American writer Gretchen Rubin: biography, list of books, reviews
American writer Gretchen Rubin: biography, list of books, reviews

Video: American writer Gretchen Rubin: biography, list of books, reviews

Video: American writer Gretchen Rubin: biography, list of books, reviews
Video: Life in Five Senses | Gretchen Rubin | Talks at Google 2023, September

Gretchen Rubin is an author who makes you think about happiness and human nature. The writer has a huge readership: more than 3.5 million copies of books have been distributed around the world, she actively communicates with readers on the Internet, answers their questions, discusses happiness and good habits. Gretchen is the author of many books, including the bestsellers The Four Trends, Happy at Home, and The Happiness Project, which has been on the bestseller list for over two years.

good habits bad habits
good habits bad habits

Who is R. Gretchen?

American author and blogger Gretchen Kraft Rubin was born December 14, 1965 in Kansas City, Missouri. There she grew up and graduated from high school. She received her bachelor's degree from Yale University and is a specialist in law. She began her career in the Supreme Court, continued as chief adviser to the chairman of the Federalcommissions.

Now the writer is known for her projects about happiness. Ruby Gretchen writes a blog on the subject, recording weekly podcasts that have been on the lists of the best since 2015. The “Happiness Guru,” as Gretchen is called, teaches at the Yale University School of Law and School of Government. Lives in New York with her husband and two daughters. Fast Company included her name in the list of the most creative people in the business. Gretchen participates in the O. Winfrey show and, of course, writes books with pleasure.

How does he write?

American writer Gretchen Rubin is known not only for conveying complex ideas with clarity and humor in her work, but also for inviting readers to share their thoughts, tips, programs, methods that help them become productive, get rid of from old habits, acquire new ones and become successful and happy. This is how her book “The Happiness Project” was created, as the author herself says, “a report on my success.”

gretchen rubin books
gretchen rubin books

What is happiness?

Somehow Gretchen thought about the fact that the years are slipping away, and she risks living her life in vain. She wants to be happy, but has not thought about how to become one. A wonderful husband, wonderful daughters, life in a beloved city and a favorite business. She is he althy and has a good relationship with her friends. However, he becomes discouraged and loses his temper over trifles, suffers from bouts of depression and melancholy.

This situation is familiar to many. Someone turns to friends for advice, someone to psychologists for help. So Gretchen thought: how to enjoyevery moment of life? How to get rid of the routine? To be the best mom and wife? Everyone knows that nothing in life will change if a person does not change it himself. And Gretchen made a decision - to become happier and devote a year of her life to this.

How did it all start?

Gretchen Rubin picked up a bunch of books in the library, plunged into reading Thoreau, Plato, Schopenhauer, began to study how the religions of the world interpret the word “happiness”. But before you make changes in your life, you need to decide in which area they are needed? Twelve months of the year became cells of the table, where Gretchen included the most important aspects of life: marriage, friendship, work, hobbies, etc.

After I decided on the tasks, principles, commandments, secrets appeared. The projects of happiness others had implemented were inspiring, but Gretchen Rubin's project of happiness was different: she had a family, she didn't want to give up her life. Friends doubted the results of this undertaking, but she took it calmly, since preparation for trouble became one of the goals of the project, and set about implementing her plan.

gretchen ruby
gretchen ruby

Project Happiness

On one of the areas where she wanted to change something, Gretchen worked for one month. During this time, bad habits were forgotten, good habits were fixed and became the norm. Then Gretchen took the next step. First of all, in January, she began to increase her energy levels, because the increase in vitality helps to cope with obligations.

In February, she set herself the task of- Remember love. Family relationships have become a priority: stop whining and grumbling, not expect praise and confirm your love. In March, Gretchen learned to set high goals - work helps to cheer up, completed tasks inspire. She started a blog dedicated to the project “Happiness”, but since her plans did not include communication with the audience, after a while she was very surprised that the blog was very popular. Summing up March, Gretchen Rubin discovered the connection between happiness and ambition.

power money glory sex guide to action
power money glory sex guide to action

There is no happiness without love

Parental responsibilities became a priority in April, and in May the author paid attention to entertainment and came to the conclusion that they come in several forms and teach organization, help to have a good rest and work more productively. In June, Gretchen learned to remember her friends' birthdays, find time to socialize, visit them and make new friends.

July became a piece of happiness - she made gifts for herself, learned to buy what she needed and refuse what she didn't. In August, Gretchen Rubin thought about eternal values, started a diary of gratitude, and found a spiritual teacher. September was the period when the author did what she loved, learned to find time to read books, took up writing, set a goal to master new technology.

happy at home
happy at home

Guru of happiness

October was the moment when, in her “Happiness” project, Gretchen Rubin decided to reconsider her habits, get rid of those that prevent her from becoming happier,and acquire new ones that bring joy, positiveness and, of course, benefit to life: learn to meditate, start a food diary, do drawing or music - in a word, what brings peace of mind. In November, she decided to live an easy life, and in December she took up the summing up of the project.

