Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum: biography, date and place of birth, albums, creativity, personal life, interesting facts and stories from life

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Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum: biography, date and place of birth, albums, creativity, personal life, interesting facts and stories from life
Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum: biography, date and place of birth, albums, creativity, personal life, interesting facts and stories from life

Video: Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum: biography, date and place of birth, albums, creativity, personal life, interesting facts and stories from life

Video: Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum: biography, date and place of birth, albums, creativity, personal life, interesting facts and stories from life
Video: Александр Новиков - Лучшие Песни (Сборник). 2023, September

Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum is an iconic figure in Russian show business, in the post-Soviet period he was noted by fans as the author and performer of many songs of the criminal genre, now he is best known as a bard. He writes and performs music and lyrics himself.

Briefly about the most important biography of Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum will be told in the article.


alexander rosenbaum albums
alexander rosenbaum albums

We will start a short biography of Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum from the very beginning. He was born in 1951 in Soviet Leningrad. Leningrad, and now St. Petersburg, is often the main character in the songs of Alexander Rosenbaum.

The singer's mom and dad met at school, and then studied at the same medical institute. While still students, they got married. Alexander Yakovlevich was also born during the student days of his parents. Yakov Shmarievich and Sofya Semyonovna Rosenbaum graduated from the Institute only a year after the birth of their first son.

After graduation, they went to live with little Sashain a small Kazakh city. Yakov worked as a urologist, then became the head physician of the local hospital, Sophia worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist. The second son of the Rosenbaums, Vladimir, appeared in Zyryanovsk.

A little later, after the birth of their second child, the Rosenbaums returned to their native St. Petersburg. At about the age of five (as he himself later said that he had been working on stage since the age of 5), Alexander Rosenbaum began to be interested in music. The singer studied at school No. 209, where both of his parents used to study, and then the artist's daughter graduated from the same school. In parallel, the poet went to the school of music, where he studied piano and violin. The well-known musician Mikhail Minin lived next door to the young composer's grandmother, who taught the schoolboy Sasha the basics of guitar skills. But it was the musician who taught himself to play the guitar. And he entered the evening department at a music school, which he successfully graduated from.

In 1968, Alexander Rosenbaum began his studies at a medical school, in the same one where his relatives studied. The musician has the warmest memories of that student time, and now every year he organizes his concerts at his native university. And this despite the fact that, by an absurd accident, he was once expelled from the institute. True, then Rosenbaum was reinstated in his studies. Rosenbaum graduated with honors from his alma mater and became a certified general practitioner. He immediately went to work as a doctor in an ambulance brigade, and in his spare time he rehearsed at a jazz school. Back in 1968, in his first year, he began writing songs for his medical school. At any holidays and evenings soundedlyrics by Rosenbaum.

In 1980, Alexander Rosenbaum came to the big stage already as a professional and began to play in various groups. But the first solo performance happened in 1983. And since then, the solo career of the artist began, which continues to this day. The singer lives and works in his native St. Petersburg.

Creative line

alexander rosenbaum songs
alexander rosenbaum songs

Initially thieves' songs prevailed in Rosenbaum's repertoire. Thanks to them, the singer became a popular solo artist. However, in the eighties, Rosenbaum thought about moving on and growing in his own work. The songs of Alexander Rosenbaum ceased to be thieves and became more lyrical. In them, the poet sang about his beloved hometown, raised the topic of his country, talked about war, love, friendship, talked about books he had read earlier. The song "Black Tulip" touched upon the theme of the war in Afghanistan, Alexander Rosenbaum himself participated in military raids. In those days, the singer constantly arranged performances in front of military people, as well as in front of prisoners.

In the early nineties, Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum, whose photo is posted in the article, tried his hand at acting. He was given the role of a very powerful member of the mafia in the film "To Survive". The film became famous and received many prestigious film awards.

The mid-nineties were marked by great creative upsurge for the artist - he began to give concerts abroad, his songs were now very often performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky. At the same time, in the hands of Alexander Yakovlevichturned out to be his first statuette of the then popular "Golden Gramophone" for the cult composition "Ay".

In 2002, one of Rosenbaum's songs, namely "Chief of the Detective", became the soundtrack of the popular TV series "Brigada". The multi-part project, which won wild success with the audience, became another breakthrough for Rosenbaum.

The last album of Alexander Rosenbaum at the moment is "Metaphysics" of 2015. But the energetic author tirelessly continues to give concerts and promises to release more than one album.

