Sergey Kruppov: biography, creativity and interesting facts

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Sergey Kruppov: biography, creativity and interesting facts
Sergey Kruppov: biography, creativity and interesting facts

Video: Sergey Kruppov: biography, creativity and interesting facts

Video: Sergey Kruppov: biography, creativity and interesting facts
Video: ATL - Серпантин (Official Video) 2023, September

Sergey Kruppov's date of birth is January 30, 1980. He was born in the city of Novocheboksarsk, Russia. The age of Sergey Kruppov (ATL) is 30 years old, the zodiac sign is Aquarius. Russian rapper ATL is a representative of a creative group called "White Chuvashia". His comrades have repeatedly told how Sergey is a talented guy. Marital status - single.

Biography of Sergei Kruppov (ATL)

In his hometown, the future rapper lived most of his life. As a child, he became a fan of the American singer Eminem. Sergey believed that he, too, would be able to achieve such results as his idol. When he was 13 years old, the Curtis Hanson film "8 Mile" was released. The motion picture only added confidence to the future rapper, and boldly continued to go towards his goal.

Kruppov Sergey
Kruppov Sergey

During his school years, Kruppov always participated in various musical events, where he soon met his future partners. The boy's parents did not dissuade himengage in unusual music and even helped develop his talent.

Before seriously engaging in musical activities, Sergei began to think about his pseudonym. He remembered the short name of Atlanta Airport (ATL). It was these three letters that Kruppov took for himself as a nickname.

Career start

For the first time in his life, Sergei Kruppov began performing at the age of twenty. The singer himself said that the concert event took place at a city celebration. There he met his friends and colleagues in musical creativity. A little later, the guys decided to organize a group called Aztecs.

group work
group work

At first, the newly minted band did not give concerts, but simply broadcast their hits via the Internet. In 2007, the guys started thinking about writing an album and promoting the group. The following year, the team took part in the recording of the album of the popular rapper Nikita Legostev, whom many people know under the pseudonym ST1M. The record was given the title "The World Belongs to You". Aztecs lit up in the song "My World, My Style".

Musical creativity

In 2009, Sergey Kruppov and his team decided to take part in the coffee grinder rap event. The guys won the festival and received a prize. In the same period, the guys did not waste their creative enthusiasm and began to work on their first album, which they called "Now or Never". The following year, the concerts of Sergei Kruppov (ATL) and his team were significantly reduced. Soon the Russian group andcompletely disappeared from the scene.

Sergey Kruppov rapper
Sergey Kruppov rapper

The once-famous band Aztecs made itself felt again only in 2012. The guys were working on their second and last disc "Music will be above us." After joint creative work, the team decided to disband the group. But friends will cross paths more than once thanks to their love of music.

Solo career

After the collapse of the once popular group, Sergey Kruppov began working on his solo albums "Heat" and "Thoughts aloud". Thanks to these records, the rapper became even more famous, and a year later he was invited to take part in the offline battle platform Versus Battle. The project manager was Alexander Timartsev, who is familiar to many as a Restaurateur.

participation in the battle
participation in the battle

On this show, Sergey beat his opponent named Andy Cartwright. However, the young man immediately realized that battles were not his way. When he was again asked to sing with someone on similar projects, Kruppov immediately turned down the offer.

Soon the rapper was completely immersed in musical creativity. As a result, the guy released his next solo album called "Bones". After some time, Sergei showed the people another disc "Cyclone Center". At the same time, the talented musician worked on the clips "C4" and "Natural Born Killers".

In 2015, ATL announced the premiere of the next solo album "Marabu". After this work, the young man realized that he wanted to start touring the CIS countries. Not postponing the decision for a long timebox, Sergei immediately began to act. In his free time from concerts, Kruppov is working on three videos "Skull and Bones", "Mandrake Root" and "Snowdrop".


Despite his short musical path, Sergey Kruppov managed to work with quite a few stars. Kruppov's comrades-in-arms in his creative activity were: Serpent (Casta), Scryptonite, L'One, Ar-Side, ST, Pablo Stop, Evil and many others. In addition, more experienced colleagues in creativity spoke positively about the rising star: Basta, Vladi (Casta), Guf and Noize MC.

Private life

It is known that the Russian rapper is not married. There is no information about any romantic relationship at the moment. In addition, Sergei Kruppov was never seen in the company of girls. This suggests that the young musician does not want to let strangers into his personal life.

concerts by Sergei Kruppov
concerts by Sergei Kruppov

It is worth noting that during the interview he is often asked about family life. However, the guy just smiles and tries to change the subject. He does not like to tell fans and journalists the most secret. The main thing in his life is to always develop in a musical direction. Sergei believes that discussing personal life can interfere with career development.

Kruppov has his own business in Cheboksary. He runs a clothing store with his good friend. The guys gave the name to the KARMA x KOMA boutique. This store mainly sells street style clothing. The popular rapper has his own page on Instagram. There he hasAlready more than 150 loyal subscribers. On the page, Sergey shares with his fans videos and photos that are most often associated with his creative activity.

Sergey Kruppov now

In 2017, a talented Russian rap performer released a new disc called Limb. The young singer has expanded the audience of listeners. The most popular compositions of the album were: "Holy Rave", "Back", "Architect", "Dance" and, of course, "Limbo". Video clips were filmed for some of the songs.

Kruppov Sergey singer
Kruppov Sergey singer

At the same time, Sergei Kruppov was invited to take part in the web project "Profession: Rapper". The host of the program was the famous performer Denis Grigoriev (Pencil). In 2018, the singer performed in Moscow at the concert venue of the Glav Club GREEN CONCERT.


For all the time of Sergey Kruppov's creative activity, an impressive list of his musical works was formed:

  1. "The world belongs to you" - 2008.
  2. "Now or never" - 2009.
  3. "Thinking out loud" - 2012.
  4. "Music will be above us" - 2012.
  5. "Heat" - 2012.
  6. "Cyclone Center" - 2014.
  7. "Bones" - 2014.
  8. "Marabou" - 2015.
  9. "Limbo" - 2017.

2018 ATL concert incident

After the concert of the famous rapper ended in the capital, unknown people robbed the wardrobe, and the building's security guards were seriously injured. Eyewitnesses at the scene claimed that a huge number of spectators came to the concert. Costsnote that the venue for events was only designed for five thousand people.

After Sergey Kruppov's performance, a brawl and stampede began at the wardrobe. Someone started beating security guards and stealing valuables. Because of this, many people were left without their outerwear and were forced to go out into the cold in only T-shirts. Eleven statements from the victims were written at the police station.

Besides this, unknown people caused great material damage to the establishment: more than three hundred hangers, benches were broken, and three curtains were torn. The organizers of the concert and representatives of the singer said that the fault lies entirely with the staff of the concert venue. On social media, ATL says the venue where the performance was held was not prepared for such an incident.