Throughout the whole time the writer kept a blog and shared with readers her ideas, facts from her biography. Gretchen Rubin became popular, and several million people followed the progress, many tried out the methods and commitments of the author and applied them in their lives. Thus, Gretchen Rubin's book on happiness became popular long before its publication in 2009. And although the writer already had several works on her account, her name became known to millions of readers precisely after this project.

Following happiness

In 2012 the book “Happy at Home” is published. In it, the author told readers what changes have occurred in her life since her first "Project" Happiness ". From the moment when she decided to become happy, five years have passed, and much in her life has remained the same - the apartment, work, children, husband. But this project made her happier, she made changes to become the “real Gretchen”. Without changing your life, did you change it? Apparently it is.

The author calls the new work "Project "Happiness" No. 2". It's much deeper. From the first project, it became clear that happiness is most affected by your own home. In Happy at Home, Rubin shares techniques that have helped her feel at home in her own home. This is a personal project and reflects her values and interests, but there is not a single person in the world who would not benefit from this project.

gretchen rubin project happiness
gretchen rubin project happiness

Change yourself

Following the projects "Happiness" came the book "Good Habits, Bad Habits". It can be safely recommended to those who yearn for change. The author, who has studied the biographies of famous people, gives illustrative examples from the life of the great, draws on the experience of contemporaries and explains that good habits can radically change a person's life. Everyone knows that for this you need to get rid of bad habits. But how to do it?

The author of the book will tell you why the process of forming new habits is so difficult. Gretchen will teach effective strategies to help bring the best and new into life. What is remarkable about the book? The author approaches this process in a rather peculiar way and explains the origin, formation of habits and character of a person in a different way than in most of these manuals.

The author cites the research of scientists and presents them in simple language, offers tests that will help the reader determine the type of personality and, taking into account individual characteristics, approach the formation of good habits. Obvious things known to many are revealed in this book in a new way. Readers here are waiting for answers to age-old questions: "What habits led to obesity?", "Why is it so hard to keep New Year's resolutions?" etc.

Take everything from life

Another work of the author in the field of self-improvement is the book “Power,money, fame, sex. A guide to action”, published in 2003. Here readers will find stories of famous businessmen, politicians, actors - in a word, those who have achieved everything that is included in the concept of the "American dream".

The writer has collected material based on the facts and events of modern economic, political and public life in the United States. Vivid examples, tips and methods that the author cites in the book inspire both career advancement and help you become more successful in everyday life.

Four categories

The Four Tendencies was published in 2017. In this small book, the author talks about four types of people and characterizes each of them in detail. This typology of the author was inspired by Freud, and those who are familiar with his work can easily determine this. For example, Gretchen claims that a person is born with a certain trend and does not change it anymore.

gretchen craft ruby
gretchen craft ruby

Truths known to all in Gretchen's book are revealed in a new way, as she reveals them in simple words and reinforces them with vivid examples. The writer focuses on four types of people:

  • Upholders are “A” students and rule lovers. For them, discipline is comfort and freedom. And they feel uncomfortable if for some reason they have to break the rules.
  • Questions are researchers and innovators. In order to decide how to do or do something right, they dig through a bunch of sources. They ask so many questions that there is a suspicion that they are simply nothingdo not want to do. Gretchen writes that their questions are "not an excuse", it's just that questioners are so arranged: they can't get down to business that they don't see the point in.
  • Obligers are people of duty and lovers of external responsibility. It is easier for them to fulfill what they promised than what they wanted. They put the needs of others ahead of their own and often ask others to put conditions on them to get things done. Not everyone agrees to this, because from the outside it seems strange: what are the problems? If you want it, do it; if you don't want it, don't do it. But that's how obligers work - the condition “do it, I'll check it out” is simply necessary for them to motivate.
  • And finally, the rebels. These are rebels, and that says it all - their freedom and desires are inviolable, even when it takes a lot of effort. The generally accepted rules that they obey without enthusiasm do not work with them in principle.

The author's approach is very interesting, besides, on her blog, in addition to the book, there are many articles and podcasts on this topic.

Other books

In addition to the above books, Gretchen Rubin's pen belongs to:

  • Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill (2003).
  • Forty Ways to Look at JFK. New York (2005).
  • Profane Waste (2006).
  • Better Than Before (2015).
gretchen rubin biography
gretchen rubin biography

Reviews from readers

In the books of G. Rubin, according to readers, there are a lot of tips on forming good habits, motivation to be lighter, kinder and better. After reading them, one involuntarily asks the questions raised by the author: what is happiness, why notmanages to get rid of excess weight. After analyzing what you read, you apply the methods and advice of the author in your life.

Many say that the books are written easily and accessible, it seems that you are talking with a soulmate. The examples given by the author inspire and motivate. Accessibility, humor and depth of presentation, the sincerity of the author open your eyes to many things, and you realize that “most decisions are simple”, you just need to set a goal and take the first step towards a new life: “A sense of purpose is very important for happiness.”