Most often, Rosenbaum has a six-string or twelve-string guitar in his hands during performances. The guitar also becomes the heroine of the poet's songs more than once. Rosenbaum's guitar playing style is special, rich, thanks to the use of twin strings.

Rosenbaum very rarely shoots videos for his songs. Most often, only high-quality recordings or excerpts of speeches can be found on the Internet. Therefore, his recent video "Evening Table" was a pleasant surprise for fans. Alexander Rosenbaum recorded the song together with Grigory Leps and Iosif Kobzon. This is not the only fruit of their joint cooperation. Alexander Rosenbaum and Grigory Leps also recorded an entire album together. All the songs included in it were written by Rosenbaum himself.

At the moment, the singer's discography includes 32 collections of songs. The most beloved for listeners to this day are such albums by Alexander Rosenbaum: “In Memory of Arkady Severny” (1982), “Gop-stop” (1993), “Trans-Siberian Railway” (1999), “I see the light” (2005). the bestfans most often name the songs "Duck Hunt", "Ay", "Gop-stop", "W altz-Boston", "Foal", "Marusya" and many others.

Petersburg in the songs of Rosenbaum

rosenbaum alexander yakovlevich biography briefly
rosenbaum alexander yakovlevich biography briefly

Alexander Rosenbaum has become the personification of St. Petersburg for many of his admirers. Admirers of his work, by their own admission, visited St. Petersburg only in order to look at him through the eyes of their favorite poet. The artist is part of the city on the Neva, while St. Petersburg is part of Alexander Yakovlevich himself. The image of the city in Rosenbaum's poems is intertwined with the image of his soul. Leningrad brought him up, shaped the personality of the poet.

Quiet streets of the city, courtyards and windows, rivers, canals, monuments, the Neva, granite, bridges, architecture - all this is sung by the artist. Every line about a rainy city is shrouded in Rosenbaum's childhood memories. That is why he never leaves his native Peter for a long time. The author often sings that he dreams of making his city even better. Alexander Rosenbaum wants to walk along the Neva streets for many more years and reflect on his life and the life of his native country.

Death of a brother

Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum has always been very close to his younger brother. Words about a brother are often heard in the poet's songs. They both once trained as doctors, like their parents. The Rosenbaum brothers have always been very close. They both worked in the ambulance as doctors, but the older one decided to become a singer at the age of thirty, but the younger one continued to work in the profession until the last day.

According to the artist, hestill considers the death of his brother one of the most difficult shocks in his life. Vladimir Rosenbaum died of a serious illness at the age of forty-nine. Until the last moment, Alexander hoped that the doctors would be able to save him. However, death came suddenly, after a month and a half of a merciless struggle with cirrhosis of the liver, Vladimir died. Rosenbaum said that he lost ten kilograms after the death of his brother. And it's not that Alexander did not eat, just nerves took their toll. The singer confessed that he still communicates with his own echo on the phone, as if with Vladimir. He said that their voices are similar, and with a poor telephone connection, when Alexander hears the echo of his voice, he imagines that he hears the voice of his younger brother. The most famous song that the elder Rosenbaum dedicated to Vladimir is “My brother.”


wife of Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum
wife of Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum

Often, when Rosenbaum was interviewed at home, the singer's parents appeared in the frame. Yakov and Sofya willingly talked about their own youth, their family, Sasha's childhood. Rosenbaum loved his parents very much and always gladly gave them the floor in the frame. According to him, the love of parents for each other has always served the artist as an example of a strong family. Images of father and mother often appear in his songs. Rosenbaum's father was a participant in the Great Patriotic War. He became a real hero: he saved the lives of 28 people after the battle, taking them off the field and providing the necessary medical care in 1943. In 1945, he again saved 39 people from death and again carried them out under machine-gun fire.

After the death of his younger brother, Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum thought that fate would be merciful to his parents. They endured many hardships, including moving to Kazakhstan during their student years with a one-year-old child in their arms, and the loss of their forty-nine-year-old son. But in 2009, Sophia Rosenbaum died. Yakov Shmarievich most of all experienced the death of his wife. In 2018, the artist's father passed away. However, now Alexander Rosenbaum, who lost both his brother and his parents, treats death philosophically. He said in an interview that we all come into this world as guests and leave after a short stay.

