious plans were thwarted by heretics who dreamed of harming the Imperium. At the same time, the author who created the character - Dan Abnett - managed to present him as lively and reliable as possible, so Eisenhorn can be called one of the most colorful, memorable and vivid characters in the fantasy universe.


First, let's describe what Inquisitor Eisenhorn looks like.

He is 42 years old (standard, earth), for the last eighteen of them he was an inquisitor. The shoulders are quite wide and at the same time high. It differs not only in will and determination, but also simply in physical strength, which it maintains through numerous trainings.

Brave Inquisitor
Brave Inquisitor

At the same time, he does not forget to take care of himself. For example, Gregor Eisenhorn cannot afford to appear unshaven in public. After all, he represents the entire Inquisition, and therefore the Imperium.

The eyes are dark, as is the hair. The latter, by the way, despite their quite mature age, are very thick and well-groomed.

Gregor's mentor was Inquisitor Hapshant himself, legendary throughout the Imperium. Moreover, the hero was his best student.

Companions of the Inquisitor

Despite the fact that Gregor Eisenhorn always makes decisions on his own, he rarely travels alone. More precisely, it was so in the early books. Gradually, he finds more and more useful people whom he recruits into his team. And they faithfully serve him - not only out of fear, but also out of conscience. As a result, by the last book, the inquisitor can boast of a serious detachment, in which there are specialists in different directions. Thus, the squad becomes versatile, able to cope with almost any task that a skilled inquisitor can face.

First assistant was Uber Amos, a researcher who previously worked with Hapshant, but after the latter's death, he decided to join the new inquisitor, who brings the light of the Imperium into the depths of space and burns out heresy wherever he meets it. Moreover, Aemos faithfully served the new commander until his last hour.

Book series
Book series

Eisenhorn's team also included Godwin Fischig and Elizabeth Beekvin.

In addition, he himself created an unusual organization, nicknamed "Institute of Ladies". The Inquisitor traveled the universe a lot, selecting untouchable girls for him, whom he later trained, trying to develop innate skills to the maximum. Quite a smart move - in the service of the Inquisition, they can bring much morebenefit than in any other area. After all, the untouchables are the exact opposite of psykers, who are not trusted in the Imperium, but whose services are actively used. The fact is that the untouchables suppress any forces that use the Warp. That is, psykers in their presence lose their skills. However, the untouchables also affect others. So, heretics feel constant pain and horror when they are near them. Eldar who die within the radius of the untouchable's aura dissolve, and upon death, their soul dies. Even Tyranids, seemingly immune to the Warp, are completely disoriented, causing any attack to be thwarted.

What books does it appear in

Today, Dan Abnett is one of the most popular authors writing books on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. And it is worth saying, one of the most fruitful. About thirty books belong to Dan Abnett. But still, for many readers, it is the cycle that tells about the adventures of Eisenhorn that is the most interesting.

Dan Abnett
Dan Abnett

In total, he wrote seven works about the Inquisitor - there are both short stories and full-fledged novels.

Among the novels are:

  • "Inquisitor. Ordo Xenos".
  • "Inquisitor. Ordo Malleus".
  • "Inquisitor. Ordo Hereticus".

Also from his pen came the stories: "Battle Losses", "Regia Occult", "Extra Crown Background" and "The Mysterious Death of Titus Endor".

Readingworks from the "Warhammer 40k" series, you can see the change in Eisenhorn's appearance and his views on his work.

Main feats

It is worth saying that the Inquisitor became great not by chance. It was made possible thanks to titanic work and fanatical loy alty.

For example, he personally destroyed the dangerous heretics Murdin Eiklon and Pontius Glo. He also succeeded in discovering and putting to the sacred fire of the Inquisition such heretical works as the Malus Codicium and the Necrotek. In his time, he hunted down and executed Quixos, a fallen Inquisitor who betrayed his oath and the Imperium.

Moreover, it was Eisenhorn who managed to destroy the Cruor Vult titan used by the forces of Chaos - only a few mortals in history could boast of such an achievement.

Not yet translated book
Not yet translated book

In addition, the Inquisitor was able to uncover and stop many plots against the Imperium while working in the Helican subsector.


This concludes our article. Now you know who Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is and what exploits he became famous for. And at the same time read about who became the creator of such an interesting character from your favorite universe.