Wife and daughter

Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum, who loves his wife very much, never hid that he had already been married to her once. He was 19 and his first wife was 24 when they got married. However, the age difference has taken its toll. Sasha's parents were against their relationship, and 9 months after the wedding, Alexander himself realized that it was all a big mistake. They got divorced. And soon after that, Rosenbaum married a second time to his classmate Elena. Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum dedicated many songs to his wife. Love and lyrics in his songs are unshakably connected with the family, with the beloved woman Elena. He dedicates to her not only songs, but simply poems. As he himself admits, every day he feels her support, she helped him overcome all life's trials, she always inspired him creatively. When, at the age of thirty, he decided to leave a well-coordinated career as a doctor and risked becoming a singer, Elena supported him and did not say a word against it. She herselfstill works as a doctor. Alexander and Elena have an only daughter, Anna, who works as a linguist-translator. Anna gave Rosenbaum and his wife already four grandchildren.

Rosenbaum's dogs

rosenbaum alexander yakovlevich biography briefly the most important
rosenbaum alexander yakovlevich biography briefly the most important

Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum's passion has always been dogs. It started from childhood. Rosenbaum admits that when he was a child, he wanted to become a zoologist or a zoo manager.

He considers them as equal creatures as humans. Rosenbaum often talks about how they were best friends with their beloved bull terrier, Lucky. Moreover, all 14 years of Lucky's life, they literally slept on the same bed. Rosenbaum always liked fighting dogs. The singer denies that they are dangerous. He believes that representatives of such breeds can only be evil if they were raised by a bad person.

Lucky was brought for Rosenbaum from German breeders. The dog always missed the poet very much when Rosenbaum was away. The singer dedicated songs to his beloved dog. Once the dog got into a fight, and when Rosenbaum began to separate the dogs, his pet bit the artist. But Rosenbaum was not offended, he calmly admitted that he had done wrong by intervening in the dog showdown. On the road, Rosenbaum liked to talk to the dog on the phone. The singer experienced the death of a pet hard, dug a grave, planted a tree there, dedicated the song - “Lucky”. And even called his autobiographical book "Bull Terrier". An embroidered white dog is visible on the guitar strap at the artist's performances - thisand there is Lucky. And on one of the guitars there is even a photo of a bull terrier.

Now the bulldog Don lives with the artist. Rosenbaum spends a lot of time with his dog and says that he has also become a close friend and constant companion on walks around the bay for him. The poet's family calls the dog Don Alexandrovich and considers him another child of Rosenbaum.

The singer dreams that in his old age he will build himself a wooden house of oak, a stable with horses and get at least six dogs. He loves Rosenbaum and horses, it is worth remembering at least his cult song "Foal". But he is not ready to start a horse in the near future due to tours and concerts, he says that a horse is a big responsibility.

Rosenbaum Alexander Yakovlevich songs
Rosenbaum Alexander Yakovlevich songs

House of Alexander Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum lives in a two-story apartment on Vasilyevsky Island. His apartment is not glamorous. The singer does not like shocking and does not consider it necessary to chase fashion or useless things in the interior of the house. He only has a study room, where you can find many collections, one way or another related to the marine theme. The artist says that he does not yet have a dacha, because he is too attached to the city and cannot leave St. Petersburg for a long time.

Singer Hobbies

Alexander Rosenbaum loves sports very much. He has been fond of boxing since childhood, but now he does not have the opportunity to devote more time to it. And yet Rosenbaum made sports an integral part of his life. He even became the president of one of the basketball clubs in St. Petersburg.

Loves the singer andhunt, he always takes his dog with him. Many songs of Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum are dedicated to hunting, for example, the most famous one is “Duck Hunt”.

Interesting facts from the life of Rosenbaum

The singer collects guitars - he has about a damn dozen of them.

Among animal rights activists and just dog lovers who may not even be fans of Alexander Rosenbaum's work, the song about Rosenbaum's deceased dog - "Lucky" has become very popular.

Rosenbaum asked for a new passport with number 13. The singer considers a damn dozen a lucky number for himself.

The artist was from 2003 to 2005. member of the United Russia party.

Alexander Rosenbaum now

alexander rosenbaum the best
alexander rosenbaum the best

Now the singer continues to tour actively, gives many concerts. But now he wants to spend more time with his family. Most recently, his father died, and Rosenbaum stoically endured another tragedy in his life. He admits that he wants to spend more time with his grandchildren because they grow up too fast and need a grandfather.